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01/01/2019A: Discovery of Ceres
01/02/2019A: Luna 1 Launch
01/03/2019A: Discovery of Juliet and Portia
01/05/2019A: Venera 5 Launch
01/06/2019A: Luna 17 Launch
01/06/2019A: Lunar Prospector Launch
01/06/2019A: Surveyor 7 Launch
01/08/2019A: Luna 21 Launch
01/09/2019A: Discovery of Cressida
01/10/2019A: Venera 6 Launch
01/22/2019A: Apollo 5 Launch
01/23/2019A: Discovery of Bianca
01/25/2019A: Clementine Launch
01/25/2019A: IRAS Launch
01/27/2019A: Discovery of Pasiphae
01/28/2019A: STS-51L (Challenger) Shuttle Disaster
01/31/2019A: Explorer 1 Launch
02/01/2019A: STS-107 (Columbia) Shuttle Disaster
02/03/2019A: Luna 9 Landing
02/05/2019A: Lunar Orbiter 3 Launch
02/16/2019A: Discovery of Miranda
02/20/2019A: Mir Space Station Launch
02/24/2019A: Discovery of the First Pulsar
02/24/2019A: Mariner 6 Launch
03/03/2019A: Apollo 9 Launch
03/08/2019A: Discovery of Uranus' Rings
03/09/2019A: Sputnik 9 Launch
03/13/2019A: Discovery of Uranus
03/16/2019A: First Liquid Fuel Rocket Launch
03/16/2019A: Gemini 8 Launch
03/17/2019A: Vanguard 1 Launch
03/25/2019A: Sputnik 10 Launch
03/27/2019A: Mariner 7 Launch
03/29/2019A: Mariner 10 Launch
03/31/2019A: Luna 10 Launch
04/02/2019A: Luna 4 Launch
04/04/2019A: Apollo 6 Launch
04/05/2019A: Pioneer 11 Launch
04/07/2019A: Luna 14 Launch
04/12/2019A: First Man in Space
04/12/2019A: First Space Shuttle Launch
04/16/2019A: Apollo 16 Launch
04/17/2019A: Surveyor 3 Launch
04/19/2019A: Salyut 1 Launch
05/01/2019A: Discovery of Nereid
05/04/2019A: Lunar Orbiter 4 Launch
05/05/2019A: Freedom 7 Launch
05/14/2019A: Skylab Launch
05/15/2019A: Mercury 9 Launch
05/18/2019A: Apollo 10 Launch
05/20/2019A: Pioneer Venus 1 Launch
05/28/2019A: Jupiter C Monkey Launch
05/29/2019A: Luna 22 Launch
05/29/2019A: Theory of Relativity Confirmed
06/02/2019A: Venera 15 Launch
06/03/2019A: First American Space Walk
06/03/2019A: First Spacewalk
06/03/2019A: Gemini 9 Launch
06/06/2019A: Venera 16 Launch
06/10/2019A: Explorer 49 Launch
06/12/2019A: Venera 4 Launch
06/13/2019A: Foundation of JPL
06/13/2019A: JPL Founded
06/14/2019A: Mariner 5 Launch
06/16/2019A: Vostok 6 Launch
06/18/2019A: STS-7 Launch
06/22/2019A: Discovery of Charon
06/30/2019A: Tunguska Explosion
07/01/2019A: Foundation of Air and Space Museum
07/04/2019A: Crab Nebula Supernova
07/04/2019A: Mars Pathfinder Landing
07/06/2019A: Discovery of Lysithea
07/06/2019A: Principia Publication
07/10/2019A: Telstar-1 Launch
07/11/2019A: Skylab Reentry
07/12/2019A: Phobos 2 Launch
07/16/2019A: Apollo 11 Launch
07/16/2019 - 07/22/2019A: Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 Impact
07/18/2019A: First Woman Spacewalk
07/18/2019A: Gemini 10 Launch
07/20/2019A: First Man on the Moon
07/21/2019A: Discovery of Sinope
