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Seen Online

If you think the Cantina is bad, you should see the Mos Eisley Martini and Tapas Bistro next door. Total douchefest.

Back off, or I’ll use this butterfly to start a chain reaction leading to a terrifying alternate future.

I now have 365,000 followers, and so can finally sacrifice 1000 souls a day to scabby Elder Space Gods for a year.

Kevin Costner’s oil cleaning machine harnesses the awesome sucking power from his acting career.

It’s really hard to read Neuromancer now, given how badly it rips off The Matrix.

“Are monsters real, daddy?” “Like on TV?” “Yeah.” “Totally. George Bush, Dick Cheney, Tony Hayward… all real. Now, go to sleep, dear.”

Posted in Humor June 28th, 2010 by Chip
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