Follow That Author

Quite a number of SF authors blog and/or use Twitter, so in case you’d like to follow some of your favorites here are a bunch of author blogs and Twitter feeds. (Lots more authors have a Web presence of some sort; this list only includes those with actual blogs.)

Dan Abnett Blog Twitter
Daniel Abraham Blog  
Ann Aguirre Blog Twitter
Lou Anders Blog Twitter
Lou Antonelli Blog  
Eleanor Arnason Blog  
Neal Asher Blog  
A.A. Attanasio Blog  
Tony Ballantyne Blog  
Iain M. Banks Blog  
Steven Barnes Blog  
John Barnes Blog  
Max Barry Blog Twitter
Greg Bear Blog  
Elizabeth Bear Blog Twitter
Gregory Benford Blog  
Jayme Lynn Blaschke Blog  
David Brin Blog  
Poppy Z. Brite Blog  
Mike Brotherton Blog Twitter
Steven Brust Blog  
Tobias Buckell Blog Twitter
Lois McMaster Bujold Blog  
Emma Bull Blog  
Pat Cadigan Blog Twitter
Orson Scott Card Blog  
Jeffrey Carver Blog  
C.J. Cherryh Blog  
Ellen Datlow Blog  
Cory Doctorow Blog Twitter
Hal Duncan Blog Twitter
David Louis Edelman Blog  
Warren Ellis Blog Twitter
Sheila Finch Blog  
C.C. Finlay Blog Twitter
Mike Flynn Blog  
Dave Freer Blog  
Neil Gaiman Blog Twitter
David Gerrold Blog  
Gary Gibson Blog Twitter
William Gibson Blog Twitter
Felix Gilman Blog  
Jon Courtenay Grimwood Blog  
Joe Haldeman Blog  
Peter F. Hamilton Blog  
M. John Harrison Blog  
Nalo Hopkinson Blog Twitter
Alexander Jablokov Blog  
Brian Keene Blog Twitter
Kay Kenyon Blog  
Nancy Kress Blog  
Jay Lake Blog Twitter
Geoffrey A. Landis Blog  
Justine Larbalestier Blog Twitter
Tanith Lee Blog  
Paul Levinson Blog Twitter
Ken MacLeod Blog  
George R.R. Martin Blog  
Paul McAuley Blog  
Anne McCaffrey Blog  
J.M. McDermott Blog Twitter
Ian McDonald Blog  
Steven E. McDonald Blog Twitter
Maureen F. McHugh Blog  
John Meaney Blog  
L.E. Modesitt, Jr. Blog  
Elizabeth Moon Blog  
James Morrow Blog  
Steve Nagy Blog  
Patrick Nielsen Hayden Blog Twitter
Teresa Nielsen Hayden Blog Twitter
Philip Palmer Blog  
Frederik Pohl Blog  
Jerry Pournelle Blog  
Cherie M. Priest Blog Twitter
Mike Resnick Blog  
Alastair Reynolds Blog  
John Ringo Blog  
Chris Roberson Blog  
Justina Robson Blog  
Mary Rosenblum Blog  
Christopher Rowe Blog Twitter
Rudy Rucker Blog  
Matt Ruff Blog  
Pamela Sargent Blog  
Robert J. Sawyer Blog  
John Scalzi Blog Twitter
Melissa Scott Blog  
Jeffrey Somers Blog Twitter
S.P. Somtow Blog Twitter
Bruce Sterling Blog Twitter
Charles Stross Blog  
Steph Swainston Blog  
S. Andrew Swann Blog Twitter
Michael Swanwick Blog  
Mary A. Turzillo Blog  
Greg van Eekhout Blog Twitter
Jeff VanderMeer Blog Twitter
Jo Walton Blog  
Lawrence Watt-Evans Blog  
Peter Watts Blog  
Scott Westerfeld Blog Twitter
Wil Wheaton Blog Twitter
Sean Williams Blog  
Walter Jon Williams Blog  
David J. Williams Blog Twitter
Sarah Zettel Blog  

If I’ve missed any of your favorites, let me know in the comments.

3 responses to “Follow That Author”

  1. This list held two surprises for me. One: Charlie Stross does *not* twitter. Two: Fred Pohl *does* twitter. The latter makes me happy. :)

  2. Nuts. The Pohl thing was actually a typo. Sorry to burst your bubble, Shadow. :/ (He does blog, though, which is still pretty cool.)

    And Stross *might* Twitter, I just can’t find his feed. :)