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Date: May 2000
Issue No. 8

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In all probability it began with the passion to know what lies behind that thin line of horizon, or to discover the ends of the Earth. Fueled by that passion, longships, rafts, and junks sailed out to charter unknown seas and strange sands. Longships, rafts, and junks over the centuries turned into hot-air balloons and airplanes. Now we have space stations, space shuttles, and Voyagers. The passion to know more, to explore more what lies behind this horizon line, or the far side of that galaxy cluster has taken us and our robotic explorers to the edge of the Solar System , and beyond. Is this our saving grace, that just by following this instinct for discovery we will deviate from the path of oblivion? In that case, may the Force, no, the Spirit of Exploration be with us, always.

New SF books in May

Tor Books

The Gutbucket Quest Piers Anthony & Ron Leming

In the Upper Room and Other Likely Stories Terry Bisson

The Doors of Death and Life Brenda Clough

Earth Final Conflict: Requiem for Boone Debra Doyle & James D. Macdonald

The Gate of Fire Thomas Harlan

Dreamside Graham Joyce

Daughter of The Forest Juliet Marillier

Saturn's Race Larry Niven & Steven Barnes

Marrow Robert Reed

The Fountains of Youth Brian Stableford

The Dragon's Eye Joel Champetier

Souls In the Great Machine Sean McMullen

The Empire of Isher A. E. Van Vogt (Orb)

Baen Books

Cradle of Saturn James P. Hogan

Ripping Time Robert Lynn Asprin and Linda Evans

Bull God Roberta Gellis

The Incompleat Nifft Michael Shea

Del Rey Books



Interview with Neal Stephenson, author of CRYPTONOMICON The SF Site: A Conversation With Neal Stephenson

Movie Buzz

Is FREQUENCY worth frequenting? Review - Frequency

Trailers, games, videos - everything is a go at: Titan AE

In the near future, Earth is dying. A new colony on Mars could be humanity's only hope - Red Planet

At a top secret military lab, a group of brilliant young scientists have just unlocked the secret of invisibility ... The Hollow Man


The Sci-Fi Channel has a great line-up this summer - Sci-Fi Channel sets summer line-up

Con News

Check out The 2000 Hugo Awards Nominees!

Join Frederik Pohl and Ginjer Buchanan at Foolscap II - June 9 - June 11, 2000
at Southcenter Best Western, Tukwila, WA (45 minutes south of Seattle) - Foolscap II

Join the former Babylon 5 crew at AgamemCon - June 23-25, 2000 at the Hilton Burbank Airport
Burbank, California - AgamemCon IV, A Science Fiction Convention

Call for papers! For SCIENCE FICTION RESEARCH ASSOCIATION, INC. - June 28-July 2, 2000 at Comfort Inn , 1800 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio - Science Fiction Research Association, Inc.

Bring your universal translators to ConFuse 2000, June 16 - 18 in Sweden - ConFuse 2000

CONJURATION SciFi & Fantasy 2000 - June 16-18, 2000 In Columbia, Missouri - Conjuration: Games

VISIONS OF THE FUTURE - Join Barry Longyear at DucKon 9, June 16 - 18, 2000, Sheraton Arlington Park, Arlington Heights, Illinois - DucKon IX Home Page

Costume College 2000, June 30 - July 4, Airtel Plaza Hotel, 7277 Valjean Avenue, van Nuys, CA - Welcome to Costume College 2000

The Genuine -- The Original -- Relaxacon - Midwestcon 51, June 22 - June 25, 2000, Cincinnati, Ohio - Midwestcon: *The* Relaxacon

The Monster Bash Extravaganza! June 30 - July 2, The Four Points Sheraton, Greensburg, PA - Monster Bash Homepage

June 2-4, 2000 (New Jersey)
CLAVECON. Ramada Inn, Fanwood, NJ. FGoH: William Willis, Jr., Esq.. Emphasis: Legal Aspects of SF. Memb: $20; $10 supporting. Info: Clavecon, PO Box 10734, New Brunswick, NJ 08906

June 9-12, 2000 (Germany)
12th SF DAYS NRW. Dortmund, Theme: SF&F/Transport. Info: Science Fiction Tage e.V AM Kattenbrauck 28, D-44287 Dortmund, Germany; +49-2301-5785, +49-2301-5743 (fax); SFTageNRW@epilog.de.

Space Babel - the latest in Science, NASA and Other Agencies

How far can we go? Where is the edge? NASA's Advanced Space Transportation Program looks at ways to turn science fiction into reality.

A stick or a yard? A New Cosmic Meter Stick

A Redness in the sky? Brushfires in the Sky

A crash course for wannabee astronauts How to Become an Astronaut 101

Is space curved or flat? Pictures of the Early Universe

Web or WAP? Is wireless surfing here? WAP Forum

The Hook in the Book

Perhaps the thing became an obsession. I know it clung to me all during my training camp days, and at night, on the deck of the transport, I would lie on my back gazing up into the red eye of the god of battle -- my god-- and wishing that, like John Carter, I might be drawn across the great void to the haven of my desire.

THE MASTERMIND OF MARS by Edgar Rice Burroughs

... today we are confronted with a new and frightening possibility, which is that we have actually created our own successors, that we have built a machine that does not know it is a machine, that demands to be recognized as an autonomous individual with the rights and privileges of a human being -- and which, by virtue of its inherent mechanical superiority, its physical durability and strength, its cunningly designed positronic brain, its bodily near-immortality, might indeed ... begin to regard itself as our master!

THE POSITRONIC MAN by Isaac Asimov and Robert Silverberg

Last Word

"I claim one positive triumph for science fiction, totally beyond the scope of so-called mainstream fiction. It has prepared the youth of our time for the coming age of space. Interplanetary travel is no shock to youngsters, no matter how unsettling it may be to calcified adults. Our children have been playing at being space cadets and at controlling rocket ships for quite some time now. Where did they get this healthy orientation? From science fiction and nowhere else."

Robert A. Heinlein from his essay "Science Fiction: Its Nature, Faults and Virtues"
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