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ConJose '02

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August 28th - Wednesday

JD Cooking Woke up feeling like my usual perky self -- so JD and I had breakfast and then came back to the suite to throw the chili together in the crock pot. I handed him a *very* sharp knife to cut up the hot dogs. Taking into consideration his past experiences with knives, I watched to make sure we didn't get finger chili instead.

Then all of us piled into the van and headed off on Highway 17 towards Santa Cruz, in search of wineries. After some misdirection by the AAA trip-tics again, we found ourselves in Santa Cruz and Bargetto Winery. Does anyone realize how hard it is, to be a wine drinker and to also be the designated driver? Argh. I still came away with a bottle of champagne and some Raspberry wine.

The people that owned the winery were really nice - and when signing their guest book, I saw someone had been there the day before from the town I was born in. Small world.

We drove the side streets for a while and stopping for pictures of the ocean before heading north to find Bonny Doon -- Heinlein lived there for a while, and his library is located there -- no time for RAH -- we were hunting wine. This narrow and winding road took us up into the big trees. Fog and tree rain. No worries about the van overheating. Very cool. The organic winery that everyone wanted to go to -- and their website said they were open on Wednesdays - was closed.


Bonny Doon Wine We found Bonny Doon Winery after that, where I picked up a bottle of 'Cardinal Zin from Beastly Old Vines.' Yes, I bought it just for the label.

After an aborted attempt (JD and I had fun fighting over navigation. The back seat got real quiet when I pulled over onto the dirt so we could yell better ) to find the train ride that goes thru the big trees and a drive through Big Basin Redwood Park, we found a place to eat by Hwy 17. Mexican. No Chow-daaa this time.

Back onto 17, and then off onto a side road for more wineries. We thought the other road in Bonny Doon was narrow and windy -- this one was ridiculous. Came around one hairpin turn, and a doe was standing in the middle of the road. Everybody yells, scrambles for their cameras and the deer bounds straight up a hillside and disappears. We visited one winery (for the life of me I can't remember its name now), but the cheapest, excuse me inexpensive, wine they had was $30. Snooty people too. Another mile down the road was Byington Winery -- very nice place and very talkative bartender. Wine server? Whatever. I picked up a bottle of Pinot Noir Saignee and a Maranne. Wine Wine

Janice is Here Then back the way we came on that blasted road, and back to San Jose. Jan's here - propeller and all!!

The evening was filled with chili, tortilla chips and alcohol -- hey, we had our own private bartender now. Jan had found registration for the con and gotten her goodies -- by the time we got down there, they had closed up for the night. Oh well. Tomorrow ConJose starts!

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ConJose '02

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