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List compiled by Mary Anne Mohanraj

Note from Patterner:
I have removed all the explicit terms from this list, replacing them with <...>, however, it *is* a list about alternate sexuality and does mention sex. You can get the unedited list at: http://sflovers.rutgers.edu/archive/bibliographies/alternate-sexuality.txt

This file was reference material for the O*W*C chat on 01/23/97, about Alternate Sexuality in SF.

Alternative Sexualities in Fantasy and SF Booklist

If you send additional listings, please try to include:

- notation on genre (F/SF/etc)
- brief explanation of why the text is appropriate
- other books by the author
- comments on content or quality (short, please)

NOTE: Most but not all renderings of alternate sexualities in these texts are positive. Not
all the books listed are fantasy/sf, though the majority are.

Many, many thanks...I'm sorry I can't thank you all personally. I'll keep posting updated
lists every once in a while.

- Mary Anne  (moh2@rainbow.uchicago.edu)

The full list is available at:  http://www.iam.com/maryanne/balist.html


Garber, Eric & Lyn Paleo
        Uranian Worlds: A Reader's Guide to Alternate Sexuality in Science
        Fiction and Fantasy  (Not at all a comprehensive listing)


Across the Wounded Galaxy:  Interviews with writers

Broderick, Damien
        Reading by Starlight (post-modern sf, focused on Delany)

Delany, Samuel R.
        The Jewel-Hinged Jaw (contains a critique of LeGuin's
        The Dispossessed)

Frye, Northrop

Jamison, Frederick

Palumbo, Donald, ed.
        Erotic Universe: Sexuality and Fantastic Literature (includes the
                articles "Homosexuality in Science Fiction and Fantasy",
                "Again, The Left Hand of Darkness: Androgyny or
                Homophobia?", etc.)


(NOTE:  Many short stories, especially those published in Asimov's, Omni,
Fantasy & SF, and other better-known magazines, can be found in "Best Of"
anthologies like those by Gardner Dozois, DAW, Terri/Windling/Ellen Datlow
-- these collections are generally much easier to find, and you may want
to check them for the titles below.)

Amazing Stories
        Quick, W.T. - "Whatever Gets You Through The Night" - March

        Byers Edward - "The Disconnect" - August 1982
        Turtledov, Harry - _The Great Unknown_ = April, May, June 1991

Blue Blood (2625 Piedmont Rd, #56332, Atlanta, GA  30324)
        (counterculture erotic sf/f/h, multi-orientation, sex-positive)

Dead of Night Magazine
        Bowen, Gary -   "The Amateur Vampire" - #9
                        "The Haunting of Andrew Brigg" - #11
                        "Dream-Eater" - #13

        Varley's "Eight Worlds" stories - mid-to-late 70s

        Varley, John - "The Barbie Murders" - Feb 1978 (also appeared in
                the Terry Carr "Best Of" for 1978)
        Shepard, Lucius - "A Traveler's Tale" - July 1984
        Rainbow, Tom - "The Science Fiction of Sex change" - July 1985
        Jablokov, Alexander - "The Death Artist" - Aug 1990 (also appeared
                in The Year's Best Science Fiction, 8th Annual -
                Gardner Dozois, ed.)
        Casper, Susan - "Nine Tenths of the Law" - Jul 1991
        Varley, John - "Her Girl Friday" - Aug 1992
        Egan, Greg - "Cocoon" (gay protagonist; genetic programming
                                of sexuality) - recent

F & SF Magazine
        Heinlein, Robert - "All You Zombies" - March 1959
        Varley, John - "Picnic on Nearside" - Aug 1974

        Shepard, Lucius - "Life of Buddha"  - May 1988 (also appeared in
                Year's Best F&H, Second Annual - Datlow & Windling, ed.)
        Calder, Richard - "Mosquito" - Jul 1990

        Ellison, Harlan - "Erotophobia" - 1981

        Heym, Stefan - "The Wachsmuth Syndrome" - Sept 1972

Wavelengths - Barnett, Lisa A., Ed. - journal reviewing new GLB F/SF/H


        Aldiss, Brian W. - Galactic Empires v.2, p 182-202
                Harrison, Harry - "Final Encounter" (kourogenetic men)

        Aldiss, Brian W. - Galactic Empires v.2, p 182-202
                Harrison, Harry - "Final Encounter" (kourogenetic men)

        Busby, F.M. - Getting Home
                Busby, F.M. - "Road Map" (body swapping)
                            - "Getting Home" (body swapping)

        Bowen, Gary - Cyber Magick: Lesbian SF
                Blevins, Tippi - "The Scent of Fresh Ginger"
                Alward, Emily - "Pledge-sister"
                Buis, Lela - "Enigma Variations"
                M'Clatchey, Gwen - "The Road to Shinki"

        Bowen, Gary - Green Echo: Ecological SF
                Thomas, Jeffrey - "Fallen" (fallen angel and male lover)

        Bowen, Gary - Floating Worlds: Oriental Fantasies (F)
                Mohanraj, Mary Anne - "Goddess Blessing" (ff)

        Bowen, Gary - Icarus & Angels: Flights of Fantasy
                Bowen, Gary - "Sky Fish"
                Crittenden, Lee - "Ascension"
                Eikamp, Rhonda - "The Physician's Flight"
                Thomas, Jeffrey - "Mourning Cloak"

        Bowen, Gary - Worthy Foes: Differently-Abled Heroes
                Davidson, Stephen Crane - "Jennie Janes,
                        Pistol-Packing, Wheelchair Rolling, Licensed
                        Demon Hunter" (discreet lesbian relationship)

        Carr, Terry - Universe 9, 10, and 13
                Varley, John - "Options"
                Busby, F.M. - "First Person Plural"
                Bickel, Bill - "The Widow and the Body Sitter" (body swapping)

        Clute, John, Colin Greenland and David Pringle - Interzone 1
                Ryman, Geoff - "O Happy Day!" (SF) (gay cast)

        Clute, John, David Pringle, and Simon Ounsley - Interzone 2
                Blumlein, Michael- "The Brains of Rats" (bisexual transvestite)

        Correas de Zapata, Celia, ed. - Short Stories by Latin
                        Amercian Women
                Naranjo, Carmen - "Symbiotic Encounter" (pregnant man)

        Datlow, Ellen - Alien Sex (SF)
                Baker, Scott - "The Jamesburg Incubus"

        Decarnin, Camilla; Paleo, Lynn; Garber, Eric - Worlds Apart:
                An Anthology of Lesbian and Gay Science Fiction
                and Fantasy (2nd edition is out)

        Del Rey, Judy-Lynn - Stellar 7
                Hogan, James - "Identity Crises"

        Dozois, Gardner - Year's Best - 7th and 8th
                Brennert, Alan - "The Third Sex"
                Jablokov, Alex - "The Death Artist"

        Eighner, Lars and Clay Caldwell - QSFx2: Queer Science Fiction
                5 stories each

        Elder, Joseph - Eros in Orbit
                Scortia, Thomas - "Flowering Narcissus"

        Elliot, Jeffrey M. - Kindred Spirits:  An Anthology of Gay and
                Lesbian Science Fiction

        Ellison, Harlan - Dangerous Visions
                Sturgeon, Theodore - "If All Men Were Brothers, Would You
                        Let One Marry Your Sister" (excellent)

        Etchison, Dennis - Cutting Edge (H)
                Wagner, Karl Edward - "Lacunae" (fragmenting transsexual)

        Foster, Alan Dean - Smart Dragons, Foolish Elves
                Lynn, Elizabeth - "The Man who was Pregnant"

        Freisner, Esther - Chicks in Chainmail

        Gelb, Jeff & Lonn Friend - Hot Blood (trilogy of erotic
                horror - some vampire, some contemporary;
                supernatural elements)
        Gelb, Jeff & Michael Garrett - Hotter Blood
        Gelb, Jeff & Michael Garrett - Hottest Blood
         - plus several short stories

        Gibson, William - Burning Chrome (also contains transgendered
                Gibson, William & Shirley - "The Belonging Kind"

        Johnson, S.G. - A Crimson Kind of Evil
                M'Clatchey, Gwen - "The Mask of Blood"

        Johnson, S.G. - Dangerous Women
                Files, Gemma - "Flare" (latex)
                M'Clatchey, Gwen - "Short Skirts and Patriarchs"
                        (lesbian terrorists blow up the Washington monument)
                Riley, David B. - "Victory Bell" (dominatrix)

        Johnson, S.G. - Dark Desires
                Lewis, D.F. - "Floater"
                Martelli, Alex - "Universal Law" (gay SM)

        Johnson, S.G. - Dominion of the Ghosts
                Adams, Jane - "Delia in Blue" (femerotic/incestual tension)
                Nelson, Amy - "Soleil" (interracial lesbian)

        Johnson, S.G. - Moonshadows: Fantasies of Love and Magick
                Bland, Polly - "Julia" (lesbian vampire)

        Johnson, S.G. - Rites of Passage
                Rathbone, Wendy - "Ink and the Moon Goddess"
                        (lesbian fantasy)

        Keesey, Pam, ed. - Daughters of Darkness: Lesbian Vampire Stories
                        (10 stories)

        Knight, Amarantha, Ed. - Sex Macabre (F)
                Stone Jr., Del - "Homosexulus" (male homosexual)

        Knight, Damon - Orbit 9
                Wilhem, Kate - "The Infinity Box"

        Marshak, Sondra and Myrna Culbreath - ST: The New Voyages 2
                "The Procrustean Petard" (several members of the crew,
                        including Kirk, McCoy and Uhura, have their genders
                        reversed by some alien machinery)

        Martin, George R.R., ed. - Wild Cards series
                Joker's Wild (gay character)
                Aces Abroad (bisexual woman)
                One-Eyed Jacks
                (and more)

        Rucker, Rudy, Peter L. Wilson, and Robert A. Wilson - Semiotext(e) (SF)
                (a collection of "radical" sf published by the Semiotext(e)
                postmodernist journal.)

