CONVENTIONS: REPORTS Descriptions and pictures of past cons.

Millennium Philcon '01

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Authors and Such

GOH Greg Bear GoH Greg Bear signing in the Dealer's Room.

Barry Malzberg Barry Malzberg

Bujold Lois McMaster Bujold, after reading from the next soon-to-be-published Miles' adventure.

Connie Willis in a hotel hallway. Connie Willis

Figgy and Tenn FIJAGDH and William Tenn, aka Phillip Klass. FIJAGDH said phooey to all the new authors, and chased the Golden Agers all week long. NESFA recently republished 2 huge tomes of his short stories, and that's what he's autographing. Tenn will be GoH at Boston 2004.

Hal Clement, such a sweet man. He ran into the Shadow family one night and joined them for dinner. Shadaughter wanted to know what the big deal was. Shadow said, 'Imagine you having dinner with JK Rowling.' Shadaughter said, 'OH!'. When FIJAGDH found out about the dinner, he turned green with envy. Hal Clement

Sam Delany Sam (aka Chip) Delaney. Shadow got 2 of my books autographed for me. I was off running somewhere else. Like the Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.

Scithers and Dozois - as usual, you could hear Gardner all over the dealer's room all weekend. He was quiet during his signing though. Scithers and Dozois

JD and Kress JD and his favorite woman.

Campbell winner Kristine Smith (before Campbell's) signing JDipale's ball. Little did we know they were detachable? Ball Signing JD and Kris
WorldCon Balls

Figgy's Ball Figgy proving conclusively that HIS ball is bigger than JD's.

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