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SQUID: REVND SQUID'S HOMILIES Find salvation through squid.

The O*W*C chat room was once graced by a visit from RevndSquid, who kindly shared with us some pearls of wisdom from the Church of Squidism. Below are excerpts from that chat.

RevndSquid:Well, the 43th Law of Squidism states : In space, squishy is good!

RevndSquid:The 27th law of Squidism states: God is in every drop of the oceans of time.

RevndSquid:Well, there is always the 300 Laws of Divine Squidism, if you have a whole summer to kill.
RONICAP:Your church Squid?
RevndSquid:No, I am but a drop in the ocean of Squidism...
RevndSquid:My eyes have been cleared to the ink!

Slim Jack:You can't have a Squid Based religion!
Slim Jack:How the heck do you sit on the right hand side of a squid?
Slim Jack:Does a squid have a right hand?

RevndSquid:Squid are not Gods, just the chosen.

RevndSquid:The 14th Law of Squidism states: All beings are devine, in direct proportion to the number of arms they posses.
RevndSquid:they possess
RevndSquid:(Notice that squid don't spell very well!)

RevndSquid:The 4th Law of Squidism states: When in doubt, ink and run!
RONICAP:Is that ink before you act?

RevndSquid:Ah, the 1st Law of Squidism is: Never, under any circumstances, eat Fried Calamari!

RevndSquid:The 278th Law of Squidism states: If any other Law of Squidism becomes obsolete, rewrite it (using a number two pencil)
Slim Jack:Rev. Squid, you don't use Ink? Blasphamy!
RevndSquid:The 3rd Law of Squidism states: Ink is the sacred fluid, use only before running!

RevndSquid:The 6th Law of Squidism states: God is everything, and much, much more.

RevndSquid:The 57th Law of Squidism: Religion is when you don't ligion the right way the first time.

RevndSquid:48th Law of Squidism: The universe begins with whoever is percieving it.

Techyo:Revnd Squid why do you sound familiar?
RevndSquid:Ah, everyone has a little Rev. Squid in their soul (if they come equipped with that option package)
AllanM1642:does that make you a child mollusker?

RevndSquid:The 35th Law of Squidism: Just because you have souls doesn't mean you can dance.

RevndSquid:Speaking of money, We of the Holy Pod of Squidism do accept donations. (passing squid bucket)
Slim Jack:Got change for a fifty?
Patterner::::gingerly dropping in a couple of minnows:::
AllenS1146:Here's a can of tuna...don't spend it all in one place
Patterner:I hope they have enough fins.
RevndSquid:Quohogs accepted as currency.
AllanM1642:Can I mussel in on this conversation and ask why does a new religion have to be extra-terrestrial?
RevndSquid:Clams is clams.
Slim Jack:Wait, I got a shark and two moreys in my pocket...here ya go, Rev.
RevndSquid:Squidism is not Extraterrestrial, it's cyberterrestrial.

RevndSquid:Yes, unfortunately, my work always keeps me swimming as well.
RevndSquid:I bid you all good currents, and a full tide.

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