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FUN: GAME RULES Shall we play a game?

We play a variety of games in chat. Here are the rules for each one, should you decide to play along.

First and Last Words:
A player, or the Host will start with a word in caps: PLANET Anyone can join in and come up with a word that begins with the last letter of the previous word.


And so it goes.

SF Acronyms:
Simple as this: The Host(ess) will provide a word in CAPS (for better identification) to the room. The players must use the letters in that word to form a sentence. Can be silly, make sense, or fit the theme of the night.
Ex; EARTH = Everyone Always Regales T-Man Helpfully
Everyone gets one chance and the host is even welcome to provide an entry, if there aren't enough players.

Story Tag:
The Host starts a story with the classic beginning of "Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away..." or whatever opening fits the story. You can take it anywhere you want but you have to watch carefully because when they finish their post, they will give the next person's name to take the story. It is then that person's turn to add to the story. (It can be silly, scary, or whatever strikes you at the moment.) When they want to switch out, they also will end with, "...and then....<NAME>" tagging the next person for their part.

Usually one post is sufficient, generally a sentence or two, depending on how many people are in the room. When closing time draws near, it needs to be passed to the host, so they can finish it up with a rousing, "and they lived happily ever after." or whatever may be appropriate.

Trivia Challenge:
There are 25 questions: 13 multiple choice and 12 short answer. The host will alternate types of question. After each question is asked, a timer will be activated which gives you approximately 20 seconds to respond. Type in your answer as soon as you know it (just type the letter of the correct answer to multiple choice questions). You're on the honor system about "stealing" others' responses. In the event of a tie, the person with the most "first answers" is given preference. Prizes are awarded to the First, Second, and Third Place winners.

What Came First?
A multiple choice kind of trivia game for science and science fiction.

The Host asks a multiple choice question of what came first in whatever the topic is. Players give their guess or puts them in chronological order within a specified time to answer. A bonus question is thrown in every fifteen minutes or so that is either a true/false or single answer question.

Correct answers are tallied at the end of the game for the winner who knows their chronology of science, inventions, sf authors, or books and movies.

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