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Date: June 2000
Issue No. 9

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In the beginning there was the Big Bang ... Or was it an end that stemmed from an ancient conflict, the final battle in the Twilight of Celestial Forces? We unconcernedly observe the spectacles on an astronomic level: Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9's collision with Jupiter; images of supernovae that the Chandra telescope captured, death of stars that presumably also meant the death of everything else in the star's vicinity. Breathtaking, impersonal. Pause and imagine on a molecular level civilizations and living beings caught in the drama of striking comets and exploding suns. It becomes personal; we connect. In the end there was the Big Bang, and from this began the worlds science fiction readers revel in - story-telling on a cosmic level.

Science Fictioneers please note: we have a lot of new folders in our message boards. Rather than follow the old links via favorite-places to your selected folders, follow this route: Keyword: Science Fiction and have a look-see what's new!

New SF books in June

Tor Books


Soldiers Live Glen Cook

Vanishing Acts ed. Ellen Datlow

Forests of the Heart Charles de Lint

Animist Eve Forward

Calculating God Robert J. Sawyer

The Jazz Melissa Scott

Chimera Will Shetterly

Tangled Up In Blue Joan D. Vinge

Trade Paperbacks

Violent Stars Phyllis Gotlieb

Dark Sister Graham Joyce

Escape From Kathmandu Kim Stanley Robinson (Orb)

Mass-market Paperbacks

Half Life Hal Clement

The Stars Asunder Debra Doyle & James D. Macdonald

Rhapsody Elizabeh Haydon

The Stone War Madeleine Robins

Thief of Souls Neal Shusterman

Baen Books

Fortune's Stroke Eric Flint David Drake

Destiny's Shield Eric Flint David Drake

My Brother's Keeper Charles Sheffield

Tale of the Fox Harry Turtledove

Del Rey Books

DIRGE Alan Dean Foster


Penguin Putnam Books

STAR COLONIES edited by Martin H. Greenberg and John Helfer


1999 Nebula Awards Winners

Octavia E. Butler, Parable of the Talents

Ted Chiang, Story of Your Life

Mary A. Turzillo, Mars is No Place for Children

Short Story
Leslie What, The Cost of Doing Business

M. Night Shyamalan, The Sixth Sense

List of Hugo nominees at the original source - Chicon 2000: Hugo Nominees


Read the wonderful new stories at SCI FICTION, a new fiction area AT SCIFI.COM edited by Ellen Datlow - SCI FICTION Movie Buzz

UPDATE: Kevin Bacon is a government scientist who perfects an invisibility formula and tests it on himself - THE HOLLOW MAN is slated to be in theatres in July Mothership - Upcoming Films - The Hollow Man (7/28/2000)

Cinema adaptation of Terry Brooks books? - Brooks sells books to Fox

UPDATE: DUNE the Mini-series wrapped up in Prague and is slated to come to your homes in December 2000 - SCIFI.COM : Frank Herbert's Dune

Con News

Dan Simmons will guest at CONOLULU, the 53rd Westercon July 1-4, 2000, Sheraton Waikiki Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii - CONOLULU, The 53rd Westercon, July 1 - 4, 2000

BabCon V in Goteborg, Sweden - July Babylon 5: Huvudmeny

Walter Koenig will guest stat at Nexus 2000, 7 -9 July, Jarvis International Hotel - Bristol UK - Welcome to Nexus SF Conventions - Bristol UK

New PacifiCon 2000, July 7-8-9, 2000, Los Angeles, California - New PacifiCon 2000

Join Claudia Christian, Denise Crosby and many others at SHORE LEAVE 22, Marriott's Hunt Valley Inn - Baltimore, Maryland, July 7 - 9 Shore Leave 22 Home Page

CONvergence 2000 at the St. Paul Radisson, St. Paul, MN, July 2 -9 CONvergence 2000

Terry Pratchett will guest at Gateway Scifi Con, July 14-16, 2000, Saint Louis, Missouri, Henry VIII Inn & Lodge - Gateway SciFi Con

Join Mike Resnick who will be serving as Toastmaster at the Last Voyage of RiverCon, July 28 - 30, 2000, Executive West Hotel, Louisville, Kentucky - RiverCon Science Fiction Convention

Lois McMaster Bujold will be Guest of Honor at Diversicon 8, July 28-30, 2000 o Holiday Inn Express, 1010 W. Bandana Boulevard, Bandana Square, St. Paul, MN - Diversicon 8

ESE. European Smoffing Event. Darmstadt, Germany; Theme: Con running. Memb: ?7 until 5/24/99; more after. Info: (Cheques to) European Conventions, Fiona Anderson, 129 Colegrave Rd., Stratford, London E15 1EA, UK; German address: Ralf Grosser, Martinstra?e 52, 64285 Darmstadt, Germany; fiona@intersec.demon.co.uk or rgrosserda@aol.com.

Space Babel - the latest in Science, NASA and Other Agencies

A look at space station concepts - Wheels in the Sky

Revealing the infrared 'face' of the Universe - ESA SCIENCE

A Pop Quiz for Einstein - Relativity Mission will test Einstein one more time

Galileo zoomed by the biggest moon in the Solar System - A Big Moon Close Up

Boiling Io ... The Secret Lives of Alien Volcanoes

Mars Rover or Orbiter in 2003? We'll Know in July - Planetary Society

Even MORE extrasolar planets?? - Planetary Society

The Hook in the Book

"These things eat almost any kind of low-grade organic feedstocks. Corn stalks, grass clippings, seaweed, you name it. Then, inside their gut, the organic matter is processed by a carefully-orchestrated array of symbiotic bacteria into ... bug butter curds. Which the butter bugs regur -- return through their mouth and pack into special cells, in their hive, all ready for humans to harvest. The raw butter curds --" ... "Are perfectly edible at this point," Mark went on more loudly ... "Bug vomit," said Miles, working through the implication. "You fed me bug vomit."

A CIVIL CAMPAIGN by Lois McMaster Bujold

The manhunt extended across more than one hundred light-years and eight centuries. It had always been a secret search, unacknowledged even among some of the participants. In the early years, it had simply been encrypted queries hidden in radio broadcasts. Decades and centuries passed. There were clues, interviews with The Man's fellow-travelers, pointers in a half-dozen contradictory directions: The Man was alone now and heading still farther away; The Man had died before the search ever began; The Man had a war fleet and was coming back upon them.


Last Word

"Delmore Schwartz* had half of it right: in dreams begin responsibilities. But it's no less true that in dreams begin irresponsibilities. The menu, in terms of our possibilities in both these respects, is well-nigh infinite.

Science fiction is that menu."

Thomas M. Disch from his book "THE DREAMS OUR STUFF IS MADE OF. How Science Fiction Conquered the World."

(*Delmore Schwartz - poet, who published his first collection, In Dreams Begin Responsibilities in 1938, the year that "Helen O'Loy" appeared. )
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