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I’m going to try to resurrect the “If You Like…” feature from the old site here in occasional blog entries, with an eye to eventually gathering up the suggestions and spanging them into searchable database form. The aim of this project is to suggest authors you might enjoy reading based on their similarity to authors you already enjoy reading. So, for instance, if you enjoy Tim Powers, you might also like James P. Blaylock and K.W. Jeter. If you enjoy L. Ron Hubbard, what the hell is wrong with you?

That sort of thing.

Anyway, to start off, if you like…Robert A. Heinlein you might like…

  • Neal Asher – If you don’t want to get mired in his seemingly-endless Polity series, try The Skinner, a neat stand-alone novel about some accidentally-immortal planetary colonists, really ooky aliens, really really ooky indigenous animals, and the reanimated corpse of a policeman that’s still trying to make an arrest after 600 years.

  • Richard Morgan – Morgan will probably get a nod when I list cyberpunkish authors, too, since his debut novel Altered Carbon and its sequels hinge on the idea of “stacks”–little memory nodes that sit on your brainstem and back up your brain. Trading bodies–or living entirely body-free, in a virtual environment–is simply a matter of installing your stack into a new “sleeve.” However, the books also involve a vanished Martian race and the highly-advanced relics they left behind, which seems decidedly Heinlein-esque.

  • John Scalzi – Unlike Asher and Morgan, who sort of accidentally resemble Heinlein, Scalzi consciously set out to ape his writing style. He did a pretty decent job of it, too, particularly in Old Man’s War. When you grow old you can join the military, get a brand-new body, and go fight other species for planets to colonize. This thing just reeks of RAH.

And, of course, if you like Asher, Morgan, or Scalzi, you’d probably enjoy Heinlein if you’ve never read him. See my Chip’s Picks entry about Heinlein for some recommendations.

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