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Opening Sentences

io9 has a nice discussion of opening lines that really grab your attention.

“They set a slamhound on Turner’s trail in New Delhi, slotted it to his pheromones and the color of his hair.” — Count Zero by William Gibson. Okay, come on. This is just so fun. It’s got the wacky jargon: “slamhound,” “slotted,” and the idea that it can be tied to random things like hair color and pheromones. And it’s crackling with energy!

This is a theme we’ve explored in chat from time to time. How important is the opening sentence? Have you ever decided to buy a book on the strength of its first line?

Several of the post’s comments cite other arresting openers, most without noting which book they’re from. It’s kind of fun to play “guess the book.”

Posted in Books & Authors August 20th, 2008 by Chip
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