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The Bloggess vs. William Shatner

It all started when Jenny the Bloggess (whose head has been featured on BoingBoing and who routinely makes me shoot coffee out my nose anyway [“I’m going to read the Bloggess. Where’s the tarp?”]) sent a series of possibly-drunken tweets to William Shatner, to wit:

Okay, don’t ask why but I need to get William Shatner to come to my house asap.

Seriously, does anyone know him? My marriage is in peril.

Dear @WilliamShatner: I need you to come to my house to save my marriage. No sex involved.

Unless you *want* to have sex. Which is totally fine.

But not with me though because I’m married. Please bring your own hooker.


Oh my God, what am I saying? I am the worst hostess ever. I will totally provide the hooker if you just come to dinner.

I need to know your preferences though or else I’ll just default to hot Asian cheerleader.

Fuck. Dear @WilliamShatner. Please ignore my last several tweets. I’m a little drunk. And dangerously close to paying too much for travel.

Please come to my house and save me from myself.

There may or may not be hookers here.

Please give me a sign.

And then he blocked her.

And her army of loyal Twitter followers rushed to her defense.

And…just read the whole thing. Better get a tarp first.

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Posted in Humor August 24th, 2009 by Chip
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