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Date: March 2000
Issue No. 6

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Ponder of the Month

We recently discussed the topic of "escape" at the Other*Worlds*Cafe SF chat. It was escapism of some sort imagining how to extricate oneself from various meltdown situations in space, because no one in the chatroom got hurt. But one has to ask, now why do people view science fiction as escapism when there would be no escape from a burning earth or a power hungry computer? Maybe they don't realize they live in a lackluster staple jungle, but for us - we know the escape route from that jungle to the vivid ocean space of science and galactic intrigue. So, fly to your heart's content, fly to other worlds, fly to SF even though there would be no way back.

New SF books in March

The Fourth World [Avon Eos, US] Dennis Danvers

Black Hearts, Ivory Bones [anthology, Avon, US] Terri Windling and Ellen Datlow

Celtika [Simon & Schuster UK/Earthlight, UK] Robert Holdstock

The Fifth Elephant [HarperPrism, US] Terry Pratchett

Forests of the Heart [Tor, US] Charles de Lint

Fortress of Dragons [HarperPrism, US] C. J. Cherryh

Jumping Off the Planet #1 [Tor, US] David Gerrold

King of the City [Avon, US] Michael Moorcock

Collected Stories of Robert Silverberg Volume 6: Lion Time at Timbuktu [HarperCollins/Voyager, UK] Robert Silverberg

Lodestar [Tor, US] Michael F. Flynn

The Last Hot Time [Tor, US] John M. Ford

Marrow [Tor, US] Robert Reed

Midnight Robber [Warner Aspect, US] Nalo Hopkinson

The Morgaine Saga [Daw, US] C. J. Cherryh

No Defense [St. Martin's, US] Kate Wilhelm

Sarantine Mosaic 2 [Simon & Schuster UK/Earthlight, UK] Guy Gavriel Kay

The Secret of Spring [Tor, US] Jo Anne Taeusch and Piers Anthony

Ship of Destiny [HarperCollins/Voyager, UK] Megan Lindholm (as Robin Hobb)

Skylife: Visions of Our Homes in Space[Harcourt Brace/Harvest, US] George Zebrowski and Gregory Benford

A Triumph of Souls [Warner Aspect, US] Alan Dean Foster

More in Forthcoming Books

Movie Buzz

MISSION TO MARS - Let There Be Life. In theatres March 10! Mission to Mars - The Web Site - Videos, Sounds, Pictures...

It's a veritable MARS fiesta! Red Planet and more John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars


"Get your hands off me you, damned dirty ape!" Nor a sequel neither a remake but a "re-imagining" of the first PLANET OF THE APES, they say. Probably Arnold Schwarzenegger will be aping it with Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon for the lead role.


From the operating room to Avalon - ER's Julianna Margulies and Anjelica Huston are in negotiations to star in THE MISTS OF AVALON, the best selling fantasy novel by Marion Zimmer Bradley. The four-hour TNT miniseries tells the legend of Camelot through the eyes of the women behind King Arthur's throne.

More in Eon Magazine


Updates on LORDS OF THE RINGS the movie - Imladris: Lord of the Rings Movie News

Con News

Imagine Con, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Comic and Toy fair convention, April 20 - 23 2000 at the Virginia Beach Pavilion Virginia Beach Va. - Imagine Con 2000. The Mid-Atlantic's finest Comic, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, and Toy Fair Convention. April 20-23, 2000

Connie Willis and Robin Hobb will be the international guests at Swancon, Ascot, Australia, April 20 - 24 - SwanCon 25

Octavia Butler will be the Guest of Honor at Balticon April 21-23, 2000 - Balticon 34

Maureen F. McHugh will be the Guest of Honor at Minicon, Hilton Minneapolis & Towers, April 21-23, 2000 - Minicon 35

Eastercon 2000, the 51st British National SF Convention, 21st-24th April 2000 at the Central Hotel, Glasgow. Guests of Honour are Guy Gavriel Kay, Deborah Turner Harris and Katherine Kurtz - Eastercon 2000

Ad Astra (to the stars)! Join Guests of Honor David Brin and Gregory Benford at Norwescon. April 20 - 23, Seattle, Washington - Norwescon 23

Fancy going to Italy for an SF con? April 2000, San Marino, Italy - Italcon. Will need Italian translator!

Space Babel - the latest in Science, NASA and Other Agencies

Near hooked on Eros - NEAR moves to a tighter orbit around Eros

Fiery flyby - Galileo swoops by volcanic Io

Flexi-missions by the European Space Agency - ESA's Tomorrow's Missions

Last but not least - NASA breakthrough Propulsion Physics Program - NASA Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Program HOME-PAGE (contributed by Seraph23)

The Hook in the Book

Even on the Earth shadows are frequently good places to hide. They may show up, of course, against lighted surroundings, but if there is not too much light from the side, one can step into a shadow and become remarkably hard to see.

NEEDLE by Hal Clement
(Contributed by Pagadan)

In bed tossing and turning, Silk drove the deadcoach through a dark and ruined dreamscape, the land of the dead still a land of the living. The wind was blowing and blowing, fluttering all the yellow-white curtains of all the bedroom windows, fluttering the velvet hangings of the deadcoach like so many black flags; ...


Last Word

"It was science fiction that introduced me to the Universe, in particular to the Solar system and the planets. Even if I had already come across them in my reading of science books, it was science fiction that fixed them in my mind, dramatically and forever."

Isaac Asimov
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