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Millennium Philcon '01

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The Squid Suite

Squid Hotel Room The Squid kite, squid pool toss game, MandM's and cashews, CD player and Brandy are all Squid amenities I brought along. The refrigerator and microwave came in handy. We had the usual sofa-bed, chair, desk. TV and etceteras in the front room. The doorway leads to the bedroom and the connecting door to FIJAGDH's room.

E cat s, Gandalara, and FIJAGDH's butt. Or is it JDipale's? The doorway leads to the bedroom and the connecting door to our room. Ecat and Gand

HOKA and Ollie Ollie (now a collectible) found a friend at the con too.

E cat s -- the one night we had everyone in the room at the same time, after the OWC dinner. E cat s

M & M's Shadow and Chip M & M's and cashews are required convention food. Here Shadow and Chip indulge while Shadaughter went into the other room, and played with the boys.

They had games on the TV - so the 3 kids partied in one room, while the grown ups were in the other room. Heh. The 3 Kids

Plmckissic PlmcKissic

FIJAGDH and JDipale watching The Simpsons, while they were supposed to be fixing my suitcase. Watching The Simpsons

Stop Clicking An object lesson on why it is useless to lecture Gandalara once she has the remote control.

Pretty good con, even if I did get a toe broken. Party corridors like a game maze in the Marriott. FIJAGDH drinking coffee, me drinking alcohol, JDipale drinking both (He was very alert), and E cat s laughing at all of us. The gasps of horror when Harry Potter won Best Novel Hugo. Excellent hotel that wasn't even on the con list of hotels. That yummy Thai restaurant on the edge of Chinatown. And very good friends.

Best quote of the con:
Walking back from the Heinlein Blood Drive ...
"But why does he need a blood drive? He's dead."
... E cat s

And on to next year - ConJose!!

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