Time Bandits Map Reproduction

Time Bandits Map

Just look at this gorgeous thing.

Working from a series of scans, graphic designer Jon Heilman has created a replica of the “time portal” map from the movie.

The newest DVD of Time Bandits contains a small foldout of an actual screen-used map. It’s very beat up, has lots of weathering and seems to have been poorly assembled from multiple scans (probably made by simply placing the map on a flatbed scanner) so that some details are lost or misaligned. Also, the clock panels are completely cut off. However, this scan combined with a couple images from books I have plus every screen capture I could make served as enough reference material to create a very accurate replica.

The maps are printed on canvas and measure 40″ x 24.5″. The artist is selling them for $90. I don’t know if any licensing issues are going to crop up, so get ’em while you can.

Link (via BoingBoing)

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