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Random Link #1

Due to unavoidable out-of-townedness, there will be no new posts this week. Instead, please to enjoy a selection of random links.

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Trivia Thursday

  1. What Star Trek actor/actress lent a voice to Disney’s movie The Lion King?
  2. Steven Baxter’s sequel to H. G. Wells’ The Time Machine is:
    A. The Time Machine II
    B. Time and Again
    C. The Time Ships
    D. Timescape
    E. Somewhere in Time
  3. How many arms do most Moties have?
  4. This author invented the machine that makes Pringles potato chips, and gave us such characters as Severian and Latro. Name him!
  5. This magician starred in the movie The Man from Beyond, in which he plays a man thawed from an icy encasement to discover his reincarnated love of a hundred years past.
  6. Name the 1984 movie, reknowned at the time for its CGI, in which our hero lives in the Starlight Starbright Trailer Park.
  7. What is the name of the all-powerful computer network of the future in the Terminator movies?
  8. Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Pellucidar novels are set where?
  9. Who was the mayor of New York City in James Blish’s A Life for the Stars, Earthman Come Home and The Triumph of Time?
  10. What is the name of the colony in Aliens?
    A) Hadley’s Hope
    B) New Seattle
    C) Acheron
    D) Lockhart’s Folly
    E) Hades

(Answers below the fold)

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Link Dump

Space Stitch – Roundup of space-themed needlework.

Make Your Own Star Trek-Style Door – It’s even code-activated.

Do Your Duty, Trooper – Great vintage-look “propaganda poster” for the Empire.

Raiders of the Lost Ark – Inception Style – Neat faux trailer for Raiders.

Three books that look great for Steampunk inspiration:
1,000 Steampunk Creations
Steampunk Emporium
Steampunk Style Jewelry

Creatures & Ives – Photoblog art project wherein whimsically blobby little monsters are inserted into old lithographs.

The Knot Spot – Esty store featuring SF/fantasy jewelry.

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Trivia Thursday

  1. During the vampire renaissance of the 1970s, this writer, known best for his SF work, published the first of his successful and critically acclaimed “Dracula” series, titled “An Old Friend Of The Family.”
  2. The following line opens chapter one of a well-known dark fantasy novel: “The seller of lightning rods arrived just ahead of the storm.” Name the novel.
  3. His first novel “Green Eyes”, about scientifically generated zombies, was published in 1984 as a New Ace Science Fiction Special. This author remains one of the more respected “literary” artists in science fiction, and his most highly acclaimed genre novel is “Life In Wartime.” Name the writer.
  4. Which of the following titles is not a film adaptation of Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend?
    A) I Am Legend
    B) The Omega Man
    C) The Waking Dead
    D) The Last Man On Earth
  5. Tim Powers wrote about Byron, Shelley, Caligari and the vampiric Lamia in this darkly dripping secret history novel.
  6. “These are the stories that the Dogs tell when the fires burn high and the wind is from the north. Then each family circle gathers at the hearth stone and the pups sit silently and listen and when the story’s done they ask many questions: …..” Thus starts which award-winning novel?
  7. In Neal Stephenson Snow Crash, what job does the main character, Hiro Protagonist, hold at the beginning of the novel?
  8. In Arthur C. Clark’s book The Hammer of God, what is the name of the ship that docks and later deflects the asteroid away from Earth?
    A) Goliath
    B) Nostromo
    C) Hercules
    D) Titan
    E) Andromeda
  9. Who is the late scientist, beloved by “billions,” for whom the 1997 Mars Pathfinder lander was renamed?
  10. The “Night’s Dawn” space opera trilogy, written in the 1990s, is centered around the souls of the dead coming back from a hellish “beyond” to possess the living, and the latter fighting back. Name the author.

(Answers below the fold)

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How to Be a Retronaut

Victorian Star WarsHow have I never encountered this site before? It is utterly splendid.

How to Be a Retronaut is run by historical consultant Chris Wild. The site’s tagline is “Ever get the feeling you’re living in the wrong time?” and it is an almost inexplicable collection of vintage/time-travel/steampunk/godonlyknows photos and minutiae, ranging from Victorian Star Wars through aliens in vintage postcards to movie posters from Atomic-age Hollywood.

There are videos which purport to show time travelers and M.C. Escher in Lego and anatomical drawings of mermaids and…let’s just say you’re going to be here for a while.