07/21/2019A: Mars 4 Launch
07/25/2019A: Mars 5 Launch
07/26/2019A: Syncom 2 Launch
07/27/2019A: Ranger 7 Launch
07/28/2019A: Skylab-3 Launch
07/29/2019A: Foundation of NASA
07/30/2019A: Discovery of Carme
07/31/2019A: Lunar Prospector Impact
08/01/2019A: Lunar Orbiter 5 Launch
08/06/2019A: Discovery of Supernova Cassiopeia
08/06/2019A: Vostok 2 Launch
08/08/2019A: Pioneer Venus 2 Launch
08/08/2019A: Zond 7 Launch
08/12/2019A: ISEE-3 (ICE) Launch
08/13/2019A: Discovery of Mira, Omicron Ceti
08/17/2019A: Discovery of Phobos
08/17/2019A: Pioneer 7 Launch
08/20/2019A: Voyager 2 Launch
08/24/2019A: Luna 11 Launch
08/27/2019A: Mariner 2 Launch
09/03/2019A: Viking 2 Mars Landing
09/05/2019A: Voyager 1 Launch
09/08/2019A: First Star Trek Episode Aired
09/08/2019A: First Star Trek Episode Airs
09/08/2019A: Surveyor 5 Launch
09/09/2019A: Discovery of Amalthea
09/09/2019A: Venera 11 Launch
09/12/2019A: Gemini 11 Launch
09/12/2019A: Gemini 11 Launch
09/14/2019A: Venera 12 Launch
09/14/2019A: Zond 5 Launch
09/19/2019A: Discovery of Hyperion
09/23/2019A: Discovery of Neptune
09/23/2019A: Discovery of Neptune
09/25/2019A: Mars Observer Launch
09/28/2019A: Discovery of Ananke
09/28/2019A: Luna 19 Launch
09/29/2019A: Alouette-1 Launch
09/29/2019A: Salyut 6 Space Station Launch
10/03/2019A: Chassigny Meteorite Fall
10/03/2019A: Mercury 8 Launch
10/04/2019A: Sputnik 1 Launch
10/08/2019A: Supernova 1604 Discovery
10/10/2019A: Discovery of Triton
10/11/2019A: Apollo 7 Launch
10/13/2019A: Foundation of British Interplanetary Society
10/14/2019A: Breaking of Sound Barrier
10/15/2019A: Cassini Launch
10/18/2019A: Discovery of Asteroid 8 Flora
10/18/2019A: Discovery of Chiron
10/18/2019A: Ranger 5 Launch
10/18/2019A: Venera 4 Landing
10/19/2019A: Mariner 5 Flyby Of Venus
10/24/2019A: Deep Space 1 Launch
10/24/2019A: Discovery of Umbriel and Arial
10/24/2019A: Discovery of Umbriel and Ariel
10/25/2019A: Discovery of Iapetus
10/25/2019A: Discovery of Iapetus
10/30/2019A: LA Meteorite Discovery
11/03/2019A: Mariner 10 Launch
11/03/2019A: Sputnik 2 Launch
11/07/2019A: Lunar Orbiter 2 Launch
11/07/2019A: Surveyor 6 Launch
11/08/2019A: Pioneer 9 Launch
11/09/2019A: First Saturn V Launch
11/10/2019A: Zond 6 Launch
11/11/2019A: Supernova 1572 Discovery
11/15/2019A: Buran Launch
11/16/2019A: Skylab 4 Launch
12/01/2019A: Gemini 6 Launch
12/01/2019A: Sputnik 6 Launch
12/04/2019A: Mars Pathfinder Launch
12/07/2019A: Apollo 17 Launch
12/08/2019A: Pioneer 9 Launch
12/09/2019A: Pioneer Venus 2 Launch
12/13/2019A: Pioneer 8 Launch
12/14/2019A: Mariner 2 Flyby Of Venus
12/15/2019A: Discovery of Janus
12/17/2019A: Wright Brothers' First Flight
12/21/2019A: Apollo 8 Launch
12/23/2019A: Discovery of Rhea
12/30/2019A: Discovery of Puck
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