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Date: November 2005
Issue No. 24


The Story of Newton and the apple may be apocryphal, but it does make a point.  His discovery (of gravitation) was unexpected.  Sometimes science surprises even the scientists.

(Contributed by T83BIRD)

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New SF books in November 2005

Tor Books Tor SF and Fantasy

Sample chapters from recent and forthcoming books

Links to author interviews

Del Rey Books  Del Rey Books (Science Fiction and Fantasy) 

RUNNING FROM THE DEITY by Alan Dean Foster (Science Fiction)
DESIGNATED TARGETS by John Birmingham (Science Fiction)
STAR WARS: ART OF STAR WARS REVENGE OF THE SITH by Jonathan Rinzler (Science Fiction)
STAR WARS: NEW ESSENTIAL CHRONOLOGY by Daniel Wallace (Science Fiction)
GENSHIKEN 3 by Kio Shimoku (Manga)
TSUBASA 7 by CLAMP (Manga)
GURU GURU PON-CHAN 2 by Satomi Ikezawa (Manga)
GHOSTS OF ALBION by Christopher Golden and Amber Benson (Fantasy)
THE CHARNEL PRINCE by Greg Keyes (Fantasy)
STAR WARS: REVENGE OF THE SITH by Matthew Stover (Science Fiction)
EXULTANT by Stephen Baxter (Science Fiction)
SHADOWS OF DEATH by H.P. Lovecraft (Horror)

Baen Books  Science Fiction & Fantasy from Baen Books - Home Page 

At All Costs
by David Weber
Resonance by Chris Dolley
Habeas Corpses
by William Mark Simmons
Twilight at the Well of Souls by Jack L. Chalker
The Hero by John Ringo and Michael Z. Williamson

The Witches of Karres by James H. Schmitz

Penguin Putnam Home

The Planets
by Dava Sobel
The Book of Imaginary Beings by Jorge Luis Borges, Peter Sis, Andrew Hurley
Shadowmarch (Volume I) by Tad Williams
Crown of Shadows  (The Coldfire Trilogy #3) by C.S. Friedman

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Fiction Corner

We will deviate from our routine and post here not the stories that were published in Sci Fiction but the stories appearing at the Other-Worlds-Cafe website, penned by our own members no less.  We shall begin with:   O*W*C : Fiction : Stories : Worlds of the Rilm

Movie and TV Buzz

Britain's pre-teen Harry Potter fans are going to need to find an adult to take them to Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire. They won't be let in alone because the film is to get a 12A certificate, according to the BBC.

"Younger viewers could be frightened by some of the more intense scenes," said the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC).

The BBFC passed all 154 minutes and 54 seconds of the film without cuts, but they have made it the first film in the series to receive anything other than a Parental Guidance (PG) rating in Britain. The BBFC gives a 12A rating to films that contain what it considers to be "moderate fantasy violence, threat and horror." The BBFC rule for this rating is that "no-one younger than 12 may see [the] film in a cinema unless accompanied by an adult." All ages can get into PG films, which are said to contain "mild horror, violence and language," according to the BBFC.


"The first two films are very sunny in a way and very wish-fulfillment-y," Newell said in Empire magazine. "But there is no adult challenge. Alfonso put some of that in and I take it further forward. The truth that you tell with and for and about an 11 year-old is different from what you'll tell with a 15 year-old."

Like Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, Harry will be challenged by an evil nemesis with dark powers. In his case it will be the wizard Lord Voldemort, who will be played by British actor Ralph Fiennes. It sounds, however, like Fiennes is cutting his character from the same cloth as Chancellor Palpatine, who brought down the Jedi and helped earn Revenge of the Sith a 12A rating in Britain.

Con news

January 13-15, 2006 (United States: Massachusetts) Arisia 2005.
Boston Park Plaza Hotel and Towers, 64 Arlington St., Boston, MA. GoH: Allen Steele; AGoH: John Howe; FGoH: Barb Schofield. Theme: SF&F.

January 13-15, 2006 (United States: Washington) Rustycon 23.
SeaTac Radisson Airport Hotel, 17001 Pacific Highway South, Seattle, WA 98188; 1-206-244-6000 or 1-800-333-3333. GoH: Mike Moscoe; AGoH: Ruth Thompson; FGoH: Clan Burnout/Carbon Based Rentals. Theme: SF&F.

