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Date: August 2002
Issue No. 35

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It was more than three decades ago that we, as a species, landed on the moon. Since then, what's left are footprints. There is a multitude of voices now calling for a return to the moon, not just a look-around and sampling return but a return to stay. If we had stayed on the moon, we could have a cultivated a new breed of explorers. As it now stands, the present generation of spacefarers is tethered in orbit and shuttle runs. Should we not start taking trips to the moon, armed with ideas and equipped with building materials, to start realizing the early dream of science fiction: Luna City? We haven't yet landed on Mars but we did land on the moon.

There are many gateways in science fiction. Gateways that lead to a new experience, unimaginable discoveries, and gateways opening on worlds of wonder. Get ready, enter and enjoy.

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Science News:
Determined night watchers in North America can experience a close encounter of the visual kind in the coming weeks, as a spaceship brighter than any star makes its way across the sky -- CNN.com - Spaceship sightings expected for weeks

AOL Research & Learn: Space: Don't panic (Yet) -- CNN.com - Asteroid may hit Earth but don't panic yet

AOL Research & Learn: 21st Century: Frozen in time

AOL Research & Learn: Archaeology/Anthropology: Fossils keep scientists jumping.

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Gateway to Other Worlds

New SF books in August 2002

Tor Books


HOPE'S WAR by Stephen Chambers
THE ALCHEMIST'S DOOR by Lisa Goldstein
REQUIEM FOR THE SUN by Elizabeth Haydon
PSYCHAMOK by Brian Lumley
BURNING THE ICE by Laura J. Mixon

Trade Paperbacks

ANGEL OF DARKNESS by Charles de Lint (Orb)

Mass-market Paperbacks

SPERICAL HARMONIC by Catherine Asaro
LORD OF THE ISLES by David Drake
THE FREE LUNCH by Spider Robinson

Del Rey Books


Baen Books

1633 by David Weber and Eric Flint
For King and Country by Robert Asprin and Linda Evans
Heris Serrano by Elizabeth Moon
Med Ship by Murray Leinster
Janus by Andre Norton
Star Soldiers by Andre Norton

Penguin Putnam Books

Ace Books

Daw Books

The Lost Dragons of Barakhai by Mickey Zucker Reichert
The Beasts of Barakhai by Mickey Zucker Reichert (first time in paperback)
The Saga of the Renunciates by Marion Zimmer Bradley (Darkover Omnibus of The Shattered Chain, Thendara House, and City of Sorcery)
Sol's Children edited by Jean Rabe & Martin H. Greenberg

Roc Books

See also:

HarperCollins.com: Science Fiction & Fantasy
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Bantam Dell Publishing Group

And--get a taste for E-Books! -- Eggplant Literary Productions, Inc.

Author's/Artist's Corner

This month: David Cherry - Fine Art
David Cherry is AGoH at ConJose, the 60th World Science Fiction Convention

Fiction Corner


THE NAMES OF ALL THE SPIRITS by J. R. Dunn -- A government investigator tries to discover exactly what happened to a "Strider" -- a worker who travels long distances in space by a very dangerous method.

CORDLE TO ONION TO CARROT by Robert Sheckley -- A meek nerd decides to make himself over to impress the ladies.

Movie Buzz

Depp to go into Dark Shadows?
Dark Shadows creator Dan Curtis is apparently working on another revival of his classic 60's gothic soap opera - this one for the big screen. He was pleasantly surprised to find the role of Barnabas Collins is one Johnny Depp always wanted to play so Depp is being considered for the role originated by Jonathan Frid and played by Ben Cross in the brief revival series.

Tomb Raider 2 announced
The sequel goes into production August 24 again starring Angelina Jolie though this time with director Jan DuPont at the helm. The villian is said to be Chen Lo, a brilliant head of a Chinese crime family (who I assume will be in search of some powerful, mystical artifact).

Paramount heads to Mars
Paramount has bought the film rights to Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic series John Carter of Mars. Alphaville will produce a movie based on the 11-novel series about a Civil War officer who is transported to Mars becoming a hero. The film will be based primarily on the first 3 books, A Princess of Mars, The Warlord of Mars, and The Gods of Mars. No writers or release dates have been set.

To be released December 13, 2002 -- Star Trek X: Nemesis news

Con News

August 29-September 2, 2002 (United States: California, Northern) ConJose/60th World Science Fiction Convention.
San Jos? Convention Center, Fairmont Hotel (main hotel), San Jos?, CA. GoH: Vernor Vinge; AGoH: David Cherry; FGoHs: Bjo & John Trimble; Imaginary GoH: Ferdinand Feghoot; TM: Tad Williams. Theme: SF&F.

The Other*Worlds*Cafe has hosts going, so if you want to see some friendly faces, email OWC Helio and find out about the O*W*C get-together!

