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Date: January 2005
Issue No. 14


Happy New Year to all our readers, a happy 2005!  Putting cynism aside and looking back, we say that 2004 has been pretty good to spacefarers.  A year that gave us two victorious landings on Mars, spectacular images from Cassini on its tour of Saturn's rings and moons, the taking off of space tourism by SpaceShipOne and hopefully, a new vision of space exploration that will bring us closer to a human Mars landing.  Yes, let's keep up this momentum.  Yes, we shall carry on and fulfill the dreams of Science Fiction.

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There are many gateways in science fiction.  Gateways that lead to a new experience, unimaginable discoveries, and gateways opening on worlds of wonder.  Get ready, enter and enjoy. 

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New SF books in January 2005

Tor Books Tor SF and Fantasy

Tor hardcovers

Terry Goodkind, CHAINFIRE
L. E. Modesitt, Jr., ORDERMASTER
Andre Norton & Lynn McConchie, THE DUKE’S BALLAD
John Scalzi, OLD MAN’S WAR

Tor trade paperback

Mercedes Lackey, BURNING WATER
Gene Wolfe, THE KNIGHT

Orb trade paperback

Charles de Lint, TRADER

Tor SF mass market

Mike Brotherton, STAR DRAGON
Fred Saberhagen, BERSERKER PRIME

Tor Fantasy mass market

Robert Holdstock, THE IRON GRAIL

Starscape mass market


Tor Teen mass market

Patrick Nielsen Hayden, ed., NEW MAGICS

Sample chapters from recent and forthcoming books

Links to author interviews

Del Rey Books  Del Rey Books (Science Fiction and Fantasy) 

HOMEWARD BOUND by Harry Turtledove (Science Fiction/Alternate History)
DRAGONSBLOOD by Todd McCaffrey (Science Fiction)
THE BEST TIME TRAVEL STORIES OF THE 20TH CENTURY edited by Harry Turtledove and Martin H. Greenberg
NEGIMA! Volume 4 by Ken Akamatsu (Manga)
OTHELLO 2 by Satomi Ikezawa (Manga)
THE WALLFLOWER 2 by Tomoko Hayakawa (Manga)
STAR WARS: SURVIVOR'S QUEST by Timothy Zahn (Science Fiction)
DRAGON'S KIN by Anne and Todd McCaffrey (Science Fiction)
LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER: THE MAN OF BRONZE by James Alan Gardner (Adventure/Tie In)

Baen Books  Science Fiction & Fantasy from Baen Books - Home Page 

by David Weber

Rogue Berserker by Fred Saberhagen

The World Turned Upside Down by David Drake, Jim Baen and Eric Flint

The Sword of Knowledge by C. J. Cherryh, Mercedes Lackey, Nancy Asire and Leslie Fish

The Anguished Dawn by James P. Hogan

The War With Earth by Leo Frankowski and Dave Grossman

Penguin Putnam Home

The Myriad -
Tour of the Merrimack #1 - R.M. Meluch - Author (DAW)
A thrilling new military science fiction series begins.The U.S. Merrimack was the finest battleship class spaceship in Earth's fleet, able to stand up against the best the Palatine Empire could throw at them, even able to survive attack by swarms of the seemingly unstoppable Hive. But nothing could have prepared the captain and crew of the Merrimack for what they were about to face: Three colonized worlds-the Myriad-in the midst of a globular cluster that the Hive somehow overlooked...

Constellation - Peter Crowther - Author (DAW)
Stories by Eric Brown, Paul McAuley, Brian Aldiss, and more bright stars from the Science Fiction firmament

Tales of the Taormin - Cheryl J. Franklin - Author (DAW)
The first and second books in the long unavailable Taormin series, now in a trade omnibus edition for the first time!

