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CONVENTIONS: REPORTS Descriptions and pictures of past cons.

Monster Bash '02

Con Report by BLR WIZ

Monster Bash
June 21-23, 2002
Butler, Pennsylvania

My best friend's wife (a postal worker) found out about this convention by mailing classic monster movies for Ron Adams (www.creepyclassics.com). Since she had seen some classic movies here and could make some references, he thought that she was a real fan. Diane stopped in to tell me about it and we looked up the web site. In looking at it she got excited about the idea of going there as they were off work for vacation. But they had commitments for Sunday, so we had to leave the convention Saturday.

This convention was a tribute to Abbott & Costello.

Some of the GOH's didn't get in on Friday. Forrest Ackerman couldn't make it as he was in the hospital. They had a gigantic get well card for people to sign.

I had a delightful conversation with Chris Costello, Lou's daughter. I did get an autographed picture from her. Then we were just in time to watch the showing of Bob Hope in Ghost Breakers. The movie was introduced by Ygor, in full make-up ;). They did a good job cleaning the movie up, the picture was really sharp, especially compared to my video copy.

Next up was a showing of Abbott & Costello Meet The Creature From The Black Lagoon. During the break they had some corny Magician. I was so embarrassed. I started to go to the stage to say 'I can do better than that', when he ended his act.

Friday night is their traditional Mexican Night with free Tacos. They showed The Castle Of The Monsters. In Spanish with no subtitles -- it was a riot all that good.

At the bar, I saw the "magician" and I couldn't let things rest. I told him and a table right next to them 'to watch this' .... they liked the real magic but when I was done, the so-called magician wasn't there. He left rather suddenly. A disappearing act ;)

At noon Saturday they had a pool party where they played The Creature From The Black Lagoon. In the GOH room I talked with Ben Chapman, THE "REEL" GILL-MAN! He is a very nice guy, rather tall. With his autographed picture he also got an autographed copy of his contract. He only got $300 per week to be the Creature.

Next I had a couple of laughs with Eddie Munster :)


The real thrill was meeting and talking to Chilly Billy Cardillie. He hosted the Saturday Night Horror show for 21 years. As a lad we were allowed to say up late to watch him and the movie. I had met him once before, many years ago, at the local movie theater promoting I Was A Teenage Werewolf (with Michael Landon in full make-up). He is a really nice person and the only one who didn't charge for his autograph. He loves his fans. Trivia Factoid: He played the TV reporter in Night Of The Living Dead.

They had Abbott & Costello look-alikes roaming the rooms doing some of their classic routines. They were really good.

In the dealers room was Tom Savini, Pittsburgh's SFX make-up artist. He did Dawn of the Dead and From Dusk 'Til Dawn (one of the bloodiest movies I have seen), Creepshow and Tales From The Dark Side.

There were a lot of things that I wanted to buy. I did want a Frankenstein mask made from the original mold. I bought autographed pictures of Walter Matthau and Art Carney for Christmas presents for my Mom & Dad. For myself, I got an autographed picture of William Shatner from Star Trek: The Original Series. Since he now charges $100 for an autograph, I figure that it was half price.

We finished up the night with Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein. It is one of their better movies. You had 4 classic monsters and Abbott & Costello, too ...

Trivia learned: The Frankenstein Monster broke his ankle and Lon Chaney Jr. had to fill in as he had played the Monster before.

What can I say? It was a lot of fun :)

Yoda & Brad