September 6-8, 2002 (United States: Arizona) CopperCon 22.
Embassy Suites North, 2577 W. Greenway Rd., Phoenix, AZ; 1-602-375-1777. GoH: Barbara Hambly; AGoH: Mojo. Theme: SF&F.

September 13-15, 2002 (Slovakia) Istrocon 2002 (will definitely need interpreter)
Suza, Bratislava, Slovakia. Guests: Michael Sheard, Kant?rek Jan. Info: istrocon@istrocon.sk (Martina Pilcerova).

September 20-22, 2002 (United States: Illinois) Midwest Construction.
Embassy Suites O'Hare, Rosemont, IL. Theme: conrunning. .

September 20-22, 2002 (Germany) ELTERCON 2002.
Haus des buches, Leipzig, Germany. Guests: Tim Powers, Mary Doria Russell, more. Theme: Myth&Religion in SF.

September 21, 2002 (United Kingdom: England) FantasyCon 2002.
Champagne Charlie's, London, UK. British Fantasy Awards. Info: FantasyCon, Beech House, Chapel Lane, Moulton, Cheshire CW9 8PQ, England.

September 27-29, 2002 (United States: Arkansas) NEW DATES! Roc*Kon 2002 (beware of pop-ups with this website).
Little Rock, AR. GoH: Jennifer Roberson; AGoH: Jeff Dee; TM: David Lee Anderson; SGoHs: Michael & Carole Curtis. Theme: SF&F.

September 27-29, 2002 (United States: Georgia) Anime Weekend Atlanta.
Sheraton Gateway Hotel Atlanta Airport, 1900 Sullivan Rd., College Park, GA 30337; 1-800-784-9400, 1-800-325-3535. Theme: Anime & Manga.

September 27-29, 2002 (United States: Minnesota) ARCANA 32.
Holiday Inn Express, 1010 Bandana Blvd W., Bandana Square, St. Paul, MN; 1-651-647-1637. GoH: Joe Bob Briggs. Theme: Dark Fantastic.

September 27-29, 2002 (United States: Washington) Foolscap IV.
Hilton Bellevue, 100 - 112th Avenue NE, Bellevue, WA; 1-425-455-3330. GoH: Barbara Hambly; AGoH: Rick Berry. Theme: SF&F.

Space Babel - the latest in Science, NASA and Other Agencies

Interplanetary Superhighway -- SSE: Press Releases: 24-Jul-02: Clarification: Interplanetary Superhighway

A little bit of Ferrari takes off to the Red Planet! -- ESA SCIENCE: Home page

Beginning this week, the International Space Station will make a series of eye-catching passes over North America -- More Spaceship Sightings

Wear your computer -- JPL Technology Feature - Spotlight: Wiring the Fashion Trend of the Future

On to Pluto! -- Senate Panel Revives Pluto Mission

Smile A Short Break From Gravity Smile

There are three engineers in a car: an electrical engineer, a chemical engineer and a Microsoft engineer. Suddenly the car just stops by the side of the road, and the three engineers look at each other wondering what could be wrong.

The electrical engineer suggests stripping down the electronics of the car and trying to trace where a fault might have occurred.

The chemical engineer, not knowing much about cars, suggests that maybe the fuel is becoming emulsified and getting blocked somewhere.

Then, the Microsoft engineer, not knowing much about anything, comes up with a suggestion, "Why don't we close all the windows, get out, get back in, open the windows again, and maybe it'll work."

The Hook in the Book

She really did feel old. It was strange. Even in the modern era of med trips and gene-level body modification, eighty-three was not young. She had never felt so old inside, though. She's ever felt calcified like this, as if something in her understanding had failed, leaving her standing on the edge of events she was unable to comprehend clearly, let alone affect.

The shuttle's descent steepened. At last, the cloud veil thinned enough that Helen really could make out the spherical shadow of Venera Base--her dream, her life's work, her home.

And now, my poor failure.

by Sarah Zettel

Last Word

"The shape of mainstream fiction is dictated by its belief in what is important. It is dense with character not because that is what "good fiction" concerns itself with but because that is what mainstream fiction is about. Science fiction, which has often been criticized because of the thinness of its characterization, is similarly the result of SF beliefs. When one is concerned about the way in which people are the products of their environments and how one can free oneself to act in ways other than that one has been conditioned to do, the feelings of the characters about their situations, or even aspects of individual character or reactions to the general predicament, seem of little moment.

Similarly, mainstream fiction has minimized or discarded plot as "mere incident," while plot remains at the heart of science fiction. This suggests that for the mainstream what happens does not really matter; nothing new is going to occur, and the only proper concern is how character should react to repetition. Science fiction, on the other hand, exists in a world of change, and the focus is on external events: What is the change and how are humans (or aliens) going to respond to it?"

From The Science of Science-Fiction Writing, by James Gunn
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