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Date: December 2004
Issue No. 13


The moon is kind of neglected.  Without it there would have been no tides, no romantic songs, no Moon to Sell, no Harsh Mistress to claim, no light in the nightsky.  However, nowadays the red glow of Mars is more appealing, the tracks made by the rovers in the red dirt imprinted in the collective mind while the dramatic first footprint on the soil of the moon fading away from memory.  We should cherish the imagination that sprung Hans Pfaall on his Unparalleled Adventure and space-gun shot Jules Verne's rocket on its lunar journey.  The moon so close, seen with the naked eye, the inspiration of so many lunar novels.  It is time to go back.

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There are many gateways in science fiction.  Gateways that lead to a new experience, unimaginable discoveries, and gateways opening on worlds of wonder.  Get ready, enter and enjoy. 

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New SF books in December 2004

Tor Books Tor SF and Fantasy

Tor hardcovers

Catherine Asaro, SCHISM
Albert Cowdrey, CRUX
Jack Vance, LURULU
Stephan Zielinski, BAD MAGIC

Tor SF mass market

L. E. Modesitt, Jr., THE ETHOS EFFECT

Tor Fantasy mass market


Sample chapters from recent and forthcoming books

Links to author interviews

Del Rey Books  Del Rey Books (Science Fiction and Fantasy) 

EXULTANT by Stephen Baxter (Science Fiction)
STARFIST: A WORLD OF HURT by David Sherman and Dan Cragg (Science Fiction)
THE BLOODY CROWN OF CONAN by Robert E. Howard (Fantasy)
GUNDAM SEED VOL. 3 by Masatsugu Iwase (Graphic Novel)
YODA: DARK RENDEZVOUS A Clone Wars Novel by Sean Stewart (Science Fiction)
STARFIST: LAZARUS RISING by David Sherman and Dan Cragg (Science Fiction)
COALESCENT by Stephen Baxter (Fiction)
IRONHAND'S DAUGHTER by David Gemmell (Fantasy)

Baen Books  Science Fiction & Fantasy from Baen Books - Home Page 

Very Bad Deaths
by Spider Robinson

Warp Speed by Travis S. Taylor

Conrad Stargard: The Radiant Warrior by Leo Frankowski

The Far Side of the Stars by David Drake

Tinker by Wen Spencer

Penguin Putnam Home

Penguin has recently changed its website and lists of new books from Ace, Daw and Roc cannot be separately obtained.  However, we will try and find out if there is another way of getting new releases of Science Fiction/Fantasy books published by Penguin and its imprints.

See also: 

Science Fiction and Fantasy at HarperCollins Publishers

Welcome to Time Warner Bookmark/Science Fiction & Fantasy Books

Bantam Dell Publishing Group

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Author's/Artist's Corner 

This month --   Kristine Smith Home Page

Fiction Corner


The Dragons of Summer Gulch by Robert Reed -- A wild west tale of intrigue and buried treasure, taking place on a world not quite like ours, where dragons once lived.

TWO WEEKS IN AUGUST by Frank M. Robinson -- There's always one in every office: the braggart who has a better vacation than everyone elseÑor so he claims.

Movie Buzz

Watch never before seen footage from the Return of the King Special Extended Edition DVD  Official Lord of the Rings Return of the King Tickets New Movies LOTR Movie Site: Wallpaper Two Towers Pictures Trailer Preview

Con news

January 7-9, 2005 (United States: Georgia) GAFilk 2005.
Holiday Inn Atlanta Airport North, 1380 Virginia Ave., Atlanta, GA 30344; 1-404-762-8411. GoH: Kathleen Sloan; TM: Teri Wachowiak; Interfilk: Steve Savitsky; SGoH: Howie Harrison. Theme: Filk.

January 7-8, 2005 (United States: Tennessee) Shadowcon IX.
Holiday Inn Mt. Moriah, 2490 Mt Moriah, Memphis, TN 38115; 1-800-477-5519 or 1-901-362-8010. GoHs: P N Elrod, Steven Baird, and Mitch Foust. Theme: Gaming.

January 13-17, 2005 (United States: California, Northern) Further Confusion 2005.
San Jose Doubletree, 2050 Gateway Place, San Jose, CA; 1-800-222-TREE or 1-408-453-4000. GoHs: Alan Dean Foster, Walter Crane, Uffington Horse. Theme: Furry.

January 14-16, 2005 (United States: Ohio) DeCONpression 2.
Ramada Plaza Hotel, 4900 Sinclair Road, Columbus, OH 43229; 1-614-846-0300. Ghost of Honor: Edgar Allan Poe. Theme: adult only Relaxacon.

