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Speculations (Stan Lee)

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disclaimer: maybe i’m just easily amused. it did strike me as very funny when he first tweeted these —

  • Hey , remember when I said I’d always warn you if I was gonna toss an ad at you? Okay, get ready for a real good one—about 2 hours ago via web
  • This is for my pal, Jace Hall: Be sure to check out @jacehall’s STREET FIGHTER MUSIC VIDEO. A truly timely tip for my brave Brigadiersabout 2 hours ago via web
  • Wow, I never thought you’d catch me plugging something that I didn’t have a cameo in! Like they say, your Generalissimo is all heart!about 2 hours ago via web
  • What if I CHARGED to shill stuff while tweeting? Could I get a free Ferrari by giving it a plug? I think I’ll Google them and askabout 2 hours ago via web
  • If I say Rolex is my favorite watch, maybe they’d send me a few.. Man, this could sure beat Generalissimoing!about 2 hours ago via web
  • When I need a present for Joanie I’ll tweet something nice about Tiffany! But why stop there? Shouldn’t a Generalissimo have a yacht?about 2 hours ago via web
  • But maybe I’m aiming too high. You’ve gotta walk before you can run. I’ll start more modestly by tweeting about Hershey’s chocolateabout 2 hours ago via web
  • Okay, I just put my theory to the acid test. If they don’t send me a free pack of Kisses, all bets are off! Excelsior!
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1 Comment

  1. Whoa…

    This shit really works! I just tweeted about Stan Lee tweeting about getting free stuff for tweeting, and they sent me an e-coupon redeemable for the lead in the new Spidey flick!

    Comment by Shadow — October 7, 2010 @ 12:58 pm

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