        Rusch, Kristine Kathryn - Pulphouse3
                Brennert, Alan - "the Third Sex"

        Salmonson, Jessica Amanda - Amazons! & Amazons II
                Tomoe Gozen series

        SAMOIS, ed., - Coming to Power (excellent s/m anthology) (sf/f)
                Drew, Holly - "The Seduction of Earth and Rain" (f)
                Schrimm, Janet - "Mirel" - (sf)

        Sargent, Pamela - Bio-Futures
                LeGuin, Ursula K. - "Nine Lives"

        Sargent, Pamela - Women of Wonder
                Dorman, Sonya - "When I Was Miss Dow"  (sf) (body swapping)

        Schwartz, Susan and Martin H. Greenberg - Sisters in Fantasy 1&2

        Scortia, Thomas - Strange Bedfellows
                Carlson, W. - "Dinner at Helen's"

        Soles, Caro and Sten Tal - Bizarre Dreams (gay dark fantasy)

        Soles, Caro - Meltdown (gay dark fantasy)

        Tan, Cecilia, ed. - Feline Fetishes (bestiality)
                          - Forged Bonds (b/d, slavery, elves)
                          - SexMagick (six stories of sex magic)
                          - TechnoSex (robots/VR) - forthcoming
                          - Worlds of Women (erotic sf by women) -
                        (catalog available on-line from Circlet
                        Press - ctan@world.std.com)

        Torgeson, Ray - Chrysalis 1
                Lynn, Elizabeth - "The Man Who was Pregnant"

        Yolen, Jane, ed. - Xanadu (several queer-positive stories)

Fantasy & SF:

Author Unknown (Star Trek):
        "Turnabout Intruder" (episode - Kirk gender change)

Adams, Richard (F)
        Maia (bisexual women portrayed positively; decadent, extremely
                sexual society)
        Watership Down

Adams, Robert (F)
        Horseclans series (some readers consider these homophobic -
                bad guys are mostly gay (as are some good guys) -
                2 polygamous cultures (one with men with multiple
                wives, other women with multiple husbands - excellent
                hack & slash, sword & sorcery books)

Aldiss, Brian (SF)
        Helliconia Trilogy (sex with subhumans, living phallus?)
        The Male Response (novella)
        The Hand-Reader Boy (F) (masturbation)

Allan, Margaret (pseudonym for W.T. Quick) (a nice guy :-) (F)
        The Mammoth Stone
        Keeper of the Stone (casual male/male scenes, cult of masturbation)
        The Last Mammoth (stretched sexual frontiers)

Alli, Antero (F)
        The Akashic Record Player (planetary entity narrates
                Herstory about how She arranges meetings between
                uncertain humans at certain sites to perform
                Earth Rites for future myths)

Amerika, Mark (F)
        The Kafka Chronicles (male prostitution, orgies, erotic cannibalism)
        Sexual Blood (s/m, rape, hyperhetero [...] (whatever that means)

Anderson, Poul
        Eutopia (short story)
        The King of Ys series (with Karen Anderson) (Roman myth and magic)
        (gay character, homophobic?)
                Roma Mater

Andros, Phil
        Below the Belt % Other Stories
        The Boys in Blue
        Different Strokes:  Stories
        Roman Conquests
        Stud:  A Novel

Anthony, Piers (SF/F)
        Robot Adept series (Brown Adept is a lesbian)
                Split Infinity
                Blue Adept
                Juxtaposition (more in series, but I only liked the
                        first trilogy)
        Bio of a Space Tyrant (five book series - mainly straight, but
                                        moves in a liberalized world)
                Vol 1 - Refugee
                Vol 2 - Mercenary
                Vol 3 - Politican
                Vol 4 - Executive
                Vol 5 - Statesman
        Trilogy: (threesome)
        Pornucopia (bisexual (sorta) male protagonist, good for a

        Chthon (one reader describes these two as 'worse than Gor')

Arden, Robert (SF/Crime)
        Desire (sm, vr, group)

Arnason, Eleanor (SF)
        Ring of Swords (gay main character in love with a furry alien from
                a sexually-dimorphic world where heterosexuality is
                taboo; a witty and intelligent book)

Asimov, Isaac (SF) (classic)
        The Gods Themselves (three-gendered aliens)
        "Playboy and the Slime Gods", appeared in _Playboy_ (human/alien sex)

Asprin, Robert (F)
        Thieves' World series, ed.
        Myth series (very funny)
                Myth-ing Persons
                Myth-nomers and Im-pervections
                M.Y.T.H. Inc. Link
                Myth Directions
                Myth Conceptions
                Little Myth Marker
                Hit or Myth
                Another Fine Myth

Atwood, Margaret (SF) (good)
        The Handmaid's Tale (also made into a reasonably good movie,
                although they change the ending)

Bailey, Robin Wayne
        Shadowdance (bi protagonist)
        Brothers of the Dragon trilogy (gay brother)

Baird, Wilhelmina (SF)
        CrashCourse (cyberpunk) (1 gay, 1 bi protagonist)

Baker, Sharon: (boy prostitute) (SF/F)
        Quarreling, They Met the Dragon
        Journey to Membliar
        The Burning Tears of Sassurum

Ballard, J.G.
        Crash! (eroticism of media violence; gay, bi characters)
        Concrete Island (eroticism and violence)
        The Atrocity Exhibition (media/violence/techno-fetishes)

Banks, Iain
        Culture series: (bisexuality is most common mode; genetically
                engineered society where sex-changing is a relatively
                easy process; protagonists are relatively straight)
                Consider Phlebas
                The Player of Games
                The Use of Weapons
                A Gift from the Culture(SF, short story collection)
                novella - "The State of the Art"
        The Wasp Factory (SF/F/H) (lots of weird sexuality)
        Against a Dark Background (SF, nonCulture, reference to
                lesbian affair of the protagonist - not his best)

Barker, Clive (came out as gay in Advocate) (H)
        Weaveworld (bi characters)
        Imajaica (oddly-gendered major character)
        The Great and Secret Show (bi and gay characters)
        Everville (bi and gay characters)
        "In the hills, the cities" (gay male protagonists)

Barnes, Steven (SF)
        Gorgon Child (hermaphrodites?)

Barr, Douglas (SF)
        Space Relations (S/M, slavery - very funny)

Barrus, Tim
        Genocide (short story collection)

Barton, William (SF)
        Yellow Matter (gay novella)
        Alpha Centauri (with Paul Capobianco) (hermaphrodite main
                character; gay couple; sex and sexual transgressions form
                a major part of the plot)

Bass, T.J. (SF)
        Half Past Human

Baudino, Gael (F) (good new author - one of our own, I think)
        Dragon Trilogy (men changed into women - some become lesbians,
                        some don't, some suicide)
                Duel of Dragons
                Dragon Death
        Gossamer Axe (bisexual woman searching for bisexual lover)
        Strands of Starlight (bisexual characters in this series)
        Maze of Moonlight (outstanding coming out scene)
        Shroud of Shadow (depressing as hell)
        Strands of Sunlight (a nice conclusion to tetralogy)
        O Greenest Branch:  Book 1 of Water

Bear, Greg (SF)
        The Forge of God
        The Anvil of Stars (bisexual protagonist, homosexuality)

de Berg, Jean (pseudonym for Catherine Robbe-Grillet)
        The Image (this one isn't SF/F, but...the author is married to
                Alain Robbe-Grillet, who writes baroque d/s fantasy)

Berger, Thomas
        Regiment of Women (SF) (gender role swaping)

Berthelot, Francis (SF) (gay writer)
        La Lune Nore d'Orion
        Le Rivage des Intouchables

Bester, Alfred
        The Computer Connection (SF, homosexuality, cross-dressing -
                faster & funnier than most of his classic works)

Bey, Hakim (F,SF)
        Crowstone (pedo)

Bishop, Michael
        Unicorn Mountain (secondary character is gay PWA - the other
                -characters- are very homophobic, but the author's
                portrayal of the gay man is positive)

Block, Francesca Lia (F) (Y)
        Ecstasia (male-male relationship)
        Primavera (ditto)
        Weetsie Bat (witches - 1st in series of 4) (one reader notes
                that he detested it - irresponsible sexuality)
        Witch Baby
        Cherokee Bat and the Goat Guys

Blumlein, Michael (H)
        X/Y (gender change) (odd book.)

