Snow Crash Imagined as a Video Game

Responding to a roundtable topic at Man Bytes Blog asking for what a favorite book would be like if it had first been a video game, Shamus Young chose Snow Crash. Instead of just describing what the game would be like, he wrote a whole review about it.

The first section of the game is a driving sequence where you have to deliver a pizza before the time runs out, while dodging cars that change speed and lanes more or less at random. There is also a skateboarder named YT darting around in traffic. She’s supposedly fifteen or so, although if they wanted us to think of her as a kid they should have given her more clothes and a much younger voice actress. Not since Rikku has a game been so confused about whether we’re supposed to want to date or adopt a female character.

You have to keep her from grabbing onto the back of your car, because apparently in the future cars will be so feeble that the weight of a 90 pound girl will cut their speed in half, and thus you will not deliver the pizza on time, which results in a game over.


If you like videogames, be sure to poke around the rest of the site as well. Shamus is a clever, pithy writer and is also the author of the wonderful DM of the Rings Webcomic.