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Desktop Theremin

By: BBC Playground

Description: "We proudly present a mechanism of musical magnificence, a device of deliciously demonic derring-do (in mildly musical a manner), a scintillating selection of sine waves, a hair-raising hotchpotch of heterodyning oscillators, a wealth of the wonderfully weird wrapped up in a handy hold-all... we proudly present for your entertainment, the worlds first mouse-controlled theremin with backing orchestra!"

The theremin is the weird whistling instrument you hear in the background of so many 50's science fiction movies (one of the best examples is Forbidden Planet). Now you can generate the eerie background music for your next interplanetary expedition right from your own computer!

This is a Shockwave application obtained from the BBC's Playground and copied here because files have a terrible habit of evaporating on the Internet (probably something to do with cosmic rays). Windows users should download the file and then unzip it (by double-clicking it) to a convenient location. Then double-click the PC_Theremin.exe file to launch the Theremin.


Mac Download

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