Bowen, Gary
        Diary of a Vampire (finalist for Bram Stoker Award; homoerotic
                dark fantasy novel about a gay vampire who turns into
                a woman for one scene, gay sex, some s/m)
        Man Hungry (collection of erotic gay short stories, including sf/f/h)
        in Winter of the Soul
                "The Haunting of Andrew Brigg"
                "Blood Requiem"

Boyd, John (SF, satire)
        Sex and the High Command (males are made obsolete)
        The Rakehells of Heaven
        Five to Twelve (women put down male rebellion)
        The Pollinators of Eden (heroine has lesbian encounter with
                mobile plant (in addition to having sex with most of
                the male characters)
        The Last Starship from Earth

Bradbury, Ray (SF)
        I Sing the Body Electric (collection)
                "The Warm Wind and the Cold" ('swishy gay boys')

Bradley, Marion Zimmer (SF/F) (bisexuality accepted, women's society
                with many lesbians, oppressions of women)
        Darkover series
                Thendara House
                The Forbidden Tower (poly relationships)
                The World Wreckers
                The Heritage of Hastur
        Lythande (cross-dressing lesbian protagonist - a character
                originally made for  _Thieves' World_)
        Mists of Avalon (Arthurian fantasy from the point of view of
                three women - quite good)
        Warrior Woman (very bad!) (F) (numerous lesbian characters)
        Ruins of Isis (SF) (numerous lesbian characters)
        Survey Ship (SF) (gay, interracial, teen)
        The Catch Trap (two male trapeze artists in love)

Brass, Perry (SF)
        Mirage (gay protagonists)
        Sex Charge (gay poetry, non-sf)

Brennert, Alan (SF)
        "The Third Sex" (Pulphouse 3; Year's Best SF 7) (Increasing
                numbers of people are being born neither male nor
                female but generally able to pass as either; motss
                sex; 3-way relationship)

Brin, David (SF) (good author)
        Glory Season (females can clone with male 'spark'; societal power
                with families of cloned women; homosexuality normal;
                heterosexuality seasonal and polarized - women in winter,
                men in summer)
        The Uplift War (chimps, dolphins uplifted to human intelligence.
                Simian sexuality, alien sexuality, alien morphs into
                human-like female form and marries human)

Brite, Poppy Z. (F)
        Lost Souls  (vampire book with elements of bisexuality)
        Drawing Blood (haunted house novel with gay protagonists)
        Love in Vein (short story vampire anth, multiple sexualities)

Broderick, Damien (SF)
        The Judas Mandala (lesbian feminist poet protagonist)
                (Pocket Books, 1982, out of print)
        The White Abacus (forthcoming)

Brown, Fredric (SF)
        "All Good Bems" (from Space on my Hands collection) (quintsexual
                aliens interacting with humans)

Brunner, John
        Stand on Zanzibar (SF, "Homosexuality tolerated, ambivalence
           taken for granted" in 'developed' countries - classic,
           longish, standard JB)

Bujold, Lois McMaster (SF) (space opera with great characterization!)
        Falling Free
        Shards of Honor
        Cordelia's Honor
        Miles Vorkosigan series (hermaphrodite character)
                The Warrior's Apprentice
                The Vor Game
                Ethan of Athos (gay protagonist from a planet of men)
                Brothers in Arms
                Borders of Infinity (three novellas)
                Mirror Dance (mm hermaphrodite attraction, homosexual rape)
        The Spirit Ring (F)

Bull, Emma (excellent author - recommended)
        War for the Oaks (F)
        Bone Dance (hermaphrodite protagonist)
        Finder (based on the excellent Borderlands series edited by
                Terri Windling - Borderland, Bordertown, Life on the Border)

Burgess, Anthony
        The Wanting Seed (homosexuality the norm)

Burka, Lauren P. (SF/F)
        Mate:   And More Stories from the Erotic Edge of SF/Fantasy
                (b/d, s/m - available on-line from Circlet Press)

Burroughs, William S.
        The Naked Lunch
        The Wild Boys (gay male utopia)

Busby, F.M.
        Star Rebel
        Rebel's Quest
        The Alien Debt
        Rebel's Seed
        Zelda M'Tana
        Breeds of Man
        Rissa Kerguelen (sometimes published as one volume,
                sometimes as two, sometimes as three: Young Rissa,
                Rissa and Tregare, The Long View)

Butler, Octavia (SF) (recent recipient of a MacArthur "genius" award!)
        Trilogy (aliens transform our race - very good)
                Adulthood Rites
        "Bloodchild" in _Asimov's_ (man impregnated by alien) (also
                appeared in Terry Carr's Best Science Fiction of the Year
        Patternmaster (recently reissued in paperback)
        Mind of My Mind
        Wild Seed

Cadigan, Pat (SF)
        "Pretty Boy Crossover" (somewhere in Asimov's) (also appeared in
                1987 Annual World's Best SF - Wolheim, ed.)
        Mindplayers (homosexual and much more; odd)
        Synners (same-sex, more)
        "Love Toys of the Gods" (sex w/aliens - hilarious!) - in the
                Dozois 11th annual collection

Calder, Richard
        Dead Girls (*weird* sexuality)
        "Mosquito" (SF) (gay male prostitute who works as an imitation
                female robotic sex doll), _Interzone 32)

Califia, Pat (SF) (lesbians +; pretty intense)
        Doc & Fluff
        Macho Sluts (collection)

Callenbach, Ernest (SF)
        Ecotopia (different forms of intentional and present-time relating)

Card, Orson Scott (SF)
        Eye for Eye
        The Folk of the Fringe
        Hart's Hope (F) (rape)
        Lost Boys (child molester)
        Songmaster (homosexual, pederasty) (recommended)
        A Planet Called Treason (protagonist switches gender often)
        The Worthing Saga
        Wyrms (girl/beast)
        Ender series
                Ender's Game (excellent)
                Speaker for the Dead (likewise)
                Xenocide (interesting, but weak ending, I thought)
        The Tales of Alvin Maker
                Seventh Son
                Red Prophet
                Prentice Alvin
        Homecoming series
                The Memory of Earth
                The Call of Earth
                The Ships of Earth (gay secondary character, positive)
        Maps in a Mirror:  The Short Fiction of Orson Scott Card

Carter, Angela (often shelved with mainstream fiction)
        Nights at the Circus (many books w/bisexual/lesbian female
                protagonists or subplots
        The Passion of New Eve (features a man who is changed into a

Carter, Lin (F)
        Tara of the Twilight

Cashorali, Peter (F)
        Fairy Tales:  Traditional Tales Retold for Gay Men (16 modernised,
                queer-themed folktales)

Chalker, Jack L. (gender-changing)
        Changewinds series: (SF/F)
                When the Changewinds Blow (lesbian protagonist)
                Riders of the Winds
                War of the Maelstrom
        Soul Rider series: (SF/F)
                Spirits of Flux and Anchor
                Empires of Flux and Anchor
                Masters of Flux and Anchor
                The Birth of Flux and Anchor
                Children of Flux and Anchor
        River of the Dancing Gods series (F)
        Horrors of the Dancing Gods (positive transgender, more)
        Rings of the Master series (SF)
        Four Lord of the Diamonds series (one planet had denizens able
                to switch bodies with anyone in close proximity overnight)
        The Identity Matrix (gender change)
        Downtiming the Night Side (multiple gender/persona change)
        Well of Souls series

Chalker, Jack L.; Resnick, Mike; Effinger, George E.
        Red Tape War (SF) (satire, bodyswapping)

Chandler, A. Bertram (SF)
        Spartan Plan (all-male colony world with a retrofitted history
                to make the inhabitants think they are the original
                Spartans - then a mixed-gender ship comes along...)
        The Inheritors (cats/Dr. Moreau/underpeople story)

Charnas, Suzy McKee (F)
        Motherlines (tribe of lesbian horsewomen face off the patriarchy)
        Walk to the End of the World
        The Furies
        (concluding volume of tetralogy in process)
        "Beauty and the Opera, or the Phantom Beast" (forthcoming in Asimov's)

Cherryh, C.J. (SF) (recommended)
        Cyteen trilogy (only a trilogy in US paperback edition)
                (bisexual characters - political handicap)
        Russian folklore series
        Musings on the alien series
                Foreigner (I very much enjoyed this -- the only author
                Invader    I know who writes such alien aliens is O. Butler)

Clarke, Arthur C. (SF) (classic, recommended)
        Imperial Earth (protagonist is bisexual man - bisexuality norm)
        Songs of Distant Earth
        Rendezvous with Rama (gay couple)
        Cradle (with Gentry Lee) (somewhat stereotypical gay couple)

Clayton, Jo (SF/F) (recommended)
        Many series -- protagonist in Skeen series is bisexual
        Changers' Moon series (bisexual protagonist from all-female
                martial temple setting)

Cleve, James (multiple sexualities series)

Cole, Alan and Chris Bunch
        The Far Kingdoms (protagonist has a lesbian sister)
        A Warrior's Tale (lesbian is protagonist in this book)

Comfort, Alex
        Tetrarch (land of polybi semi-immortals who are forever
        The Joy of Sex

Constantine, Storm (SF)
        The Monstrous Regiment (struggle for sexual equality on a
        planet slipping from a proto-feminist society to a matriarchal
        Wraeththu series: (humans mutating into hermaphrodites)
                This series was recently published in a one volume
                The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit
                The Bewitchment of Love and Hate
                The Fulfillments of Fate and Desire
        Hermetech (protagonist is bi female; bi males)
        Burying the Shadow (bisexuality the norm)
        The Grigori trilogy (bisexual fallen angels in contemp. England)
                Stalking Tender Prey
                Scenting Hallowed Blood
                Stealing Sacred Fire (forthcoming November 1997)

Cooke, Catherine (F)
        The Winged Assassin (trilogy with gay male protagonist)
        Realm of the Gods
        The Crimson Goddess

Cooke, John Peyton (F)
        The Lake (gay teen major character)
        Out for Blood (gay vampire novel - all characters gay or bi)
        Torsos (suspense novel with gay main characters)
        The Chimney Sweeper (suspense novel with gay main character/narrator)

Cooper, Edmund (SF)
        Seahorse in the Sky (minor gay character)
        Gender Genocide (women hunting men; lesbianism is the norm)
        The Tenth Planet (man wakes far in the future, in a time when
                violence is unusual, jealousy is forbidden and sex is
                free.  He doesn't react well.)

