CONVENTIONS: REPORTS Descriptions and pictures of past cons.

Millennium Philcon '01

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Charlotte 2004 Saw these 2 wandering the hallways of the Marriott near the Charlotte 2004 Bid rooms.

Shadow and Chip checking out the Dragon from the Masquerade. They put a lot of costumes on display near the dealer's room, after the show. This was an entry, not scenery. Some entries have 10 or more people up on stage. Chip Shadow Dragon

Masquerade 1 Another costume...

...and another... Masquerade 2

Masquerade 3 ...and another...

...and another... Masquerade 4

Masquerade 5 He asked. She turned him down. Can't even get a date with a Borg??

The Million Wizards March -- All the kids in Childcare made costumes and marched around the convention center one day. GoH Greg Bear was in there some place. Million Wizards

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