Wasteland Weekend

Wasteland WeekendI find it weirdly hilarious that not only do Mad Max reenactors exist, there are enough of them to support a three-day “post apocalypse” festival every year.

Wasteland Weekend is an adults-only campout in the California desert, with Industrial DJs, post-apocalyptic vehicles, staged combats, and a vendor area called “Bartertown.” The event aims to create “a 360° post-apocalyptic environment,” so costumes are required and themed vehicles and campsites are strongly encouraged.

Their site proclaims, “Live for three days in a world pulled straight out of the Mad Max movies, beyond the grip of so-called civilization,” which I honestly have to say is not quite as tempting a proposition as the organizers seem to think it is.

This year’s event is September 23-25, so there’s plenty of time to dig up some spikes and cultivate your mohawk.

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