Cox, Joan (SF)
        Mind Song (pub 1979 & long OOP; male-male attraction)
        Star Web (1980, ditto; bi-threesome of protag. with twin sister
                and brother)

Dean, Pamela (F)
        Tam Lin (retelling of Tam Lin ballad, recommended)
        The Dubious Hills

Delany, Samuel (highly recommended)
        Babel-17 (SF) (poly relationship)
        The Ballad of Beta 2
        Dhalgren (SF) (explicit bisexual scenes, alternative
                        lifestyles, gay leatherman, s/m, difficult book)
        Distant Stars (anthology)
        The Einstein Intersection
        Empire Star
        The Fall of the Towers Trilogy
                Out of the Dead City
                City of a Thousand Suns
                The Towers of Toron
        Hogg (F) (s/m, rape, wilding, gay, not for the faint of heart)
        The Jewels of Aptor
        Neveryona series: (F) (gay man; leathersex; lesbian)
                Tales of Neveryon
                Flight from Neveryon
                Return to Neveryon
                The Bridge of Lost Desire
        Stars in my Pocket Like Grains of Sand (SF) (galactic gay love
                story; includes a gay bathhouse scene where the main
                character makes it with the native (insect-like)
                intelligence on his home planet)
        Triton (SF) (gay characters)
        They Fly at Ciron (F)
        Equinox (aka Tides of Lust) (F) (everybody doing everybody)
        "The Star Pit" - in SF-12
        "Time Considered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones" (highly rec!)
        The Motion of Light in Water (autobiography)
        Heavenly Breakfast (autobiography)
        The American Shore (nonfiction)
        Starboard Wine (nonfiction)

Devenport, Emily (SF)
        Scorpianne (protagonist is VR prostitute)
        Shade (protagonist is female sexually active street kid;
                who matures to exceptional adult)
        Larissa (ditto)

Diaman, N.A. (F)
        Private Nation (gay, future-fantasy romantic adventure novel)
        Castro Street Memories (this and the following are non-sf)
        Ed Dean is Queer
        Second Crossing

Disch, Tom
        334 (sex in pre-pubescents; strange sex roles)
        On Wings of Song
        + some short stories

Douglas, L. Warren (SF)
        Bright Islands in a Dark Sea (negative image of homosexual

Drake, David & S.M. Stirling
        The General series: (3 major characters in a family)
                The Forge
                The Hammer
                The Anvil (forthcoming)
                The Steel (forthcoming)
Dreher, Sarah

Duane, Diane (F) (bisexuality is the norm; positive; good writer)
        Door into Fire
        Door into Shadow
        Door into Sunset
        Door into Starlight
        Wizardry series (juvenile, gay male couple - highly recommended)
                So You Want to Be a Wizard
                Deep Wizardry
                High Wizardry
                A Wizard Abroad
                The Book of Night with Moon (cat protagonists)
        The Wounded Sky (Star Trek)
        My Enemy, My Ally (Star Trek)

Eddings, David (F)
        Belgariad series (five books - I'd list 'em, but they're all
                                the same....IMO)
        Mallorean series (ditto)
        Elenium series (ditto, incomplete)
                The Diamond Throne (and others in the series)
                        (pederast nobleman)
        Tamuli series (ditto)

Effinger, Alec (SF) (prostitutes, sex changes, 8 known sexes)
        When Gravity Fails
        A Fire in the Sun
        The Exile Kiss

Elgin, Suzette Haden (SF) (dystopia where all women are slaves)
        Native Tongue
        Judas Rose

Elliot, Jeffrey

Elliot, Sumner Locke (SF) (gay author)
        The Man Who Got Away (time-travel, very positive homosexuality)

Emery, Clayton
        Card Master (lesbian main character)

Emshwiller, Peter R. (SF)
        The Host (bodyswapping)
        Short Blade (bodyswapping, lesbian)

Engh, M.J. (SF) (recommended)
        Rainbow Man (switched sex roles)

Esser, Kevin (SF)
        Dance of the Warriors (pedo)

Evenblij, Paul and Paul Harland
        Systems of Romance (anthology, mostly translated from Dutch,
                gay and other queer themes)

Fancher, Jane S. (trilogy with bisexual male protagonists)
        Harmonies ofthe Net

Farmer, Philip Jose (bisexual vampires)
        Image of the Beast
        Riverworld series, esp.
                The Dark Design (lesbian protagonist)
        A Feast Unknown
        Lord of the Trees/The Mad Goblin
        The Lovers
        Strange Relations
        Venus on the Half Shell by Kilgore Trout
        Flesh (uncensored versin in French: Une Bourree Pastorale)
        Traitor to the Living (bodyswapping)
        Dark is the Sun (many sexualities)
        "Open to me, my sister"

Feintuch, David (F)
        The Still (a teenage prince who must remain a virgin has gay sex
                with his bisexual friend; well-written coming-of-age

Finch, Sheila
        Infinity's Web

Flewelling, Lynn (F) (recommended)
        Luck in the Shadows (bi protag, Kinsey 1)
        Stalking Darkness (ditto)

Foglio, Phil
        XXXenophile (adult comic book)

Forrest, Katherine
        Dreams & Swords
        Daughters of the Coral Dawn

Foster, Alan Dean - Star Trek Log Ten (SF)
        (Second half of the novel is the alterantive sexualities part:
                Kirk, Spock, Sulu and Uhura are involved in a
                transporter accident and minds and bodies are switched
                - not so serious; very funny! :-)

Foster, M.A. (SF)
        The Morphodite (body shifting)

Fox, Brandon (F)
        Apprenticed to Pleasure (gay erotic sword and sorcery fantasy)

Franklin, Patrick
        The Uncertainty of Strangers
        Sea Gift (short story)

Frankowski, Leo (SF)
        Cross-Time Engineer (+ 4 more books in the series - homophobic
                protagonist goes on and on about how het he is, and
                sets up a sort of sexual utopia where he gets to have
                sex with almost any woman he wants)

Freireich, Valerie
        Becoming Human (bi protagonist) (recommended)

Gannett, Lewis
        The Living One (F) (gay protagonist
        Magazine Beach (SF) (bisexual secondary characters)

Gearhart, Sally Miller
        The Wanderground

Gentle, Mary
        Golden Witchbreed (SF) (gender-bending, homosexuality accepted)
        Ancient Light (SF) (same as above)
        Rats and Gargoyles (F)
        The Architecture of Desire (F)
        Scholars and Soldiers (F) (short fiction)
        Grunts (F pastiche) (interracial orc-elf leather SM dyke action)

Gerrold, David
        The Man Who Folded Himself (homosexuality theme, protagonist
                                        has sex with himself)
        War Against the Chtorr series (biseuxals, pederasty)

Gibson, William (SF) (cyberpunk)
        Sprawl trilogy
                Count Zero
                Mona Lisa Overdrive
        The Difference Engine (with Bruce Sterling)

Gilman, Carolyn Ives (SF)
        Halfway Human (asexual class of 'blands' existing to serve fellow
                sexualised humans; explores different sexualities, gender
                roles and slavery)

Gladney, Heather
        Teot's War
        Blood Storm
        short stories in Pandora Magazine

Glenn, Nancy Tyler (F)
        Clicking Stones

Goldstein, Lisa (F) (highly recommended)
        Strange Devices of the Sun and Moon (excellent book, winner of
                the American Book Award) (homosexual protagonist - Kit
                Marlowe, and other mentions; historical fantasy, set in
                Shakesperean times)
        The Red Magician
        Walking the Labyrinth

Gom, Leona
        The Y Chromosome (Second Story Press, 1990) (The males are
                dying and no new ones are being born; humanity
                continues with the discovery of ova-fusion.)

Gomez, Jewelle
        The Gilda Chronicles
        Swords of the Rainbow (gay/les af anthology)

Gravel, Geary (SF)
        Return of the Breakneck Boys (secondary character is a gay man
                with AIDS)

Griffith, Nicola (SF) (lesbian author; highly recommended)
        Ammonite (lesbian - won 1995 Lambda Literary Award and
                the 1994 James Tiptree Jr. Award for best examination
                of gender)
        Slow River (won 1996 Nebula award)
        "Yaguara", Asimov's March 1995 - (lesbian erotic horror)
        'The Voyage South", Red Thirst, ed. David Pringle, GW Books, 1990
        "Touching Fire", Interzone #70, 1993
        "Song of Bullfrogs, Cry of Geese", Interzone #48, 1991
        "Wearing My Skin", Internzone #50, 1991
        "Mirrors and Burnstone", Interzone, #25, 1990
        "Down the Path of the Sun", Interzone #34, 1990
        "We Have Met the Alien", Iron Women, Iron Press, 1990
        "The Other", Ignorant Armies, ed. David Pringle, GW Books, 1989
        "An Other Winter's Tale", Network, vol. 3, 1986
        Bending the Landscape: Fantasy (editor, anthology of 22
                queer-themed stories)

Haldeman, Joe (SF)
        The Forever War (starts out with heterosexuality the norm - as
                time progresses, homosexuality becomes the norm.  The
                'het hero' is considered a pervert by the troops he
                leads, who were born hundreds of years later)
        Worlds Apart

Hambly, Barbara (cruel, insane gay character) (high fantasy)
        The Silent Tower
        The Silicon Mage

Hand, Elizabeth (SF)
        Winterlong (quite good)
        Glimmering (gay male protagonist in millenial tale of the end of
                the world)

Hansen, Karl.
        "Dreams Unwind."  _The Seventh Omni Book of Science
        "The Ballad of Lady Blue", _Chrysalis 9_, Roy Torgeson, ed. (lots
                of Hansen stories in this out-of-print series; most feature
                bioengineering, various sexualities, some pedophilia which
                mostly (but not all) involves genetically engineered
        Dream Games (SF) (pedophilia, incest, body reshaping to
                animals -- reviewer's note: 'one of the only books
                I have ever thrown into the rubbish.  I have small
                children, and the sexual predation is too disturbing
                to me.  Not a very good read, even without the things
                that offended me.')

