CONVENTIONS: CON-PENDIUM Dictionary of con-related terms.

Compiled by Gandalara, with minor edits by JNRChip (in other words, you can't necessarily blame Gand for problems here. Yell at Chip first).

Term Definition
Art Show This is where you can bid on and buy SF art. Professional and amateur.
Con Shorthand for convention.
ConCom Convention Committee, the people who organize and produce the convention.
ConSuite Place for people to gather and talk, it may serve free light munchies.
Dealer's Room This is where you can buy STUFF.
Fen The plural of Fan. Also a bog or marsh. Make of that what you dare.
Filk Folk songs based on science fiction themes, generally parodies. (The term derives from a misprint of "folk" in a convention guide long ago.)
Filking The singing of filk songs, usually all night long.
GOH Guest of Honor. The featured guest at the convention.
Green Room Functions as a private hospitality for the VIP's.
Huckster's Room Same as Dealer's Room.
Jello Shots Gelatin squares made with alcohol. (Recipes)
Koffeeklatch Talk with an author, with 8-12 other people for about an hour. Sign-ups required.
Masquerade BIG show - costumes and makeup and SFX.
Panel A one- or two-hour discussion, workshop or lecture on a specific topic.
Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster From the book Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a strong alcoholic beverage composed of many different alcohols.
PreReg Someone who has paid his or her membership in advance. Recommended, if you don't like lines.
Programming The scheduled events that take place at a con. You receive a Program Book at Registration.
Registration The place where PreReg members pick up their badges and information packets and where people go to pay their registration at the door.
Room Parties Parties held in hotel rooms for various reasons/causes - Bid parties for future world cons are the big ones.

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