See also: 

Science Fiction and Fantasy at HarperCollins Publishers

Welcome to Time Warner Bookmark/Science Fiction & Fantasy Books

Bantam Dell Publishing Group

And--get a taste for E-Books! --  [Eggplant Literary Productions, Inc.] Home

Author's/Artist's Corner 

This month --    Frank Kelly Freas in Memoriam.  He has departed but his legacy endures.
Frank Kelly Freas - Science Fiction's Favorite Artist
Frank Kelly Freas (1922-2005) - SFWA News

Fiction Corner          


LUCIFERASE by Bruce Sterling -- Vinnie, a firefly, is looking for true love, but kind of hopes that his future lady friend won't eat him.

TRANSFER by Barry N. Malzberg -- A man is possessed by a beast that forces him to kill.

Movie Buzz

Upcoming movies:

Elektra (Feb 14th)
Robots (Mar 11th)
The Cave (Apr 8th)
A Sound of Thunder (Mar 11th)
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (May 6th)

In theaters some day:

The Fireflies: On a Pacific Ocean research platform, the military develops a top-secret millimeter-size weapon which operates by seeking out water molecules in the human body and causing them to explode.

Con news

February 4-6, 2005 (United States: Illinois) Cult TV Expo.
Chicago, IL. Guests: Margot Kidder, Sarah Douglas, Jack O'Halloran. Theme: Superheroes.

February 4-6, 2005 (United States: Minnesota) SuperCon XI.
AmericInn, 1700 8th St. NW, Austin, MN. Theme: Relaxacon.

February 4-6, 2005 (United States: Texas) OwlCon XXIV.
Rice University. Residence Inn, 7710 Main, Houston, TX; 1-713-351-1000. Theme: Gaming.

February 4-6, 2005 (United Kingdom: England) Amanda Tapping:
a weekend with her fans. Thistle Heathrow, London, UK. GoH: Amanda Tapping. Theme: Amanda Tapping.

February 4-6, 2005 (United Kingdom: England) Dixseption.
17th British Filk Convention. Queen's Hotel, Southsea, Portsmouth. GoHs: Andy and Martin Gordon-Kerr, Terence Chua. Theme: Filk.

February 10-13, 2005 (United States: Illinois) Capricon 25.
Sheraton Chicago Northwest, 3400 West Euclid Ave., Arlington Heights, IL 60005; 1-847-394-2000. GoH: James P. Hogan; AGoH: Shaenon K. Garrity; FGoH: John Morse. Theme: SF&F.

February 11-13, 2005 (United States: Georgia) Furry Weekend Atlanta 2005.
Holiday Inn Atlanta Airport-North, 1380 Virginia Ave., Atlanta, GA 30344; 1-404-762-8411. GoH: LatinVixen. Theme: Furry.

February 11-13, 2005 (United States: Maryland) Farpoint.
Hunt Valley Marriott, 245 Shawan Rd., Hunt Valley, MD 21031; 1-410-785-7000. Guests: Jeffrey Combs, Tony Amendola, Bob Bergen, Prometheus Radio Theatre, David Gerrold, Peter David. Theme: Science Fiction/Media.

February 11-13, 2005 (United Kingdom: England) Starfleet Ball 11.
Carrington House Hotel, Bournemouth, Dorset, UK. Guests: Patrick Stewart, Nicole de Boer, Leni Parker, Anita La Selva, Lawrence Monoson, J. Paul Boehmer, Michael Sheard, Richard Arnold. Theme: SF Media.

February 17-18, 2005 (United States: Utah) Life, The Universe and Everything.
Wilkinson Center, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT. GoH: David Howard. Theme: The Marion K. "Doc" Smith Symposium on Science Fiction and Fantasy.

February 18-20, 2005 (United States: California, Northern)  WonderCon.
Moscone Center & The Argent Hotel, San Francisco, CA; 1-877-222-6699. Guests: Neal Adams, Sergio Aragonés, Brian Michael Bendis, John Cassaday, Amanda Conner, Arnold Drake, Mark Evanier, Adam Hughes, Jimmy Palmiotti, Alex Ross, Gail Simone, Jeff Smith, Kevin Smith, William Stout, Joss Whedon. Theme: Comics.