Harper, Tara K.
        Lightwing (SF) (aliens and human-mutants with alternative
                sexualities, eg. the Ruvians, a human-mutant species with
                five sexual orientations)
        Wolfwalker series (Tale of the Wolves)
                Shadow Leader
                Storm Runner
                Wolf's Bane
        CatScratch series (same universe as Lightwing)
                Cat Scratch Fever (nominated for the Oregon Book Awards)

Harrison, Harry (SF)
        Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers
        "Final Encounter" (character from an exclusively male society)

Havocs, James (F)
        Satanskin (s/m, sex magick, etc.)

Heinlein, Robert A. (SF) (far too many to list all titles here - 46+)
        I Will Fear No Evil (male becomes biseuxal female)
        Stranger in a Strange Land (bisexual male protagonist - don't
                argue with me on this one - take it to r.a.sf.written)
        Number of the Beast (references to homosexuality)
        The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (clan marriages; line marriages)
        Time Enough for Love (bisexual incest, in an odd kind of way)
        Friday (bisexual female protagonist; open polyamorous society)
        The Cat Who Walks Through Walls (homosexual encounter)
        To Sail Beyond the Sunset

Herbert Frank (SF)
        Dune (intimations of a homosexual incident with the Baron)
        Dune Messiah
        Children of Dune
        God Emperor of Dune (lesbians in the army?)
        Chapter House dune
        The White Plague (most women die of plague, polyandry becomes norm)
        Whipping Star (sadism)

Hickman, Tracy
        The Immortals (SF) (gay protagonists in near future, disease-torn
        (see also Weiss/Hickman)

Holland, Cecelia
        Floating Worlds (bi heroine) (SF)
        Jerusalem (the rest are historical fiction, gay protagonists)
        Hammer of God
        City of Princes
        The Antichrist

Hughart, Barry (F)
        The Bridge of Birds (excellent novel)
        The Story of the Stone
        Eight Skilled Gentlemen

Huff, Tanya (F) (lots of poly stuff throughout; poly and queer handled
                as normal preferences in life for the most part)
        Fire's Stone (homosexuality)
        Blood Price (bi male vampire)
        Blood Trail (as above, bestiality (sort of))
        Blood Lines
        Blood Pact
        Child of the Grove
        The Last Wizard
        Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light
        Sing the Four Quarters
        Fifth Quarter
        No Quarter

Ings, Simon (recommended) (may be difficult to find in US)
        City of the Iron Fish (F) (bi narrator, gay characters)
        Hot Head (SF)
        Hot Wire (SF)

Janifer, Laurence M. (SF)
        Bloodworld (protagonist from an exclusively S/M society;
                has problems getting along with 'straight' culture)

Jennings, Gary
        Raptor (hermaphrodite protagonist)
        Aztec (lesbian and bisexual scenes)

Jeter, K.W.
        Dr. Adder (starts off with bestiality, amputees and extreme
                surgical modifications, then starts getting strange...)

Joblokov, Alexander (SF)
        Nimbus (female who alters appearance and preferences to become
                a serial multiple personality)

Johnson, Toby
        Secret Matter (homosexuality in aliens) (won Lambda Literary Award)

Jordan, Robert (F) (warning -- I ended up throwing the 7th book against
the wall, 'cause I got so frustrated with this series; poly situations)
        Eye of the World
        Great Hunt
        Dragon Reborn
        Shadow Rising
        Fires of Heaven
        Lord of Chaos (and still going...)

Kadrey, Richard
        Metrophage (three-way and other alternative stuff)
        "Genocide" - appeared in Semiotexte SF (alternative porn)
        "The Kill Fix" - appeared in Asimov's (three-way)

Kay, Guy Gavriel (F) (excellent author - one of my favorites)
        The Fionavar Tapestry:
                The Summer Tree
                The Wandering Fire
                The Darkest Road
        Tigana (effeminate gay character, incest, S/M)
        A Song for Arbonne
        The Lions of Al-Rassan

Keegan, Mel
        Death's Head (gay men)
        Equinox (gay)
        Fortunes of War
        Ice Wind and Fire

Kerr, Katherine (some titles change across the ocean)
        A Time of Exile
        A Time of Omens
        A Time of War - Days of Blood and Fire
        A Time of Justice - Days of Air and Darkness

Kingsbury, Daniel (SF)
        Courtship Rite (mating rituals of marooned humans) (aka Geta in

Koja, Kathe
        "Skin Deep" - Dozois 7th annual collection (sex w/alien)
        Skin (quasi-mainstream novel, which explores 90s fringe/fetish
                culture, performance art, and various perversitites)
        Kink: A Novel (FFM threesome in erotic horror)

Kornbluth, C.M. and Fred Pohl (SF)
        Search the Sky (brief sketch for female supremacist society)

Kress, Nancy (SF)
        An Alien Light (bi alien woman warrior)

Kube-McDowell, Michael (SF)
        The Quiet Pools (polyamory; plot involves contract and poly
                marriages; lines, troikas, etc.  also includes
                'relationship technologist', a profession based
                originally on marriage counselling, but for poly and
                contract unions; recommended)
        Alterntities (social ramifications of generation ships)

Kushner, Ellen (F) (recommended)
        Swordspoint (bisexual man and gay man)
        Thomas the Rhymer (no bi or gay content, but a great book)
        "Lazarus" - Jessica Salmonson's Heroic Visions II
        "The Swordsman Whose Name was Not Death" - Datlow/Windling 5th
                annual collection

Lackey, Mercedes (F) (popular fantasy)
        The Mage Wars (gay characters, bdsm, [prostitute] protag.)
                The Black Gryphon
                The White Gryphon
                The Silver Gryphon
        The Books of the Last Herald-Mage (gay protagonists)
                Magic's Pawn
                Magic's Promise
                Magic's Price
        Vows and Honor (asexual protagonist)
        Kerowyn's Tale
                By the Sword
        The Heralds of Valdemar (gay characters)
                Arrows of the Queen
                Arrow's Flight
                Arrow's Fall
        The Mage Winds (sort of prostitute characters)
                Winds of Fate
                Winds of Change
                Winds of Fury
        The Mage Storms
                Storm Warning
                Storm Rising
        Rediscovery (with Marion Z. Bradley, a Darkover novel)
        Knight of Ghosts & Shadows (with Ellen Guon) (polyfidel. triad)
        Summoned to Tourney (with Ellen Guon) (sequel to _Knight_)
        Diana Tregarde series: (pagan witch, gay characters, AIDS)
                Children of the Night
                Burning Water
                Jinx High
        Serrated Edge series:
                Born to Run (with Larry Dixon) (boy prostitute)
                Wheels of Fire (with Mark Shepherd)
                Chrome Circle (with Larry Dixon)
                When the Bough Breaks (Holly Lisle)

Laidlaw, Marc (SF)
        Dad's Nuke (gay protagonist)

Larson, Jeanne (F)
        Bronze Mirror (12c China, bisexual threesome)

Lee, Tanith
        Flat Earth series (everyone is bi):
                Night's Master
                Death's Master
                Delusion's Master
                Delirium's Mistress
                Night's Sorceries
        Birthgrave trilogy (countries where homosexuality
        Stormlord               is common)
        The Silver Metal Lover (android lover)
        Drinking Sapphire Wine (experimenting teens)
        "The Book of the Mad", The Secret Books of Paradys III & IV
                (bisexual protagonist, incest)

Leiber, Fritz (classic)
        The Knight and Knave of Swords (F) (explicit lesbian s/m)
        "Slack Tuesday Night in Lankhmar, Featuring Hisvet" (scene
                mentioned above, for those who want to cut to the chase)
        The Wanderer (SF) (good human/alien sex scene)

Leiber, Justin (SF) (trilogy involve mf body swapping)
        Beyond Rejection
        Beyond Humanity
        Beyond Gravity

Le Guin, Ursula K. (SF) (highly recommended)
        The Left Hand of Darkness (neuter alien, except during mating,
                when can be either sex; seminal work)
        The Dispossessed (some bisexuality, gay characters)
        The Lathe of Heaven
        "The Matter of Seggri" (sexually polarized and insular society)
        The Word for World is Forest
        "Another Story," in Le Guin's book A Fisherman of the Inland
                Sea: Science Fiction Stories (society with complicated,
                bisexual marriage customs)

Levin, Ira (SF) (classic -- excellent read)
        This Perfect Day (bisexuality the norm; precursor to cyberpunk)

Lewitt, Shariann (SF)
     Interface Masque (gay main character)

Lilly, John and Antonietta
        The Cyadic Cyclone

Littell, Jonathan (cyberpunk)
        Bad Voltage (bisexual male protagonist)

Logston, Anne (F)
        Shadow Hunt
        Shadow Dance

Lynch, Lee (F)
     Sue Slate: Private Eye (talking lesbian cats)

Lynn, Elizabeth (F) (classic)
        Chronicles of Tornor:
                Dancers of Arun
                Northern Girl
        The Sardonyx Net (SF) (sadism and incest; moderately sympathetic)
        The Woman Who Loved the Moon (short story collection)
                (also in Amazons!, ed. J.A. Salmonson)
        A Different Light (gay male protagonists)
        "The Man Who Was Pregnant" (short story)

MacGregor, Loren (SF)
        The Net (lesbian, gay and bi characters)
        (he notes that his upcoming novel features, among other
        things, an hermaphrodite whose sexuality is under total
        conscious control -- meaning that s/he can switch back
        and forth between genders at will).

