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“Watch the Original” Day

The Crotchety Old Fan has a heartfelt rant about the Day the Earth Stood Still remake.

The viewing public has a right to be exposed to the original before they see the remake; they have a right to judge the two side by side – BEFORE the computer-generated dazzle has a chance to influence them. They have a right to view these films in their historical order, to be free from hype and marketing blitz before they are asked to choose which one they prefer.

By way of exposing the younger generation to the original, he has declared December 10th, 2008 to be THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL TO WATCH THE ORIGINAL MOVIE DAY day. He’s set up a resource page which links to an online copy of the full movie, and is adjuring us all to pledge that we will convince at least one other person to watch the original before the remake escapes is released.

He also links to this io9 post (titled, engagingly, “The Day the Earth Stood Still Remake Is Pure Sucky Evil”), whose last paragraph summarizes what I think we’re all feeling:

Apparently this remake is happening because 2008 director Scott Derrickson admires the work of 1951 director Robert Wise. Hey, Scott, you know what would be a good way to pay your respects to Wise’s work? Tell people to watch his movie, and then stay the fuck away from it.

Preach it, brother.

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