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  • Doctor Who: 47 Years in Six Minutes

    The Fine Brothers somehow manage to summarize almost 50 years of Who history in six minutes. Whoa.

  • How to Dress Like the Doctor(s)

    The BBCAmerica’s Anglophenia blog is running a series of “how to dress like the [X]th Doctor” posts, offering guidelines for dressing like the various incarnations of Doctor Who. So far the First Doctor and Second Doctor are up, with the Third and subsequent coming soon. The suggestions are rather general–along the lines of “find a…

  • Harryhausen’s Creatures

    Man, do I love me some Ray Harryhausen. I’ve seen occasional comments–largely from people too young to remember what movie special effects looked like before the advent of CGI–that his creatures look rather clunky, and they are admittedly not as smooth as today’s computer animations. What makes his work so amazing, though, is not only…

  • Sassy Gay Doctor Who

    A Tumblr blog. Because why not.

  • Victorian Star Trek

    More here.

  • Muppets of the Caribbean: On Stranger Frogs

    I mentally checked out of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise after the first one, but I may have to watch the latest sequel; Kermit’s enthusiasm is contagious. (Plus the movie is based on Tim Powers’ On Stranger Tides, which is kind of awesome. I love that all of the actors just sort of roll…

  • The Troll Hunter

    This looks like fun. Troll Hunter is a Norwegian Blair Witch-esque “mockumentary” about students hunting trolls in modern Norway. It will be available in the U.S. in limited release in June, and apparently available on DVD soon after. Here’s the English-language version of the trailer: (via Topless Robot)

  • Wookiee the Chew

    This post should really just be titled, “Squee,” because that was my reaction to these prints. James Hance (“Relentlessly Cheerful Art”) has created Wookiee the Chew, featuring the “biped of very little brain,” Chrisolo Robin, and other familiar faces. The drawings are available as prints for a very reasonable $10 each, and he also has…

  • I’m Sold

    George Takei should be Spider Man. I kind of want to be George Takei when I grow up.

  • Original Star Trek Pitch

    From Gene Roddenberry’s first draft of the pitch for Star Trek: A PDF of the entire document is here. (via Cynical-C)