MacLeod, Ian (SF)
        "The Grownups" (three sexes: males, females and uncles (who
                are male until puberty but later bear children)

Maine, Charles Eric
        Alph (SF) (parthnogenetically reproducing all-female society)

Marks, Laurie J. (F)
        Delan the Mislaid (a world with race of hermaphrodites)
        The Moonbane Mage
        Ara's Field
        The Watcher's Mask (different world; no LBG content)
        Dancing Jack (bi/lesbian protagonists)

Martine-Barnes, Adrienne
        The Fire Sword (lesbian sex with Celtic goddess)

Maxwell, Ann
        Fire Dancer
        Dancer's Luck
        Dancer's Illusion
        Carifil series (may be hard to find)
                Name of a Shadow
                A Dead God Dancing
                The Jaws of Menx
                Timeshadow Rider
                The Singer Enigma

May, Julian (SF)
        The Saga of the Pliocene Exiles: (lesbian character, gay male couple)
                The Many Coloured Land
                The Golden Torc
                The Non-born King
                The Adversary
        Jack the Bodiless (first book in the Milieu Trilogy)
        Diamond Mask (same gay male couple as above)
        Magnificat (upcoming)

McCaffrey, Anne (SF/F) (classic)
        Dragonrider series: (implications that some green riders are gay)
                The White Dragon
        The Harper Hall of Pern:
        Moreta (specific incident with gay male dragonriders)
        Nerilka's Story
        Renegades of Pern
        All the Weyrs of Pern
        Crystal Singer
        Killashandra (bisexual woman character)
        Crystal Line (Killa describes someone as resolutely
        "Changeling" (gay protagonist) - in anthology:  Get Off the
                Unicorn (also contains short story about woman and two men)
        The Powers That Be (gay couple, lesbian couple)
        Power Lines

McDonald, Ian
        "Some Strange Desire" - Datlow Windling 7th annual
                (shapeshifter/hermaphrodites; a beautiful, hard-edged story)

McHugh, Maureen F. (SF)
        China Mountain Zhang (gay protagonist, positive portrayal, and
                a damn good read besides)
        Half the Day is Night

McIntyre, Vonda N. (SF)
        Starfarers (partnership of two men and two women)

Meier, Shirley
        Shadow's Daughter (2nd book in series with S.M. Stirling)
        The Sharpest Edge (with Stirling) (lesbian) (was reprinted as
                Saber and Shadow, almost the same story but with some
                changes in the early chapters which were apparently made
                so that The Cage makes more sense.  TSE doesn't appear to
                be available any longer.)
        The Cage (with Stirling) (lesbian)
        Shadow's Son (with Stirling and Karen Wehrstein)

Meluch, R.M. (SF)
        Sovereign (bisexual male protagonist)
        Chicago Red (bi/gay character)
        Wind Child (bi encounter w/ hermaphroditic alien)
        Wind Dancers (as above)
        The Queen's Squadron (S/M relationship between a bisexual man and
                a gay man.  Interesting commentary on homophobia and

Mezo, Francine (female protagonist with alien humanoid)
        The Fall of Worlds (good; romantic with lots of action)
        Unless She Burn
        No Earthly Shore

Millar, Martin (may be difficult to find in US)
        The Good Fairies of New York (F) (lots of fun varied
                fairy sex; gay, lesbian, incest, bi)
        Lux the Poet (following titles are mainstream, queer characters)
        Milk, Sulphate & Alby Starvation
        Dreams of Sex and Stage Diving

Milligan, Peter (F, comic)
        Shade the Changing Man (bi protagonists)
        Enigma (gay protagonists)

Minns, Eric
        Island Boy

Mixon, Laura J. (SF)
        Glass Houses (lesbian relationshiip goes sour and a very
                entertaining cyber-type story)

Moffett, Judith (SF)
        Time, Like an Ever-Rolling Stream (sexually confused
                female protagonist, best friends with gay man)
        Penterra (some weird sexuality, including father/son incest,
                all portrayed positively)

Mohanraj, Mary Anne (F/SF)
        Torn Shapes of Desire: Internet Erotica
                "Diana" (ff sex scene)
                (note: only a few of the stories in the collection are
                f/sf, but many pieces contain alternative sexualities)
        "Fleeing Gods", in _Sex Magick 2_ (also in Torn Shapes)
        "Goddess Blessing", in _Floating Worlds_ (ff)

Moon, Elizabeth (recommended - very solid writer)
        Deed of Paksenarrion (pair of lesbians; homosexuality fairly
                        normal though uncommon, asexual heroine)
                Sheepfarmer's Daughter
                Divided Allegiance
                Oath of Gold
        Hunting Party
        Sporting Chance (sequel to Hunting Party) (lesbians)
        Surrender None:  The Legacy of Gird
        Liar's Oath
        Lunar Activity
        Sassinak (with Anne McCaffrey)
        Generation Warriors (with Anne McCaffrey)

Moorcock, Michael (classic)
        Gloriana (F) (detailed exploration of sexuality; gay, bi, bdsm,
                etc.; recommended high fantasy)
        many, many SF novels which mention bisexuality in passing
        Adventures of Catherine Cornelius and Una Persson in the 20th
                Century (SF)

Moore, Alan
        "A Hypothetical Lizard", Datlow/Windling 1st annual (drag queen
                protagonist; story set in a brothel.  This story is from
                Liavek: Wizard's Row, the third in the shared-world series
                edited by Shetterly & Bull; the Liavek series is set in a
                world where various sexualities are accepted (kind of a
                much cooler Thieves' World))

Moran, Daniel Keyes (SF)
        The Armageddon Blues (bisexual time-traveller)
        The Long Run (biseuxal 17-yr-old)
        The Last Dancer (same char., now 24, homosexual villain)
        Emerald Eyes

Mordden, Ethan (F)
        "short story, title unknown", in _I've a Feeling We're Not in
                Kansas Anymore_ (Devil grants gay man the ability to
                change his physical form)

Morris, Janet
        The Dream Dancer series

Morrison, Grant (comic)
        The Invisibles (lgb, tv)
        "The Braille Encyclopedia" - Datlow and Windling 5th Annual (much
                s/m twistedness)

Morrow, James

Murphy, Pat

        The Falling Woman (Nebula winner)
        Nadya - The Wolf Chronicles (bisexual werewolf looking for love
                in the Old West)

Nader, George
        Chrome (terrible writing)

Niven, Larry  (SF) (recommended)
        Ringworld Engineers (ritualized sex between species)
        The Smoke Ring
        The Integral Trees (lesbian warriors - do the risky work
                because they don't reproduce; one of them changes
                her mind and becomes the straight love interest
                of one of the main characters)
        A World Out of Time (aging has been solved, so on Earth,
                only the Boys are left, playing and hunting.  The
                Girls left long ago, to explore space.

Noon, Jeff (SF)
        Pollen (cyber; new human-animal and human-plant genders)

Norman, John
        Gor series (female sexual slavery) (rather appalling series)
                (I didn't want to include these, because I don't think
                they're appropriate, but so many people kept mentioning

Pangborn, Edgar
        Still I Persist in Wondering, ed. Spider Robinson
        A Company of Glory (warning: novel was heavily bowdlerized,
                            by editors who considered it 'too faggoty')

Patton, Fiona (F)
        The Stone Prince (The hero has a deep, loving relationship with
                another man. The book describes a society of same-sex
                'Companions' for nobility. Bisexuality.)

