CONVENTIONS: REPORTS Descriptions and pictures of past cons.

Millennium Philcon '01

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Chatting Without Keyboards

Ecat and Figgy E cat s and FIJAGDH, at E's arrival at the Hawthorn Suites. The hotel had a free breakfast and dinner buffet, which was included in our room cost and saved us a lot of money. Wish we could find a Hawthorn at every convention. Notice E's shirt. She didn't think we'd find her.

FIJAGDH and JDipale in the Reading Terminal. The Reading Terminal is a huge indoor market in what used to be the Railroad Station, which now runs underground. You can find prepared food, produce, flowers, souvenirs, wine, meats and cheeses, chocolates, almost anything you need. A great place. Oh, and the famous Philly Cheese steak sandwiches at several stands. The place was filled with Amish people behind the counters, some in costume. The signs behind FIJAGDH and JD say "Unclean Squid" and "Clean Squid." Need we say more? Guys and Squid

John at Mutter JD and I went to the infamous Mutter Museum. Pieces of Presidents tumors. Giant colons. Diseased *things*. Best gross-out museum in the world!

PlmcKissic and the "World Famous Sweet Baboon." This was at Chaddsford Winery. They picked me up Sunday morning at the hotel and took me touristing. Poor Baboon never got a word in edge-wise. I left the winery with almost a full case of wine. When I flew home after the con I had one bottle left. Plm and Sweet Baboon.

Sancho and JTown Saturday night in Philadelphia before the convention ... Sancho100 and JTOWN1737 came into town to have dinner at a great Thai restaurant with me. Both are regular OWC chat attendees that live near Philadelphia.

Following are pictures from the OWC dinner at the restaurant/bar Monk's in Philadelphia. I would not recommend this place to *anyone*. I contacted them ahead of time, because there were about 12 of us. They said, "No problem, we have plenty of room. We do well with large groups." They then proceeded to try to squeeze all of us at a table for 8. And then over-charged us.

E cat s Ecats at Monks

OWC Dinner L to R - E cat s, JNRChip, waitress is standing, FIJAGDH discussing the problem, Gandalara, PlmcKissic, and Patterner.

L to R - Gandalara, PlmcKissic, and Patterner. OWC Dinner

JD and Figgy at Monks JD and FIJAGDH at Monks.

Gandalara and PlmcKissic Karen and Pat at Monks

Patt and Ras at Monks Patterner and RasGold.

Shadaughter, Chip and Shadow. Shadaughter was in her first Masquerade at the Con. Made her own costume, and got up on stage in front of 2000+ people, grinning like a banshee. The Willeys at Monks

Space Cadet Chip Space Cadet Figgy
Space Cadet Gand Space Cadet JD
Space Cadet Shadow
The O*W*C Space Cadets and their Hugos. This sandwich board was set up near the dealer's room, by the Masquerade display.

Chip playing the Corpse, at the RAH Blood Drive. It was held in a church, 2 blocks from the Convention Center. Chip the Corpse

Figgy the Blood Donor FIJAGDH at the RAH Blood Drive, giving the Vulcan salute. Notice the tubes actually have red blood in them. Yee-uck.

JDipale greets Xerps with joy outside the Xerps Party Room. They had the usual green drink available ... called 'Skip and Go Nekkid,' which is tradition at every Xerps party we've been to. JD and Xerps

Gand and JD's PGGB Gand and JD with the famous Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters!

Camp Franklin, the children's care area, where we found Patterner. Camp Franklin

JD and Figgy-OSC Line JDipale and FIJAGDH in the Orson Scott Card autograph line in the Dealer's room. By the time OSC got there, the line was wrapped around the corner and down the hall.

JJBrannon frequents the SF Forum, mostly on message boards. He was at the RAH Blood drive too. I first met him at BucConneer in 1998. JJBrannon

OWC Group by Beth OWC Group picture by Beth Gwinn. The picture is actually by Beth's assistant, because we wanted her in the pic. From the top ... FIJAGDH, Row 2: Gandalara, PlmcKissic, E cat s. 3rd Row: BG1818 and JDipale. 4th Row: Shadowjakk holding onto JNRChip, Scanner and JJBrannon.

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