February 18-20, 2005 (United States: California, Southern) Gallifrey 2005.
Van Nuys Airtel Plaza, 7277 Valjean Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91406; 1-818-997-7676, 1-800-350-1111. Guests: TBA. Theme: Sixteenth annual North American Doctor Who convention.

February 18-20, 2005 (United States: Massachusetts) Boskone 42.
Sheraton Boston, 39 Dalton St., Boston, MA; 1-617-236-2000. GoH: Orson Scott Card; Official Artist: Alan Pollack; SGoH: Mike Glyer; Featured Filker: Urban Tapestry. Theme: SF&F.

February 18-20, 2005 (United States: Minnesota) Con of the North.
Holiday Inn St. Paul East, St. Paul, MN. Theme: Gaming.

February 18-20, 2005 (United States: Missouri) Visioncon 2005.
The Clarion Hotel, 3333 S. Glenstone, Springfield, MO 65804; 1-800-756-7318 or 417-883-6550. Guests: Gary Bedell, Mary Capps, Fredd Gorham, Mike Strain, Al Turner. Theme: SF&F.

February 18-20, 2005 (United States: Virginia) Katsucon Eleven.
Marriott Crystal Gateway & Sheraton Crystal City, Arlington, VA; 1-703-920-3230 (Marriott), 1-703-486-1111 (Sheraton); rms: $119 sngl-quad. Guests:Johnny Yong Bosch, Lisa Ortiz, Mike Sinterniklaas. Theme: Anime.

February 18-20, 2005 (United States: Washington)  RadCon 4A.
Red Lion Hotel, 2525 N. 20th, Pasco, WA; 1-509-547-0701. GoHs: Alan Clarke, Joe Haldeman, Patricia Briggs, Jeff Sturgeon, Heather Alexander. Theme: F&SF.

February 18-20, 2005 (United Kingdom: England)  Wolf SG-9 - The Continuing Journey.
Thistle London Heathrow, Bath Road, Longford, West Drayton UB7 0EQ, England; 020 8759 2400. Guests: Carmen Argenziano, Patrick Currie, Erick Avari, Gary Jones, Anna Louise Plowman, Tony Amendola. Theme: SF Media.

February 19, 2005 (United Kingdom: England) Picocon 22.
Student's Union, Beit Quad, Imperial College, London, UK. GoHs: Gwyneth Jones, Jon Courtenay Grimwood. Theme: Student SF.

February 24-27, 2005 (United States: Texas) Left Coast Crime 15.
Camino Real El Paso, Downtown El Paso, TX; 1-800-769-4300. ItnlGoH: Paco Ignacio Taibo II; GoH: S.J. Rozan; TM: Rick Riordan; FGoH: Ernie Bulow. Theme: Mystery.

February 25-27, 2005 (United States: California, Northern) Corflu Titanium.
Holiday Inn Cicic Center, San Francisco, CA; rms: $79. Theme: Fanzines.

February 25-27, 2005 (United States: Florida) MegaCon 2005.
Orange County Convention Center, 9800 International Dr., Orlando, FL. Crowne Plaza Hotel, 7800 Universal Blvd., Orlando, FL 32819; 1-407-355-0550 or 1-866-864-8627. Theme: Comic/Gaming.

February 25-27, 2005 (United States: Iowa)  Gamicon Xi.
Iowa Memorial Union, Iowa City, IA; Hotel: Iowa House; 1-319-335-3513;. GoH: Robert J. Schwalb. Theme: Gaming.

February 25-27, 2005 (United States: Missouri) Conflation.
Radisson Clayton, 7750 Carondelet Ave., St. Louis, MO 63015; 1-314-726-5400 or 1-800-333-3333. Theme: adult only.

February 25-27, 2005 (United States: New York) NonCon V.
Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY. Guests: TBA. Theme: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Gaming, and Anime.