January 14-16, 2005 (United States: Washington) Rustycon 22.
SeaTac Radisson Airport Hotel, 17001 Pacific Highway South, Seattle, WA 98188; 1-206-244-6000 or 1-800-333-3333. GoH: TBA; AGoH: R. Stephen Adams; FGoH: The IKV T'Mar. Theme: SF&F.

January 21-23, 2005 (United States: Colorado) New Dates! COSine 2005.
Le Baron Hotel, 314 W. Bijou, Colorado Springs, CO 80921; 1-800-477-8610 GoH: Joe Haldeman. Theme: SF&F.

January 21-23, 2005 (United States: Massachusetts) New Dates! Arisia 2005.
Boston Park Plaza Hotel and Towers, 64 Arlington St., Boston, MA. GoH: Barbara Hambly; AGoH: Weta FX; FGoH: Victor J. Raymond; MGoH: Harry Knowles. Theme: SF&F.

January 21-23, 2005 (United States: Michigan) 31 Flavors of ConFusion.
Troy Marriott, Detroit, MI. GoH: Emma Bull & Will Shetterly; AGoH: Derek Grime; SciGoH: Christian Ready; FGoH: David G Hartwell & Kathryn Cramer; TM: Steven Brust. Theme: SF&F.

January 21-23, 2005 (United States: Tennessee) New Dates!  Chattacon XXX.
The Sheraton Read House Hotel, Chattanooga, TN. GoHs: Larry Niven, Paul Levinson; AGoH: David Cherry; SGoH: Chris Bunch; TM: Tom McDonald. Theme: SF&F.

January 21-23, 2005 (United States: Virginia) MarsCon 2005.
Clarion Hotel, 500 Merrimac Rd., Historic Williamsburg, VA; 757-220-1410. Theme: Gaming relaxacon.

January 27-30, 2005 (United States: New Jersey) Dreamation 2005.
East Brunswick Hilton, East Brunswick, NJ 07094; 1-732-828-2000. Theme: Gaming. .

January 28-30, 2005 (United States: California, Southern) Animé LA.
Van Nuys Airtel Plaza, 7277 Valjean Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91406; 1-818-997-7676, 1-800-350-1111. AGoH: Caroline "Carmen" Curtis; FGoH: Fred Patten; SGoH: Jerry "Sprite Monkey" Koudelik; TM: Tadao Tomomatsu. Theme: Anime.

January 28-30, 2005 (United States: Massachusetts) VeriCon 2005.
Sever Hall, Harvard University, Cambridge MA. Guests: TBA. Theme: SF&F. .

January 28-30, 2005 (United States: New York) Genericon XVIII.
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY. Theme: SF&F.

January 28-30, 2005 (Australia: Western Australia) Genghis Con 2005.
Trinity College Conference Centre, Crawley, WA, Australia. Theme: SF&F. .

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SPACE BABEL - the latest in Science, NASA and Other Agencies

NASA scientists are using space satellites to unravel one of the great mysteries of the ancient world.  The long-lost secrets they're discovering could help modern people in Central America avoid the fate of the Maya --  The Rise and Fall of the Mayan Empire

Researchers can now say definitively that Mars once supported a watery environment, but whether the red planet could have ever supported life is still far from certain --  With Proof of Ancient Water on Mars, Researchers Consider Life's Chances

"Hello?  "Hello ...?  Is this thing on ...? -  What Do You Say to An Extraterrestrial?

Moviegoers may recall it as that nifty bit of high-speed technology used in 2010: The Year We Make Contact -- the space age equivalent of playing air bag bumper car with Jupiter. --  Fly Higher, Fly Lighter: 'Ballute' Technology Aimed at Moon Missions

J A short break from gravity  J

The great logician Betrand Russell once claimed that he could prove anything if given that 1 + 1 = 1.
So one day, some smartypants asked him, "Ok. Prove that you're the Pope."
He thought for a while and proclaimed, "I am one. The Pope is one. Therefore, the Pope and I are one."

~~~ T he Hook in the Book  ~~~

What it is to be old is to remember things that nobody else alive can remember. I always say that when people ask me about my remarkable long life. Now they can hear me when I say it. Now, when I am ninety-three and remember so many things that are to them nothing but bright legends long ago and far away. I do not tell them that I said that first when I was seventeen, and felt it too. Although only one person heard it then, of all the people I said it to. Nevertheless it was as true then as it is today. So I have been old by my own terms since I was seventeen, although that seventeen year old who had my name seems very young to me now when I remember her.

by Jo Walton


Last Word

"You are not supposed to be entertained when you are writing a book.  You are supposed to be entertained when you are reading a book."

Tim Powers, Loscon 2004
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