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Trivia Thursday

  1. In the classic political cautionary tale 1984, the most feared room in the Ministry of Love is this one, where the victim is subjected to his worst fear.
  2. In Battlestar Galactica (the newer series), President Laura Roslin attained her position by being the highest-ranking government official left alive after the Cylons attack the Twelve Colonies. What position did she hold before?
    A) Secretary of State
    B) Secretary of the Treasury
    C) Secretary of the Interior
    D) Secretary of Transportation
    E) Secretary of Education
  3. In this 1962 Hugo Award-winning novel by Philip K. Dick, a genocidal spacefaring Third Reich is in control of the eastern half of the U.S. and the Empire of Japan controls the Western coast.
  4. In this 1981 dystopian film by John Carpenter, an ex-soldier and fugitive is given 24 hours to find the President of the United States, who has been captured by inmates after Air Force One crashed in New York.
  5. In this debut novel by Patricia Anthony, World War Three between the West and the Arab National Army is suddenly interrupted by aliens. The story is inward-looking and full of futility, exploring the sheer helplessness and terror present in human conflict.
    A) Eating Memories
    B) Cradle of Splendor
    C) Cold Allies
    D) God’s Fires
    E) Flanders
  6. In the novels Parable of the Sower and Parable of the Talents, government collapse in the U.S. has resulted in the rise of Christian militias who kidnap “unbelievers” and put them in horrifying work/reeducation camps. Name the author.
  7. One of the highest profile authors currently in the sub-genre of libertarian science fiction was the Arizona Libertarian Party’s 2000 candidate for the President of the United States. Was it:
    A) J. Neil Schulman
    B) L. Neil Smith
    C) S. Andrew Swann
    D) Michael Z. Williamson
    E) John C. Wright
  8. In this tale of corporate-run government by Frederik Pohl and Cyril M. Kornbluth, protagonist Mitch Courtenay is a copywriter who is assigned the ad campaign which would attract colonists to Venus.
  9. This novel of dystopian totalitarianism by Yevgeny Zamyatin is told in the first person by the protagonist, “D-503,” in his diary, which details both his work as a mathematician and his misadventures with a resistance group called the Mephi.
  10. In this novel by Robert A. Heinlein, down-and-out actor Lawrence Smith is hired to take on the persona of a prominent politician and eventually finds himself playing the role for life.

(Answers below the fold)

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Lady Clankington’s Cabinet

Lady ClankingtonThis is one of those things that I never really considered, but once I heard about am somehow unsurprised that it exists. Amused, but unsurprised.

The Cabinet of Carnal Curiosities* is a site which offers steampunk sex toys, custom-made by one Lady Clankington.

Due to her voracious desire for endless…adventure, her husband (an industrialist of some note) expired from exhaustion long ago. In a fit of frustration, Lady Clankington employed the genius of one Dr. Visbaun to create a cadre of strapping automatons that would finally grant her the only company able to keep up with her unending desire…for adventure. … Each design has been well tested by the lady, herself.

Right now her “infernal devices” consist of the Little Death Ray, but the Butt Rogers Uranium Pistol is coming soon. Just right for playing “stern Victorian explorer and naughty Morlock.”

*I’d add the NSFW tag but c’mon: It’s a site that peddles sex toys. Do you really need the tag?

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Link Dump

Guns and Gardens – Series of instructional YouTube videos on how to DIY your way through the zombie apocalypse.

Big Damn Wedding – A couple cosplayed Mal and Inara at their wedding. Lots of neat detail stuff.

Hoth Realtor – Marketing the studio apartment inside a Tauntaun.

The Lesser-Known Magi – Entertaining photo from the Crap at My Parents’ House site.

Spock Quilt – Abstract-ish quilt design.

That’s Not Your Mommy Anymore – Amusing spoof of children’s books, helping kids deal with mommy becoming a zombie.

Steampunk Goggles – A roundup of goggles made of recycled materials. Some really lovely stuff.

Sad Baby Monsters – Awwwww. I want to give Sad Baby Mothman a big hug.

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Trivia Thursday

  1. This supernatural spy novel by Tim Powers presents a secret history of the Cold War in which an agent for a secret British spy organization learns the true nature of several beings living on Mount Ararat.
  2. “DC Universe: Decisions” was a DC comic series which revealed the political leanings of several superheroes. Which one of these is the Democrat?
    A) Hawkman
    B) Green Arrow
    C) Plastic Man
    D) Wonder Woman
    E) Wildcat
  3. In the comedy knockoff of B movies Amazon Women on the Moon, what legendary magazine editor played the President?
  4. Joe Haldeman’s The Forever War explores themes of soldiers exploited by the military and has been called an account of Haldenman’s experience in the Vietnam War written through a “space opera” filter. What is the name of the aliens that the humans are fighting?
  5. In this 1984 film, a government-funded project to train psychics to enter other people’s dreams goes awry when the President of the United States is admitted as a patient to the clinic, and sinister agents use the President’s nightmares in an attempt to have him assassinated.
  6. This collection by Robert A. Heinlein includes the short story “If This Goes On–” which describes a rebellion against an American theocracy and gave Heinlein a vehicle to criticize the authoritarian potential of Protestant Christian fundamentalism.
    A) Revolt in 2100
    B) The Man Who Sold the Moon
    C) The Green Hills of Earth
    D) The Past Through Tomorrow
    E) Assignment in Eternity
  7. The seminal conspiracy-theory novels The Illuminatus! Trilogy were written by Robert Anton Wilson and whom?
  8. In this award-winning novel by Ursula K. Le Guin, an anarchist-feminist colony on a moon in orbit around a planet of caste-divided capitalists. Unfortunately, the anarchist-feminists haven’t solved all the problems of their parent society, and in fact the resource-hungry moon where they live has created a society of poor people whose government controls where they work and live.
  9. In this classic Star Trek episode, the Organian Peace Treaty is imposed upon the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire.
    A) Errand of Mercy
    B) A Taste of Armageddon
    C) Balance of Terror
    D) A Private Little War
    E) Patterns of Force
  10. In the alternate-history novel 1945, Hitler gets injured in a plane crash just before Pearl Harbor. While he’s in a coma, the remaining Nazi leaders manage to avoid war with the U.S. and defeat the Soviet Union, nipping Communism in the bud. This cheese-tastic piece of wish-fulfillment was written by what politician?

(Answers below the fold)

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Game of Thrones: The Metal Edition

White Noise Lab did a metal cover of the Game of Thrones theme music, and YouTube user hettbeans merged it with the opening credits.

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