Month: June 2011

  • Trivia Thursday

    What Star Trek actor/actress lent a voice to Disney’s movie The Lion King? Steven Baxter’s sequel to H. G. Wells’ The Time Machine is: A. The Time Machine II B. Time and Again C. The Time Ships D. Timescape E. Somewhere in Time How many arms do most Moties have? This author invented the machine…

  • Link Dump

    Space Stitch – Roundup of space-themed needlework. Make Your Own Star Trek-Style Door – It’s even code-activated. Do Your Duty, Trooper – Great vintage-look “propaganda poster” for the Empire. Raiders of the Lost Ark – Inception Style – Neat faux trailer for Raiders. Three books that look great for Steampunk inspiration: 1,000 Steampunk Creations Steampunk…

  • Said That She Did

    S’pose when they invented the Internet back in the 50s they’d have believed it would eventually be used to create an entire site devoted to Yoda making “that’s what she said” jokes? (via Blame it On the Voices)

  • Send Your Name to Mars

    The Mars Science Laboratory rover going to Mars this year is allowing members of the public to have their names sent along on a microchip and thus “immortalized” on Mars. Today is the last day for submissions. The form is here. The site also provides the opportunity to print out a participation certificate. There are…

  • Ghosts of Saturn

    GIANT KILLER PANDAS threaded together images from the Cassini Mission. The result is lovely. (Note: I’ve seen comments that the flickering effect between some frames is hard on epileptics, so beware.) (via Whatever)

  • Trivia Thursday

    During the vampire renaissance of the 1970s, this writer, known best for his SF work, published the first of his successful and critically acclaimed “Dracula” series, titled “An Old Friend Of The Family.” The following line opens chapter one of a well-known dark fantasy novel: “The seller of lightning rods arrived just ahead of the…

  • You’ve Just Destroyed Alderaan. What Are You Going to Do Next?

  • Seen Online

    I’m willing to risk a Jurassic Park type scenario just to have new stuff to BBQ. — navanax “Size matters not.” -Yoda, fooling nobody. — DeathStarPR Because of the music I grew up with I assumed by this point in life a lot more women were going to blind me with science. — juliussharpe oh…

  • Advanced Trolling

    (via Failbook)

  • How to Be a Retronaut

    How have I never encountered this site before? It is utterly splendid. How to Be a Retronaut is run by historical consultant Chris Wild. The site’s tagline is “Ever get the feeling you’re living in the wrong time?” and it is an almost inexplicable collection of vintage/time-travel/steampunk/godonlyknows photos and minutiae, ranging from Victorian Star Wars…