So Long….

We’ve seen SF you people wouldn’t believe. To Read stacks teetering off the side of the bookshelf. We watched WorldCon attendees glitter in the dark near the dealers’ room. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to quit….

This blog has been tottering along for five years now, but lately it’s suffered from shifting priorities and lack of time. It’s probably time to pack it in, so this, our 1,445th post, will be the last.

Thanks to all of the visitors who’ve stopped by to read or comment.

So long, and…well, you know the rest.

2 responses to “So Long….”

  1. I’ve long admired my wife’s dedication and commitment to the O*W*C blog in the face of marginal traffic. It’s very difficult to manage two blogs, and her gothblog, Art Of Darkness on the Shadowmanor site, is dynamic and occupies an increasing amount of her time. It has grown into a meaningful landmark for soccer goths, fans of horror, dark fantasy, Halloween, and associated media. Because Chip is Chip, a number of the postings over there do have sfnal connections. So, if you find yourself missing her wit and insight, you can still find it over there — occasionally punctuated by a witch’s cackle.