The Other*Worlds*Cafe began as a science fiction discussion group in the early days of the Internet, and has remained true to its “vision” as a friendly place to discuss SF with like-minded individuals.

This blog is an offshoot of the main site, and is dedicated to science fiction in all its glory.


  • Chip – Wife to Shadow Jack, mom to Shadaughter and Shadowboy. Webmaster, admin, and moderator. If it’s broken, complain to her (chip@other-worlds-cafe.com). She also blogs at The Art of Darkness. Warning: Contains traces of nuts.

  • Gandalara – Karen, aka Gandalara, is known to her friends as the Con Queen and “That irritating perky person.”

  • Mystik – Born helpless, nude and unable to provide for himself, Myst eventually overcame these handicaps to become a role model, fashion model and scale model.