Trivia Thursday

  1. What SF author has played onstage with Pink Floyd?
    A) Neil Gaiman
    B) Terry Pratchett
    C) Douglas Adams
    D) China Mieville
    E) Pat Cadigan
  2. In which planetary system did Luke take his Jedi training with Yoda?
  3. Boris Karloff has portrayed Frankenstein’s monster, the Mummy, and Dr. Fu Manchu. What other screen star–who also had a part in the Star Wars cycle–has also played those three roles?
  4. Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger wrote science fiction under what pseudonym?
  5. In Memory Yet Green is the first volume of what author’s autobiography?
  6. What were the leaders of the “dark city” called in the futuristic movie Dark City?
    A) The Humanoids
    B) The Strangers
    C) The Decepticons
    D) The Visitors
    E) The Greys
  7. This planet is home of the Time Lords.
  8. In Ringworld, a Falan is a measurement of time equal to 10 rotations. How long is that in days?
  9. Woody Woodpecker is alluded to, or can be seen, in almost every post-1950 film made by what noted producer of SF classics?
  10. Which author coined the term “worm” to describe a type of computer virus:
    A) John Brunner
    B) Neal Stephenson
    C) Bruce Sterling
    D) Vernor Vinge
    E) William Gibson

(Answers below the fold)

  1. C) Douglas Adams. He played acoustic guitar on “Brain Damage” and “Eclipse” at an Earl’s Court show.
  2. The Dagobah System
  3. Christopher Lee
  4. Cordwainer Smith
  5. Isaac Asimov
  6. B) The Strangers
  7. Gallifrey
  8. 75 Days
  9. George Pal, because of his friendship with Woody’s creator, Walter Lantz. In The Time Machine, for example, a young girl carries a Woody Woodpecker doll.
  10. A) John Brunner