Perry, Steve (SF)
        Matador series:
                Book 1: The 97th Step
                Book 2: The Man Who Never Missed
                Book 3: Matadora (lesbian relationship)
                Book 4: The Machiavelli Interface
                Book 5: The Albino Knife
                Book 6: Black Steele
                Book 7: Brother Death

Piercy, Marge (SF)
        Woman at the Edge of Time (bisexual utopia)
        He, She, & It (sexual relationship with android)
        The Moon is Always Female (poetry collection - good)

Plantenga, Bart (SF)
        Wiggling Wishbone (1998 publication in Czech) (illustrated work of
                speculative metafictions
        The Man Who Thought He Was the Man Who Loved Women

Platt, Charles (SF)
        The Gas (obscure sf sex novel) - published by Ophelia Press or
                Olympia Press? - difficult to find

Pohl, Frederik (SF)
        Gateway (bisexuality is the norm and concern of protagonist)
        Heechee Rendezvous (gay couple)
        Years of the City (group living arrangement)
with C. M. Kornbluth
        The Space Merchants (SF, homosexuality, some torture which you
                just MIGHT classify as SM - classic, still
                interesting; good example for co-authorship)
        The Merchant's War

Pollack Rachel (F)
        "Black Rose, White Rose" (short story)
        Temporary Agency (lesbian relationship)

Pynchon, Thomas (literary, highly recommended)
        The Crying of Lot 49
        V., A Novel
        Gravity's Rainbow
        Slow Learner (short story collection)

Quick, W.T.
        Cyberpunk series:
                Dreams of Flesh and Sand (SF) (gay villain)
                Dreams of Gods and Men
        - writing as Margaret Allan: (F)
                Dreams of the Stone
                The Last Mammoth

Reage, Pauline (not SF or F, but fascinating anyway)
        The Story of O (I & II) (s&m, lesbians, slavery)

Reamy, Tom (F)
        "San Diego Lightfoot Sue" (novella)

Resnick, Mike
        Tales of the Velvet Comet (galactic brothel)
                Eros Ascending
                Eros at Zenith
                Eros Descending
                Eros at Nadir

Rhinehart, Luke
        The Dice Man (protagonist has gay sex when required to by his

Rice, Anne (F)
        The Vampire Chronicles:
                Interview with the Vampire
                The Vampire Lestat
                Queen of the Damned
                Tale of the Body Thief
        Cry to Heaven
        Exit to Eden (as Anne Rampling) (s&m)
        Sleeping Beauty series (as A.N. Roquelaire) (s&m)
                The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty
                Beauty's Punishment
                Beauty's Release
        The Witching Hour (minor gay characters)
        Belinda (not sf/f; cons pedo (with teen))

Ridley, Philip
        Crocodilia [publ:  Brilliance]

Rivkin, J.F. (F)
        Silverglass series: (two bisexual female protagonists)
                Silverglass (good hack and slash)
                Web of Wind
                Witch of Rhosthyl
                Mistress of Ambiguities

Robinson, Frank M. (SF)
        The Dark Beyond the Stars (gay protagonist - won Lambda Award)

Robinson, Spider (SF) (homosexuality, bisexuality, s/m, transvestism, etc.)
        Stardance (quite good)
        Mindkiller (bondage; bi female; asexual, etc.)
        Time Pressure (scared butch men discovering bisexuality)
                (two previous recently republished together as
                title Deathkiller)
        Callahan's Crosstime Saloon
        Time-Travellers Strictly Cash
        Callahan's Lady (very high-class whorehouse with unusual customers)
        Lady Slings the Booze (excellent sequel - puns galore)

Rohan, Michael Scott
        Chase the Morning (minor bi character)

Rosenblum, Mary (SF)
        Chimera (one definitely and one possibly bisexual protagonist)

Rucker, Rudy (SF)
        Master of Time and Space (humorous; protagonist accidentally wishes
                for and is turned into Marilyn Monroe look-a-like for part
                of story; gender bending)

Rusch, Kristine Kathryn (F)
        The Heart Readers
with Kevin J. Anderson (H/F)
        Afterimage (gender shift)

Russ, Joanna
        The Female Man
        And Chaos Died (SF) (gay identified protagnoist; sex between
                telepaths; homophobic character)
        On Strike Against God (novella; lesbian coming out to herself)
        Zanzibar Cat (short story collection)
                "When It Changed" (also in Ellison's _Dangerous
                        Visions_, and Nestle's _Women on Women_)
                "Mr Wilde's Second Chance"
        Extraordinary People (short story collection)
                "Mystery of the Young Gentleman"
        Hidden Side of the Moon (short story collection)
                "Cliches From Outer Space"

Ryman, Geoff
        The Child Garden
        The Warrior Who Carried Life (female turned into male, falls
                in love with a woman, turns back to female)
        Was (gay characters and incest)

Sargent, Pamela (SF)
        The Shore of Women (women in vast cities, men in nomadic bans
                 - love between sexes strictly forbidden; sounds
                somewhat like Tepper's Gate to Women's Country)
        Venus of Dreams
        Venus of Shadows

Scheckley, Robert
        Immortality, Inc. (body swapping; was made into a movie with Emilio
                Estevez and Mick Jagger)

Schimmel, Lawrence (F)
        The Drag Queen of Elfland (collection with many gay male, lesbian
                and bi protagonists)

Schulman, J. Neil (SF)
        The Rainbow Cadenza (gay men, scarcity of women)

Scott, Melissa
        Mighty Good Road  (SF) (lesbian protagonist)
        The Armor of Light (with Lisa Barnett) (F) (several gay males)
        Dreamships (SF) (lesbian)
        Dreaming Metal (sequel to Dreamships; same queer characters plus
        Burning Bright
        The Roads of Heaven (SF, omnibus) - Woman joins in a three-way
                        marriage with two men who are lovers; at first for
                        convenience, and later for love
                Five Twelfths of Heaven
                Silence in Solitude
                The Empress of Earth
        Trouble and Her Friends (lesbian protagonists, cyberpunk)
        The Kindly Ones (SF) (gay/bi? hero)
        Shadow Man (SF) (5 human sexes through settled space; novel
                takes places on a world that only acknowledges 2 sexes
                despite having the same 5; conflict between social
                and physical realities)
        Night Sky Mine (gay male couple and a budding teenage lesbian)
        Point of Hopes (F; with Lisa Barnett) (wonderfully-conceived
                fantasy world where everyone is bisexual)

Shaw, Bob (SF)
        Call Me Dumbo (male turned female in order to generated offspring)

Shea, Robert and Robert Anton Wilson
        Illuminatus! trilogy (SF)
        Schroedinger's Cat trilogy (vagabond body parts, midgets, and

Sheffield, Charles
        Proteus Unbound (also available in 1 volume -  Proteus Combined)
        Sight of Proteus (gender swap)

Shirley, John (SF) (gay, lesbian)
        A Song Called Youth (aka Eclipse, Eclipse Penumbra, etc)
        Dracula in Love (mutated sexual bodies & hints of S/M)
        New Noir (F) (midget sex, necrophilia, decapitation head-fucks, etc.)

Silverberg, Robert (SF/F)
        At Winter's End (bisexual woman; twining?; voluntary conception)
        Book of Skulls
        The World Inside (SF) (highly urbanized, extremely hedonistic
                society - procreation sacred, but homosexuality widespread)
        The Majipoor Chronicles (instellarspecial sex; positive alternative)
        Son of Man (sex changes, sex with tree)
        Dying Inside (telepath enters minds of two participants in a
                heterosexual sex encounter)
        To Live Again (people record memories before death and later
                download them into another person; gender swap)

Slonczewski, Joan (SF) (quite good)
        A Door into Ocean (female society on a water planet; anarchy
                fights back non-violently against empire)
        Daughter of Elysium

Smith, Cordwainer (real name Dr. Paul Linebarger)
        The Crime and Glory of Commander Suzdahl
                (women die out; men survive by cloning)
        The Instrumentality of Mankind, including "The Ballad of Lost

Smith, Thorne
        Turnabout (sort of the original body switch story)

Spedding, (Alison) (F) (bisexual female protagonist in sexist and
                        homophobic society)
        The Road and the Hills
        A Cloud over Water
        The Streets of the City

Spinrad, Norman (SF)
        A World Between (accepted homosexual & lesbian minorities
             and subcultures, some SM - satire on the 'war of sexes',
             nicely done)
        The Iron Dream (homosexuality, fetishism, fascist sexuality)
        Child of Fortune (society where sex is a performance art; journey
                of self-discovery of an adolescent wandering tantric artist)
        The Void Captain's Tale (taboo sex between captain and the asexual
                female navigator; same society as Child of Fortune)

Springer, Nancy
        Larque on the Wing (straight turns gay, gay male couple)
        Metal Angel
        Apocalypse (secondary character is a transsexual man who has
                become a woman and is in a lesbian relationship)

Stackpole, Michael A. (SF)
        Blood of Kerensky Saga (incest caused by genetic engineering
        and social conditioning)
                Lethal Heritage
                Blood Legacy
                Lost Destiny

Stadler, Matthew
        Landscape: Memory

Starhawk (F)
        The Fifth Sacred Thing (straight, gay, bi, old, young, poly)
        Walking to Mercury (prequel to Fifth Sacred Thing; bi-female

Sternberg, Elf (SF/F)
        The Kennet Shardik stories, available on-line -- see
                my home page, Friends section for a link to them
                (many and varied sexualities, bdsm)
        Aimee series (fantasy)

Steward, Jean (SF/F)
        Return to Isis (heroic lesbian characters)

Stine, Hank
        Season of the Witch (rapist is magically transformed into a
                woman as punishment for his crime)

Stirling, S.M.
        Marching Through Georgia
        Under the Yoke (lesbians)
        The Stone Dogs (first real treatment of homosexuality in
        Snowbrother (rest of series see Meier and Wehrstein) (lesbian)

