The Church of Ed Wood

Ed Wood LogoIt’s probably somewhat telling that the very first thing you encounter when hitting this site is a popup that says, “To answer your first question – yes, we’re TOTALLY serious!”

The Church of Ed Wood* is an internet church which practices “Woodism.”

Woodism is a pop-culture-based religion created in 1996 by Reverend Steve Galindo. We follow the late cult director Edward D. Wood Jr., and we look to him as a savior. We at The Church of Ed Wood use Ed and his films to inject spirituality into those who get little fulfillment from more mainstream religions like Christianity. By looking at his films and his life, we learn to lead happy, positive lives. We strive for acceptance of others and of the self.

The basic tenets of the religion seem to boil down to “follow your dreams,” “don’t be ashamed of who you are,” and “be accepting of others,” and frankly a lot of more mainstream religions could do worse than to preach those views. The site goes into these in great detail with The Lessons of Wood, and once you have accepted Woodism into your heart you can be baptized right online.

Or if you’re feeling a little more secular you can just buy a T-shirt.

(Hat tip to Emily)

*Note to the seizure-prone: This site is really fond of flashy blinky things.

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