February 25-27, 2005 (United States: Texas) ConDFW IV.
Radisson Hotel Dallas North at Richardson, 1981 N. Central Expressway, Richardson, TX 75080; 1-972-644-4000. GoHs: Steven K.Z. Brust, David A. Cherry, Patrick & Teresa Nielsen Hayden. Theme: Literary SF&F.

February 25-27, 2005 (United States: Virginia) SheVaCon 13.
Holiday Inn Hotel Tanglewood, 4468 Starkey Rd., Roanoke, VA 24014; 1-540-744-4400. GoH: L.E. Modesitt, Jr.; AGoH: Tim Hildebrandt; MC: Rikk Jacobs. Theme: Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror, Gaming, Costuming.

February 25-27 2005 (Canada: Ontario) Pandemonium 22.
Delat Toranto East, 2035 Kennedy Rd., Toronto, ON, Canada; 1-416-299-1500 or 1-800-268-1133. Theme: Gaming.

February 25-27, 2005 (United Kingdom: England) Redemption '05.
Hanover International Hotel, Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK; rms (include breakfast). GoHs: TBA. Theme: Blake's 7/Babylon 5.

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SPACE BABEL - the latest in Science, NASA and Other Agencies

Like the adage here on Earth, so goes it for Mars: One person’s junk is another’s gold mine -- in this case, charred and busted up pieces of a heat shield --  Mars Rover Wanders Through Littered Landscape

Soon, the European Space Agency's Huygens probe will parachute to the surface of Saturn's huge moon Titan.  Huygens will sample Titan's air, examine the moon's surface, and listen for alien sounds.  It could be the
strangest adventure in the history of space exploration --  Parachuting to Titan

NASA spacecraft are monitoring an interstellar wind coming from the constellation Ophiuchus --  A Breeze from the 13th House of the Zodiac

The dream of opening space to the general public was given a tremendous boost in 2004 with SpaceShipOne’s prize-winning suborbital jaunt and congressional legislation to help establish a space travel industry in the United States. But even the biggest champions of commercial spaceflight acknowledge that a vital space tourism market is still years from becoming reality --  2004: The Year Space Tourism Finally Took Off

J A short break from gravity  J

New Years Resolutions Internet Junkies

*I will try to figure out why I "really" need 12 e-mail addresses.
*I will stop sending e-mail to my wife (husband). A phone call every now and then would be appreciated.
*I resolve to work with neglected children -- my own.
*I will answer my snail mail with the same enthusiasm with which I answer my e-mail.
*I will stop sending e-mail, ICQ, Instant Messages and be on the phone at the same time with the same person.
*I resolve to back up my 12GB hard drive daily...well, once a week...okay, monthly then...or maybe... at least once a year.
*I will spend less than one hour a day on the Internet - This, of course, will be hard to estimate since I'm not a clock watcher.
*I will stop checking my e-mail at 3:00 in the morning... 4:30 is much more practical since my friends overseas already had time to answer me by then.
*When I hear a funny joke, I will not reply, "LOL... LOL!"
*I will read the manual... just as soon as I can find it.
*I will think of a password other than "password."
*I resolve... I resolve to... I resolve to, uh... I resolve to, uh, get my, er... I resolve to, uh, get my, er, off-line work done, too!

~~~ T he Hook in the Book  ~~~

The duke rode slowly among the trees, dry leaves crackling like a winter blaze beneath the hooves of his Sanbiri bay.  Massive grey trunks surrounded him, resembling some vast army sent forth from the Underrealm by the Deceiver, their bare, skeletal limbs reaching toward a leaden sky.  A few leaves rustling in a cold wind still clung stubbornly to the twisting branches overhead.  Most were as curled and brown as those that covered the path, but a few held fast to the brilliant gold that had colored the Great Forest only a half-turn before.

by David B. Coe


Last Word

"The future's not going to be simple."

Author Paul McAuley, June 2002
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