January 19-23, 2006 (United States: California, Northern) Further Confusion 2005.
San Jose Doubletree, 2050 Gateway Place, San Jose, CA; 1-800-222-TREE or 1-408-453-4000. GoHs: TBA. Theme: Furry.

January 20-22, 2006 (United States: Colorado) COSine 2006.
Colorado Springs, CO. GoHs: Sharon Lee & Steve Miller. Theme: SF&F.

January 20-22, 2006 (United States: Michigan) ConFusion 2006.
Troy Marriott, Detroit, MI; rms: $84. GoH: Vernor Vinge; AGoH: Steve Stiles; SciGoH: Mitchell Burnside Clapp; FGoH: Chuck Firment; TM: Heather Alexander. Theme: SF&F.

January 20-22, 2006 (United States: Tennessee)  Chattacon XXXI.
Chattanooga, TN. GoHs: L.E. Modesitt, Michael Gear; AGoH: Theresa Mather; SGoH: Bruce Bethke; TM: Wendy Webb. Theme: SF&F.

January 27-29, 2006 (United States: California, Southern) Animé LA 2.
Van Nuys Airtel Plaza, 7277 Valjean Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91406; 1-818-997-7676, 1-800-350-1111. GoH: Hiroaki Inoue ; AGoH: Phuong-Mai Bui-Quang; FGoH: Karisu and Richard Man; TM: Tadao Tomomatsu. Theme: Anime.

January 27-29, 2006 (United States: Massachusetts) VeriCon VI.
Sever Hall, Harvard University, Cambridge MA. Guests: George R.R. Martin. Theme: SF&F. 

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SPACE BABEL - the latest in Science, NASA and Other Agencies

Using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope to probe the ninth planet in our solar system, astronomers have discovered that Pluto may have not one, but three moons. NASA - New Moons of Pluto

A NASA report lays out the risks of exploring Mars and considers how to mitigate them. --  NASA - Managing Murphy's Law on Mars

Researchers are making a list: Which parts of an astronaut are most sensitive to solar flares? The answer might surprise you.   NASA - An Odd List of Body Parts

Guitars and rockets have a lot in common, but what's good for a musician might spell trouble for an astronaut.
NASA - How is a rocket like a guitar?

Engineers have found a way to boost the performance of liquid fueled rockets. The secret is in the plumbing.   NASA - Building a Better Rocket Engine

J A short break from gravity  J

Alien Transmission

Scientists this week decoded the first confirmed alien transmission from outer space. Here is the text of the message that they decoded:

"This really works!  Just send 5*10^50 atoms of hydrogen to each of the five star systems listed below.  Then, add your own system to the top of the list, delete the system at the bottom, and send out copies of this message to 100 other solar systems.  If you follow these instructions, within 0.25 of a galactic rotation you are guaranteed to receive enough hydrogen in return to power your civilization until entropy reaches its maximum!"

~~~ T he Hook in the Book  ~~~

The inner chaos didn't subside.

He tried to distract himself. He resumed activities he had relished before. But even the most extravagant virtual adventure seemed shallow, obviously artificial, predictable, unengaging.

He seemed to need people, even though he shied away from those close to him -- he was a moth fearing the candle flame, he thought, unable to bear the brightness of the emotions involved. So he accepted invitations he wouldn't otherwise have considered, talked to people he had never needed before.

Work helped, with its constant and routine demands for his attention, its relentless logic of meetings and schedules and resource allocation.

And it was a busy time. The new Mind'sEye VR headbands were moving out of the testing labs and approaching production status. His teams of technicians had, suddenly, resolved a last technical glitch: a tendency for the headbands to cause synaesthesia in their users, a muddling of the sensory inputs caused by cross-talk between the brain's centres. It was a cause for long celebration. They knew that IBM's renowned Watson research lab had been working on exactly the same problem; whoever cracked the synaesthesia issue first would be the first to reach the market, and would have a clear competitive edge for a long time to come. It now looked as if OurWorld had won that particular race.

Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter

Last Word

"For me, a rocket is only a means--only a method of reaching the depths of space--and not an end in itself... There's no doubt that it's very important to have rocket ships since they will help mankind to settle elsewhere in the universe. But what I'm working for is this resettling... The whole idea is to move away from the Earth to settlements in space."

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, said to a friend, 1930s
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