CONVENTIONS SF Convention resource area.

In addition to hob-nobbing online, we occasionally abandon our computers to convene at, um, conventions. Here you'll find reports, resources, and all manner of convention fun!

A Note for the Clueless and/or Argumentative: These pages do not represent universally applicable rules nor regulations for any individual convention. What you will find here are general guidelines that will hopefully help you to have a fun and pleasant experience at SF Conventions. For more specific rules and regulations for any Convention, read the Program Book for that particular Con.

Upcoming events.

The Con-pendium
Dictionary of con-related terms.

Important Cons
Large and/or well-known conventions.

Newbie Guide
A short guide to making the most of cons.

Descriptions and pictures of past cons.

A few suggestions for getting there.

Ask the Con Lady
Have a convention-related question? Ask our very own Con Queen!

Costume Reference
Links and costume suggestions for all skill levels.

O*W*C Sightings
Group shots of hosts and guests.

The Neo-Fan Manifesto
Con hints for new fans.

World Science Fiction Society
The official WorldCon site.

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