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Date: January 2004
Issue No. 2

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Mars Exploration Rover Mission: Features

NASA - NASA TV Landing Page

There are many gateways in science fiction. Gateways that lead to a new experience, unimaginable discoveries, and gateways opening on worlds of wonder. Get ready, enter and enjoy.

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New SF books in January 2004

Tor Books

Sample chapters from recent and forthcoming books
Links to author interviews

Del Rey Books

TIME'S EYE by Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter (Science Fiction)
PRINCE OF DREAMS by Nancy McKenzie
DEMONTECH: GULF RUN by David Sherman

Baen Books

Ring of Fire by Eric Flint
Demon's Gate by Steve White
The Reaches by David Drake
Freehold by Michael Z. Williamson
Janus by Andre Norton
Fallen Angels by Jerry Pournelle, Larry Niven, Michael Flynn

Penguin Putnam Home

Ace Books

Daw Books

MAGE OF CLOUDS (The Cloudmages, #2) by S.L. Farrell (hardcover)
HOLDER OF LIGHTNING (The Cloudmages, #1) by S.L. Farrell (hardcover)
THE SUN SWORD (The Sun Sword, Book Six) by Michelle West
MICROCOSMS by Gregory Benford

Roc Books

See also:

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Pre-order PAYCHECK - Paycheck (Unabridged), Philip K Dick - HarperCollins

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Author's/Artist's Corner

This month: The Many Worlds of Diana Wynne Jones

Fiction Corner


NUTBALL SEASON by Kristine Kathryn Rusch -- What's a cop to do on Christmas Eve when a man in a red suit and white beard claims he's being threatened?

MINNESOTA GOTHIC by Thomas M. Disch -- A little girl named Gretel meets a witch named Minnie.

Movie Buzz

Sequel to the 1997 bug-stomping science fiction action thriller, based on Robert Heinlein's novel about interplanetary war pitting humankind's military ?lite against a marauding alien race -- Starship Troopers 2 - Cinefex - Effects Films In Production

Coming out on TV in February from Miramax:
The son and daughter of a missing scientist journey through space and time to find their father.
A Disney Channel television movie based on the classic children's fantasy novel by Madeleine L'Engle. -- A Wrinkle in Time - Cinefex - Effects Films In Production

Con News

February 6-8, 2004 (United States: Minnesota) Con of the North.
Summerfield Conference Center, St. Paul, MN; 1-651-735-2333. Theme: Gaming.

February 6-8, 2004 (United States: Texas) OwlCon XXIII.
Rice University. Residence Inn, 7710 Main, Houston, TX; 1-713-351-1000. Theme: Gaming.

February 6-8, 2004 (United Kingdom: England) 16 Tones.
16th British Filk Convention. The Hanover International Hotel, Bromsgrove. GoHs: Bill Roper (US), Chris Conway (UK). Theme: Filk.

February 6-8, 2004 (United Kingdom: England) Wolf SG-7.
Thistle London Heathrow, Bath Road, Longford, West Drayton UB7 0EQ, England; 020 8759 2400. Guests: Teryl Rothery, Ronny Cox, Steve Bacic, David Palffy, Dion Johnstone, Alex Zahara. Theme: SF Media.

February 7-8, 2004 (United States: Washington) BeyondCon.
Everett Holiday Inn, 101 128th St. SE, Everett, WA 98208; 1-800-256-8137 or 1-425-337-2900. Theme: costuming relaxacon.

February 7-8, 2004 (Denmark) Fantasticon.
Valby Medborgerhus, Copenhagen, Denmark. GoH: TBA. Theme: SF&F.

February 7, 2004 (United Kingdom: England) Picocon 21.
Student's Union, Beit Quad, Imperial College, London, UK. Guests: Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Peter F Hamilton. Theme: Student SF.

February 12-15, 2004 (Russia) RosCon 2004.
Moscow, Russia. Theme: SF&F.

February 13-16, 2004 (United States: California, Southern) Gallifrey One: Fifteen Minutes of Fame.
Airtel Plaza Hotel, 7277 Valjean Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91406; 1-800-2-AIRTEL, 1-818-997-7676. Guests: TBA. Theme: Doctor Who.

February 13-15, 2004 (United States: Georgia) Furry Weekend Atlanta.
Holiday Inn Atlanta Airport-North, 1380 Virginia Ave., Atlanta, GA 30344; 1-404-762-8411. GoH: LatinVixen. Theme: Furry.

February 13-15, 2004 (United States: Maryland) Farpoint.
Hunt Valley Marriott, 245 Shawan Rd., Hunt Valley, MD 21031; 1-410-785-7000. Guests: Brad Dourif, Bill Mumy, The Boogie Knights, TA Chafin, Polly Luttrell, Peter David, Jan Michael Friedman, Bob Greenberger, Howard Weinstein, Inge Heyer, David Batchelor, Luna-C, Prometheus Radio Theater; FGOH: Suzanne Elmore. Theme: Science Fiction/Media.

February 13-15, 2004 (United States: Massachusetts) Boskone 41.
Sheraton Boston, 39 Dalton St., Boston, MA; 1-617-236-2000. GoH: Stephen Baxter; Official Artist: Richard Hescox; SGoH: Betsy Mitchell; Featured Filker: Bill & Brenda Sutton. Theme: SF&F.

February 13-15, 2004 (United States: Virginia) Katsucon Ten.
Hyatt Regency Crystal City, 2799 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Arlington, VA; 1-703-418-1234, 1-703-418-1289 (fax). Guest: Hidenori Matsubara, Mr. Fred "Piro" Gallagher. Theme: Anime.

