REFERENCE: COSTUMES Links and costume suggestions for all skill levels.

Costumes are popular amongst fans, either as entries for convention masquerades, or just for fun. These links and resources should help inspire your own thready project.

Check our Costuming message board for tips and suggestions.

There are pictures of costumes from past conventions here .

Useful Links:

International Costumer's GuildComprehensive site devoted to historical and fantastical costuming.
CostumeConCostuming convention and resources.
Costume Society of AmericaCostuming resources.
Victorian CostumingResource for information on Victorian clothing. Includes original images, how-to's, pattern sources, and more.
Costume PageOnline costuming sources for science fiction, and fantasy costumers.
Society for Creative AnachronismAn international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating pre-17th-century European history.

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