Boldly going… nowhere!

Burn the land and boil the sea, but you can’t bring the sky to James T. In this amusing little nugget in the Daily Mail, William Shatner reveals he turned down an offer by Richard Branson to reach the final frontier aboard Virgin Galactic.

His reason: Shatner is scared by the prospect of space travel. Yes, the man who’s fought vampire clouds, space hippies, and Adrian Zmed admits he wouldn’t travel into orbit without some assurance of a safe return. Guess all those episodes of Boston Legal have started to rub off!

The Mail piece notes another far less fortunate Captain has decided to take her chances in the shuttle.

One response to “Boldly going… nowhere!”

  1. :::cackle::: Good for her.

    I’m afraid that I have to go along with Shatner on this one. It’s not the safe-return part, it’s the weightlessness part. I hatehatehate freefall. I’d be happy to go into space, even if it was risky, as long as I never had to feel my innards become buoyant.

    Good on Branson, though. Excellent publicity stunt.