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And Then She Met Neil Gaiman

Jenny the Bloggess, who routinely makes me laugh so hard I shoot coffee out my nose (whether or not I’m actually drinking coffee at the time), is a fan of Neil Gaiman.

I should preface this post by saying that Neil Gaiman and Ray Bradbury have been my two living writing idols since I was a school girl and if you comment “Did you mean Neil Diamond?” I will find you and burn your house down.

When she heard that he was going to be at w00tstock near her home, she “convinced” her husband to let her attend. And because Neil Gaiman is awesome, she had a lovely fangirl moment with him and asked him an interview question.

You can read the entire story (complete with knitted monkey-hat pictures) here.

Posted in Books & Authors November 9th, 2010 by Chip
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