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  • Exactly.

    From, via Blame it On the Voices

  • The Fuzziest Power Ballad You’ll Hear All Day

    Fuzzy Nation, John Scalzi’s reboot of H. Beam Piper’s Little Fuzzy, has just been released, and he wanted to do “something special” to draw attention to its release. the usual sort of book trailers weren’t cutting it for me. I thought, ‘what this book needs is a massive and ridiculous power ballad, just like you’d […]

  • We Still Appreciate All the Fish

    Today is the tenth anniversary of Douglas Adams’ (very, very untimely) death. Here’s a rather wonderful piece he wrote back in in 1999 about the Internet: How to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Internet (via LettersOfNote)

  • And Then She Met Neil Gaiman

    Jenny the Bloggess, who routinely makes me laugh so hard I shoot coffee out my nose (whether or not I’m actually drinking coffee at the time), is a fan of Neil Gaiman. I should preface this post by saying that Neil Gaiman and Ray Bradbury have been my two living writing idols since I was […]

  • John De Lancie Performs The Raven

  • Steampunk is…

    Steampunk is many things to many people. It is a literary style. An aesthetic movement. A way of life to some. It was with all this in mind I decided to ask more than a dozen people what they thought Steampunk is. I told them all a sentence would suffice as I wanted an off-the-cuff […]

  • Dunkin the Vampire Slayer

    What could possibly bring together a 450 pound vampire slayer, a drunken, acid-tongued detective, a good natured carpenter, bureaucratic vampires, giant anacondas, mutant vampire bats, Ho Hos, Twinkies and more one-liners than a night at the comedy club? Dunkin, the vampire slayer blends all this discordance and more into a hilarious adventure that moves from […]

  • Go Read This Right Now

    On Scalzi’s blog: Things I Don’t Have to Think About Today Why are you still here? Go! Read!

  • Creator-Blessed ElfQuest Fan Film Crowdsources Funds

    LIZ SHANNON MILLER of GIGAOM The graphic novel series ElfQuest, created by Richard and Wendy Pini, has been a cult favorite among fantasy fans since its debut in 1978, and for years, Hollywood has been developing a feature film around the property. But new media actors/producers Stephanie Thorpe (After Judgement) and Paula Rhodes (A Good […]

  • Warren Ellis: Ghosting the real world

    warren ellis, I’m in the middle of starting a new novel right now, and the bad thing about that strange phase of existence is that everything you see and hear somehow relates, in the wankmulch your brain has become, to that novel. Even a shopping list becomes a mass of notation and connective lines […]