Eddie Murphy to Remake Incredible Shrinking Man

Shrinking Man Poster(Subtitle, Oh FFS)

As Slice of SciFi points out, the original 1957 version of the movie was a drama which probed serious questions about the nature of humans and their place in an ever-expanding universe.

It goes without saying that Murphy is turning this into a comedy.

The remake features Murphy as a Las Vegas magician who is put under a shrinking spell. He has to find a cure before he disappears completely, and the film revolves around his “misadventures” as he keeps shrinking. Verily, it will be a laff riot.

It’s a shame there isn’t some sort of review panel that has to approve any potential remake of a classic before production can begin. And if they’re presented with some kind of wacky “reimagining” of a much-beloved film, they’re allowed to slap the writers.

2 responses to “Eddie Murphy to Remake Incredible Shrinking Man

  1. All sixteen people who still buy tickets to Eddie Murphy movies do so to see Eddie Murphy. I don’t think the vehicle really matters to them. The various remakes he’s done are comparable to bad fanfic; of interest only to a remarkably small demographic and unlikely to tarnish the originals in any real sense.