FORUM NEWS News and information about the O*W*C site and staff

09/30/2008: Our message boards are back!

03/26/2008: Check out our blog! >
The O*W*C blog, Science Fiction Brewed Fresh Daily, is updated every weekday. Come check out the latest news!

12/31/2006: Contributions wanted! We'd love to post members' book reviews, short fiction, artwork, and other SF-related stuff. Please e-mail chip@other-worlds-cafe.com with your contributions!

04/26/2006: We're All Web-Based! >
The O*W*C has officially cut ties with AOL, and now chats exclusively here on our site. Join us in chat!

10/27/2005: Chat information
The O*W*C is going through a transition as we move away from being an "official" AOL forum. Scheduling may be somewhat spotty whilst we work out the details. Keep an eye out for our debut on the Web!

09/04/2005: Welcome back, host OWC Leri! >

01/21/2004: Welcome to our new host, OWC Gaia! >

12/08/2003: Welcome to our new host, OWC Gedi! >

02/24/2003: New Times! Beginning March 3, the O*W*C and SF General chats will be on a new schedule.
Beginning the week of March 3, the O*W*C and SFG chats will be 1-1/2 hours in length, to prevent the dreaded "chat overlap." SFG will be 9-10:30pm ET, and O*W*C will be 10:30pm-12am ET.

02/06/2003: Full House! The SFG chat room is now open Thursdays!

01/17/2003: New Names!
Our section of AOL is undergoing restructuring, and the O*W*C and SF General folks are being placed in the Research & Learn area. As a consequence, our hosting names are changing from HOST EBK to HOST RL prefixes. Don't panic; we're still the same lovable hosts underneath.

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