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Date: May 2007
Issue No. 39


"April Showers bring May Flowers"... Well, California finally got a little rain this month. Hardly enough; it certainly didnít make up for our lack of rain this season. Iím still expecting water shortages and a long fire season this summer and fall. And in the news today: our honey bees are disappearing! According to the article here more than 25% of the US beehives have been lost this year; this does not bode well for "flowers" let alone many of our crops.

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New SF books for May 2007

Tor Books: Tor SF and Fantasy
Tor Releases (Tor has recently updated their entire site for 2007)

ARDNEH'S SWORD - Fred Saberhagen - Mass Market Paperbound
THE BROKEN KINGS - Robert Holdstock - Hardcover
DRUID'S SWORD - Sara Douglass - Mass Market Paperbound
THE GHOST BRIGADES - John Scalzi - Mass Market Paperbound
IN WAR TIMES - Kathleen Ann Goonan - Hardcover
THE LIGHTSTONE - David Zindell - Mass Market Paperbound
MOTHER OF LIES - Dave Duncan - Hardcover
A NAMELESS WITCH - A. Lee Martinez - Trade Paperback
THE NEW DESTROYER: Guardian Angel - Warren Murphy and James Mullaney - Mass Market Paperbound
THE NINTH TALISMAN - Lawrence Watt-Evans - Hardcover
THE SILVER SWORD - David Zindell - Hardcover
THE WELL OF SHADES - Juliet Marillier - Hardcover
WHEN DARKNESS FALLS - Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory - Mass Market Paperbound

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Del Rey Books: Del Rey Books (Science Fiction and Fantasy)

HARM: Brian W. Aldiss - Hardcover
STAR WARS(r) Legacy of the Force Betrayal: Aaron Allston - Paperback
STAR WARS(r) The Prequel Trilogy: Terry Brooks, R.A. Salvatore and Matthew Woodring Stover - Trade Paperback
STARSTRIKE: Task Force Mars: Douglas Niles - Paperback
TRANSFORMERS: Alan Dean Foster - Paperback
DEATHíS HEAD: David Gunn - Hardcover
MASS EFFECT: Revelation: Drew Karpyshyn - Paperback
WOKEN FURIES: Richard K. Morgan - Trade Paperback
STAR WARS(r) Legacy of the Force Sacrifice: Karen Traviss - Hardcover

Del Rey Books: Del Rey Books (MANGA Releases)

GENSHIKEN 8 by Kio Shimoku
GHOST HUNT 7 by Shiho Inada and Fuyumi Ono
GUNDAM SEED DESTINY 3 by Masatsugu Iwase
KAGETORA 5 by Akira Segamio
KUROGANE 4 by Kei Toume
PASTEL 6 by Toshihiko Kobayashi
SCHOOL RUMBLE 5 by Jin Kobayashi
SHUGO CHARA! 1 by Peach-Pit
THE WALLFLOWER 11 by Tomoko Hayakawa

Baen Books: Science Fiction & Fantasy from Baen Books

1634: The Baltic War - David Weber, Eric Flint
LUCY'S BLADE - John Lambshead
THE WAY TO GLORY - David Drake
HEABEAS CORPSES - William Mark Simmons

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Random House, Inc: Science Fiction and Fantasy

Author's/Artist's Corner

A little break here. The Line webisode 13 This is a really funny "future" documentary re: "Interplanetary Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day". presented by Mur Lafferty and LuLu.tv.

Movie & TV Buzz

05.04    Spiderman 3
05.11    28 Weeks Later
05.18    Shrek the Third
05.25    Paprika
05.25     Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worldís End

NOTICE: For the time being we will be discontinuing FICTION CORNER

Con news

Conventions for May 2007:

05-04    CALIFUR
    Costa Mesa, CA
05-11    LEPRECON 33
    Mesa, AZ
    New York, NY
    New Orleans, LA
05-25    BALTICON
    Baltimore, MD
05-25    BAYCON
    San Jose, CA
05-25    MARCON
    Columbia, OH
05-25    OASFIS
    Province, FL
05-25    WISCON 31
    Madison, WI

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SPACE BABEL - The latest in Science, NASA and Other Agencies

Top Stories listed today on Spaceflight Now

Future space telescopes could detect Earth twin

Posted: April 11, 2007
For the first time ever, NASA researchers have successfully demonstrated in the laboratory that a space telescope rigged with special masks and mirrors could snap a photo of an Earth-like planet orbiting a nearby star. This accomplishment marks a dramatic step forward for missions like the proposed Terrestrial Planet Finder, designed to hunt for an Earth twin that might harbor life.?

XMM-Newton pinpoints intergalactic polluters

Posted: April 24, 2007
Warm gas escaping from the clutches of enormous black holes could be the key to a form of intergalactic 'pollution' that made life possible, according to new results from ESA's XMM-Newton space observatory.
Black holes are not quite the all-consuming monsters depicted in popular culture.

From CNN Science and Space News

Solar peak expected in 2011-2012

POSTED: 11:54 a.m. EDT, April 26, 2007
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The peak of the next sunspot cycle is expected in late 2011 or mid-2012 -- potentially affecting airline flights, communications satellites and electrical transmissions. But forecasters can't agree on how intense it will be.
A 12-member panel charged with forecasting the solar cycle said Wednesday it is evenly split over whether the peak will be 90 sunspots or 140 sunspots.

Dazzling image captures violent birth of stars

POSTED: 11:17 a.m. EDT, April 25, 2007
WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- A dazzlingly detailed image released by NASA scientists on Tuesday shows the chaotic conditions in which stars are born and die -- in this case in a huge nebula in another neighborhood of our Milky Way galaxy.
The image, made from a series of 48 shots taken by the orbiting Hubble Space Telescope in spring and summer of 2005, depicts star birth in a new level of detail.

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A short break from gravity

Monty Pythonís Spamalot Game - Introducing SPAM with Stinky French Garlic.

Hook in the Book

"I once told my grandfather that by the time I was his age theyíd have figured out a way to dramatically extend the human life span. He laughed at me and told me thatís what he had assumed, too, and yet there he was, an old man anyway. And here I am as well. The problem with aging is not that itís one damn thing after another--itís every damn thing, all at once, all the time."

"You canít stop aging. Gene therapies and replacement organs and plastic surgery give it a good fight. But it catches up with you anyway. Get a new lung, and your heart blows a valve. Get a new heart and your liver swells up to the size of an inflatable kiddie pool. Change out your liver, a stroke gives you a whack. Thatís agingís trump card; they still canít replace brains."

Old Manís War
John Scalzi

Last Word

On a more promising note, however, this was in the news, yesterday. Reported in the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics, a potentially habitable planet has been discovered outside our galaxy! The article states " this one - simply called Ďcí by its discoverers when they talk among themselves - will go down in cosmic history as No. 1."

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