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STAFF: SHADOW Meet your hosts and the support squid.

Shadow was born in 1956 on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. In the same year he was relocated to the Virginia suburbs of Washington DC, and has been a resident of the Old Dominion ever since. He attended the University of Virginia, where he hopped from department to department in an attempt to simulate a "renaissance" education. Upon graduation, however, prospective employers were quick to point out that the renaissance had been over for five centuries, and that "specialization" was the keyword of the late '70s. Undaunted, he took his broad, shallow education and went to work in the field for which it was ideally suited, retail!!

Shadow encountered Science Fiction at the age of eight in the guise of Robert Heinlein's Red Planet. That book initiated an instant and benign addiction for speculative fiction that continues unabated to this day. He enjoys the "speculative trinity" of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror because it offers authors an unlimited contextual palette and, by corollary, unlimited venues for the imagination.

Shadow presently lives in Northern Virginia. His hobbies include sleeping (seldom indulged), reading, cooking, and trying (generally unsuccessfully) to explain his sense of humor to others.

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