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Date: July 2000
Issue No. 10

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Lightning ripped through the savannah tree. The hominid group observed from a safe distance, the tongues of flames licking at the wine-red sky. No longer did they flee. Fire was still a foe but it had also become a friend, and a tool . Wielding fire as a tool the group spread out from the savannahs. On this day we observe the possibility of water on an alien-looking, arid world and study mysterious bursts of light from distant galaxies. There are elements out there, hostile, but maybe they can be brought to our side as tools. Time will only tell if we have the collective will to venture into another savannah, where the skies have strange colors and many moons.

Guest Chat: Gene Steinberg and Grayson Steinberg, father and son authors of The Rockoids will be in chat in the Other*Worlds*Cafe on Friday, July 14th from 10pm - 12am ET. Check out their website: Attack of the Rockoids--They're Landing! and join us for chat: Other*Worlds*Cafe Conference Room!

New SF books in July

Tor Books


First Contract Greg Costikyan

Prophecy Elizabeth Haydon

Mad Merlin J. Robert King

Probability Moon Nancy Kress

Sister Emily's Lightship and Other Stories Jane Yolen

Trade Paperbacks

To Reign In Hell Steven Brust (Orb)

Dark Cities Underground Lisa Goldstein

Mass-market Paperbacks

Obernewtyn Isobelle Carmody

Gravity Dreams L. E. Modesitt, Jr.

Echoes In Time Andre Norton & Sherwood Smith

Household Gods Judith Tarr & Harry Turtledove

Daw Books

FLIGHTLESS FALCON Mickey Zucker Reichert

THE BOOK OF FIRE (The Dragon Quartet, Vol 3) Marjorie B. Kellogg

CIVIL WAR FANTASTIC edited by Martin H. Greenberg

Roc Books


BattleTech: MEASURE OF A HERO Blaine Lee Pardoe

Del Rey Books

MORTALIS R. A. Salvatore

WIT'CH WAR, Book Three of The Banned & The Banished James Clemens

Fiction Corner ** New **

This corner features stories edited by Ellen Datlow. Check this monthly for new stories; there are more in the archives!

Presently featured:
DUNE: NIGHTTIME SHADOWS ON OPEN SAND by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson and THE SHIP WHO SANG by Anne McCaffrey

Movie Buzz

Jan De Bont bought the film rights of the Stainless Steel Rat - Harry Harrison's Stainless Steel Rat Goes Hollywood

Red Planet scheduled for this fall - Red Planet


Five hundred episodes of Star Trek and more? - Berman, Braga Hard at Work on Fifth Trek

"Andromeda" is anything but Trek. Update - Dispatches From Andromeda Site - Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda

Con News

Chicon 2000: the 58th World Science Fiction Convention
Chicago, 31 Aug. - 04 Sept. 2000

Guests of Honor:
Author Guest: Ben Bova
Artist Guest: Bob Eggleton
Editor Guest: Jim Baen
Fan Guests: Bob and Anne Passovoy
Toastmaster: Harry Turtledove

Think you might want to go to Chicon? Look at the entire website for lots more information: (click on the link above) (be sure to check out the Table of Contents).
The Other*Worlds*Cafe has hosts going, so if you want to meet a friendly face, email HOST EBK Astra (hostebkastra@aol.com)

Eurocon 2000 - organized by the largest SF Club in Poland - Gdanski Klub Fantastyki, August 1 - 6, 2000 at Gdynia, Poland - EUROCON 2000 - GDANSK, POLAND

"Get Us Off This Rock" VikingCon 17, August 18-20, 2000 - Western Washington University - Bellingham, Washington - Welcome to VikingCon

Join Mike Resnick at ConVersion XVII, August 11 - 13 at the the Metropolitan Centre
333 - 4th Ave. SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Plan your trip to Yokohama for Zero-CON, the 39th Japan Science Fiction Convention August 5 and 6, 2000 (Saturday and Sunday) at Pacifico Yokohama

Space Babel - the latest in Science, NASA and Other Agencies

Read more about the wetness on Mars - Mars Surprise
And the implications at ESA - ESA SCIENCE: Mars Express

And Special Interview with the author of RED MARS, GREEN MARS, BLUE MARS - Kim Stanley Robinson: Wet Mars

And - how to boil water on Mars? - Making a Splash on Mars

Seasonal asteroids - Asteroids have Seasons, Too

Latest development on solar sails - Setting Sail for the Stars

The Hook in the Book

Above, a furry mushroom of grey smoke rises from the gunboar. Wiley shifts up to high gear and floors it. Shaftoe cringes against the truck's door and lowers his head, hoping that his campy Great War doughboy helmet will be good for something. Then money-boxes start to rupture and explode as the truck rams through them. Shaftoe peers up through a blizzard of notes and sees giant bamboo poles soaring and bounding and windmilling toward the waterfront.
The leaves of Shanghai:
Pale doorways in a steel sky.
Winter has begun.

CRYPTONOMICON by Neal Stephenson

The flat afternoon sky spread over the black and gray mountains like a stage backdrop, the color of a dog's pale crazy eye. His ankles aching and back burning from a misplaced loop of nylon rope, Mitch Rafelson followed Tilde's quick female form along the margin between the white firn and a dust of new snow on the field. Mingled with the ice boulders of the fall, crenels and spikes of old ice had been sculpted by summer heat into milky, flint-edged knives.


Last Word

"Science fiction is like an ocean. The images come and go, mysteriously linked through transformation after transformation. Many rivers pour into the ocean, all the tributaries of our life, both waking and dreaming. These days, we all have two heads. Frankenstein's monster plunges along beside us, keeping just below the Plimsoll line of consciousness, buoyant with a life of its own."

Brian W. Aldiss from his book (with David Wingrove) "TRILLION YEAR SPREE. The History of Science Fiction"
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