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Time Travel Vacation Posters

PosterWe’ve mentioned the Echo Park Time Travel Mart previously. For a limited time, they’re offering five gorgeous travel posters advertising vacations in time.

826LA and the Echo Park Time Travel Mart are proud to premiere a collection of five original travel posters by Los Angeles based artist Amy Martin. Each poster advertises a vacation destination in the far past or distant future, transforming the predictable aesthetic of the travel poster with ironic sloganeering such as “Life is Bigger in Pangaea” and “Enjoy Tokyo 2.0” coupled with clean, retro graphic design.

All proceeds to go 826LA, a nonprofit dedicated to teaching kids ages 6-18 creative writing and to helping teachers inspire their students to write.

They’re available online at the 826LA store or at or at the Echo Park Time Travel Mart–which I had no idea was an actual store instead of a clever mockup–at 1714 W. Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles. They’re $19.99 apiece or $89.99 for the whole set.

I love the vintage look of these posters and the whimsy inherent in the whole idea. If I had a place to hang it I might pick up one myself.

(via io9)

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