Sturgeon, Theodore (SF) (classic)
        Venus Plus X (gender identity)
        "The World Well Lost", _E.Pluribus Unicorn_
        More Than Human
        The Stars are the Styx (short story collection; several different
                views on sexual relationships including a fantasy world
                where the elemental number of humans who exist as one is
                three, rather than two)
        Godbody (messianic figure who embodies love to everybody,
                male and female)
        If All Men Were Brothers, Would You Let One Marry Your Sister?
                (culturally acceptable incest)
        Some of Your Blood (eroticism/consumption of menstrual blood)
        "The Widget, the Wadget and Boff" (EXCELLENT, gay character)
        "Affair with a Green Monkey (SF, character presumed
                gay and treated with condescending tolerance)
        "The Sex Opposite", _E. Pluribus Unicorn_ (androgynous people
                who reproduce by parthenogenesis)

Sukenick, Ron (F)
        Doggy Bag (s/m, white slavery, hyperhetero)

Sumner, Mark (SF)
        "Surrogate", _Writers of the Future #8 Anthology_
                (protagonist is a man who makes his living by
                "bodysitting" the bodies ofen through childbirth)

Swann, Thomas Burnett (homoerotic love themes)
        How Are the Might Fallen
        Green Phoenix
        The Gods Abide

Sussex, Lucy
        "My Lady Tongue", _My Lady Tongue & Other Tales_
                (woman from a lesbian separatist colony who is seduced
                by a male from outside the colony but who affirms her
                lesbian sexuality)

Sweeney, Toni
        "Variaition and Man", _Starry Nights III_ (gender-shifting)

Tan, Cecilia
        Telepaths Don't Need Safewords (and other stories)
                (b/d, s/m, bestiality - catalog available
                on-line from Circlet Press)

Tarr, Judith (F)
        Avaryan Rising: (high fantasy)
                The Hall of the Mountain King (bi mercenaries)
                The Lady of Han-Gilen
                A Fall of Princes (two rival princes fall in love, one
                eventually undergoes a sorcerous sex-change)
        Arrows of the Sun
        Spear of Heaven

Tem, Melanie (H)
        Desmodus (bi- characters in matriarchal vampire community)

Tenn, William
        The Seven Sexes (novella, out of print; multiple sexuality aliens)

Tepper, Sheri S. (innovative and interesting writer - quite good)
        Side Show (SF) (hermaphrodites, incest)
        True Game series: (F)
                The Song of Mavin Manyshaped
                The Flight of Mavin Manyshaped
                The Search of Mavin Manyshaped
                King's Blood Four
                Necromancer Nine
                Wizard's Eleven
                Jinian Footseer
                Jinian Dervish Daughter
                Jinian Star-Eye
        The Gate to Women's Country (men and women live separately)
        Grass (controlled pop. growth, great human/alien sex scene)
        Raising the Stones (several societies of varying sexual mores)

Thomas, T. Thomas (SF)
        Crygender (futuristic stroy involving an artificially
                created, ex-terrorist hermaphrodite)

Thomson, Amy
        Virtual Girl (female robot discovers humanity and empathy.
                Includes charity sex with transvestite and street
                people sexuality)
        Color of Distance (how our sex is viewed by aliens. :-)

Thurston, Robert (SF)
        Battletech's Legend of the Jade Phoenix Trilogy (incest caused
        by genetic engineering and social conditioning)
                Way of the Clans
                Falcon Guard

Tiptree, James (SF)
        Starsongs of an Old Primate (short story collection)
                "Your Haploid Heart"
                "A Momentary Taste of Being"
        Her Smoke Rose up Forever (short story col.)
                "Your Faces, O My Sisters!"
                "Houston, Houston, Do You Read?" (race of
                "With Delicate Mad Hands"
        "The Screwfly Solution" (writing as Racoona Sheldon)
                (aliens take over by alterning male sex drive)
        "And I Awoke and Found Me He on the Cold Hill's Side"
                (unpleasant consequences of human/alien sex)
        "Mama Come Home" (female supremacy, violent rape of male by females)

Tonnies, Mac (SF)
        Illumined Black anthology (varied weird future sex)

Turner, George
        The Destiny Makers (central character affected by a pederastic
                relationship with his adopted father)

Turtledove, Harry
        The Videssos Cycle (three gay caracters, gay community)
                The Lost Legion
                The Legion of Videssos
                Swords of the Legion

Vance, Jack (F)
        The Green Pearl (second in Lyonesse trilogy - bisexual and
        homosexual characters)
        The Dying Earth (enslavement of male by female)

Varley, John
        Gaea Trilogy: (SF/F) (bisexual woman hero; lesbian and gay char.)
        The Ophiuchi Hotline (SF) (lots of sex changes; more extreme
                mods (lots of breasts, "electric testicles") are
                popular on Pluto; a neuter person with both male and
                female identities)
        The Persistence of Vision (SF)
                "The Phantom of Kansas" (Fox gets murdered several
                        times by her illicit male clone (and is restored from
                        backups) before they finally meet, have great sex,
                        and escape together to Pluto)
                "Retrograde Summer" (Jubilant reveals to Timothy that
                        who he thought was his mother is actually his
                "In the Hall of the Martian Kings" (MOTSS relationship)
                "The Persistence of Vision" (society with no
                        homosexuality taboo; no clear distinction
                        between sexual and nonsexual interaction; no
                        gender-marked clothes)
        The Barbie Murders (a.k.a. Picnic on Nearside) (SF)
                "Manikins" (only females are natural; maleness is the
                        result of a parasite)
                "Beatnik Bayou" (sex changes)
                "Lollipop and the Tar Baby" (Xanthia is Zoe's
                "Picnic on Nearside" (Fox's mom won't let him (born a
                        girl, raised as a boy) have another sex
                        change, even though his best friend Halo got one.)
        Hall of the Martian Kings (SF)
        Blue Champagne (SF)
        Steel Beach (SF) (new, surgically-created sexes that never
                catch on with the public; sexual orientations can be
                unchanging or relative to the sex a person is at the time)
        "Beatnik Bayou"
        "Picnic on Nearside"

Vinge, Joan D.
        The Summer Queen (F) (homosexual angst-ridden prince, other
                homosexual characters)
        Outcasts of Heaven Belt (SF) (multi-partner marriages)
        Heaven Chronicles (SF) (women prohibited from many jobs due
                to radiation hazards and lack of tech to preserve ovum
        Cat's Paw (male bi? catman, some s/m hustling and different sex;
                        sequel to Psion)

Vinge, Vernor (SF)
        The Peace War
        Marooned in Realtime (lesbian main characters, Mrs. and Mrs.
                Korolev; murder mystery)
         (published together in Across Realtime)

Vonarburg, Elisabeth
        The Silent City (metamorph heroine ina post-apocalyptic world,
                reluctant mother/father to a new race; sort of prequel to...)
        In the Mothers' Land (assumed lesbianism for women,
                prescribed and ritualized herosexuality for men)
        "In the pit" (bi male narrator meets metamorph)
        "Band ohne Ende" (metamorph, f changes to m and thinks of
                engaging in a gay (?) relationship with a woman)

Wagner, Matt (author and/or editor) (F comic) (recommended)
        Grendel (in Mage comic)
        Grendel (black/white/red series)
        Grendel (color series)
        Grendel: Warchild (lesbian characters)
        Grendel Tales (lesbian protagonists in one story line)
        The Aerealist (lgb characters)
        Sandman Mystery Theatre (good, evil l/b women)

Weber, David (SF)
        Honor Harrington series (sexual and racial differences are a
                forgotten memory, 4000 years in future)

Wehrstein, Karen
        Lion's Heart
        Lion's Soul
        Shadow's Son (with Shirley Meier and S.M. Stirling)

Weiss, Margaret (SF)
        Star of the Guardians series (positive recurring gay character)
                The Lost King
                King's Test
                King's Sacrifice

Weiss, Margaret and Tracy Hickman
        Rose of the Prophet trilogy (positive gay characters)

Weiss, Margaret and Don Perrin
        Robot Blues (transgendered character and a character who is almost
                a transvestite and basically try-sexual (he'll try anthing :-)

Wilhelm, Kate
        Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang

Willey, Elizabeth (recommended) (F)
        A Well-Favored Man (gay/bi characters)
        A Sorceror and a Gentleman (ditto)

Williams, Walter Jon
        Aristoi (bisexual protagonist)

Wilson, Colin
        The Space Vampires (was made into a bad movie)
        The Schoolgirl Murder Case
        The God of the Labyrinth
        Sex Diary of a Metaphysician (sexual black magic/Aleister Crowley)
        The Philosopher's Stone

Wittig, Monique
        Les Guerillieres

Wolfe, Chris Anne (F/SF)
        Shadows of Aggar (lesbian encounter)

Womack, Jack (SF)
        Random Acts of Senseless Violence (protagonist is a pubescent girl
                who is discovering she's a lesbian; cyberpunk)

Woolf, Virginia (classic, excellent)
        Orlando (sex-changing across time - recently made into a
                visually stunning movie)

Wyndham, John (SF)
        Consider Her Ways (men wiped out...only women left on
                the planet - all lesbians)

Wright, Helen (SF)
        A Matter of Oaths (bisexuality is the norm)

Yolen, Jane (F) (good storyteller)
        Sister Light, Sister Dark (gay themes)
        White Jenna
        Briar Rose (In the Fairy Tales series - excellent -
                prominent gay character/gay experience under Nazis)
        Cards of Grief (homosexuality)

Zelazny, Roger (very good author)
        Lord of Light (characters switch sex as easily as bodies)
        Creatures of Light and Darkness (love triangle; minor s/m)
        "Come to me not in Winter's White" (with Harlan Ellison),
                in _Partners in Wonder_ (bisexual female protagonist)

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