February 13-15, 2004 (United States: Washington) RadCon 4.
Red Lion Hotel, 2525 N. 20th, Pasco, WA; 1-509-547-0701. Guests: Gardner Dozois, Mary Rosenbaum, Chris Bunch; AGoH: Mary Hansen Roberts; FGoH: Meryl Birn. Theme: F&SF.

February 13-15, 2004 (United Kingdom: England) Starfleet Ball X.
Carrington House Hotel, Bournemouth, Dorset, UK. Guests: Michael Dorn, Alexandra Tydings, Richard Biggs, Linda Thorson. Theme: SF Media.

February 19-22, 2004 (United States: California, Northern) Left Coast Crime 14.
DoubleTree Hotel, Monterey, CA. GoHs: Sharan Newman, Walter Mosley; TM: Gillian Roberts; FGoHs: Bryan Barrett, Thom Walls. Theme: Mystery.

February 20-22, 2004 (United States: Iowa) Gamicon Nu.
Iowa Memorial Union, Iowa City, IA; 1-319-335-3513. GoH: Shane Lacey Hensley. Theme: Gaming.

February 20-22, 2004 (United States: Missouri) Visioncon 2004.
The Clarion Hotel, 3333 S. Glenstone, Springfield, MO 65804; 1-800-756-7318 oe 417-883-6550. Guests: TBA. Theme: SF&F.

February 20-22, 2004 (United States: Texas) ConDFW 2004.
Radisson Hotel Dallas North at Richardson, 1981 N. Central Expressway, Richardson, TX 75080; 1-972-644-4000. GoH: Lois McMaster Bujold. Theme: SF&F.

February 20-22, 2004 (United States: Wisconsin) FilmCon.
Radisson Inn West, Madison, Madison, WI; 1-608-833-0100; fax: 1-608-833-6543. GoH: Lee Stringer, Mark Nelson. Theme: Sci-Fi media/ film making/ CG animation.

February 20-22, 2004 (Canada: Ontario) Pandemonium 21.
Inn on the Park, 1100 Eglinton Ave. East, Toronto, ON, Canada; 1-416-444-2564. Theme: Gaming.

February 27-29, 2004 (United States: California, Southern) ConDor XI.
Del Mar Hilton Hotel, 15575 Jimmy Durante Blvd., Del Mar, CA 92014-1901; 1-858-792-5200. GoH: Robert Silverberg & Karen Haber. Theme: SF&F.

February 27-29, 2004 (United States: Kentucky) Concave 25.
Horse Cave, KY. GoH: Deb Geisler. Theme: Relaxacon. Info: ccaveman@preferred.com.

February 27-29, 2004 (United States: New Jersey) Ubercon III.
Radisson Suites Hotel, 350 Route 3 West Mill Creek Dr., Secaucus, NJ 07094; 1-201-863-8700. GoH: Penny Arcade. Theme: Gaming/ Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film Festival.

February 27-29, 2004 (United States: New York) NonCon IV.
Vassar College, Poughkeepsie NY. GoH: TBA. Theme: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Gaming, and Anime.

February 27-29, 2004 (United States: Virginia) SheVaCon 12.
Holiday Inn Hotel Tanglewood, 4468 Starkey Rd Roanoke, VA 24014; 1-540-744-4400. GoH: Jim Butcher; AGoH: Charles Keegan; MC: Rikk Jacobs. Theme: Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror, Gaming, Costuming.

February 27-29, 2004 (United States: Washington) Potlatch 13.
The Best Western Executive Inn, Seattle, WA; 206-448-9444 or 800-351-9444. Theme: Literary convention.

Space Babel - the latest in Science, NASA and Other Agencies

On January 2, 2004, NASA's Stardust spacecraft will fly through a comet and collect samples of dust for return to Earth -- The World in a Grain of Stardust

Stardust is on its way home with its quarry -- comet particles some 4.5 billion years old -- in tow -- Quarry in Tow, Stardust Begins Long Journey Home

Our planet's magnetic field is in a constant state of change, say researchers who are beginning to understand how it behaves and why -- Earth's Inconstant Magnetic Field

The SMART-1 spacecraft is continuing on its long journey to the Moon. Recent changes to the orbital trajectory have boosted the orbit of the spacecraft and it is now beginning to pull clear of the Earth's harmful radiation belts -- Science & Technology: No.10 - SMART-1 is flying at full speed

Smile A Short Break From Gravity Smile

A Difficult Case

Two psychiatrists were at a convention. As they conversed over a drink, one asked, "What was your most difficult case?"

The other replied, "I had a patient who lived in a pure fantasy world. He believed that an uncle in South America was going to die and leave him a fortune. All day long he waited for a letter to arrive from an attorney. He never went out, he never did anything, he merely sat around and waited for this fantasy letter from this fantasy uncle. I worked with this man eight years."

"What was the result?"

"It was an eight-year struggle. Every day for eight years, but I finally cured him. And then that stupid letter arrived!"

The Hook in the Book

Do you know the Portrait of Jacopo Strada, which Titian painted in 1567 or so?

Bathed in golden light, this painting shows us a rich connoisseur displaying a nude female statuette which is perhaps eighteen inches high. Oh yes, full-bearded Signor Strada is prosperous - in his black velvet doublet, his cerise satin shirt, and his ermine cloak. He holds that voluptuous little Venus well away from an unseen spectator. He gazes at that spectator almost shiftily. Strada is exposing his Venus to view, yet he's also withholding her proprietorially so as to whet the appetite.

by Ian Watson

Last Word

"If we listened to our intellect, we'd never have a love affair. We'd never have a friendship. We'd never go into business, because we'd be cynical. Well, that's nonsense. You've got to jump off cliffs all the time and build your wings on the way down."

Ray Bradbury
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