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Trivia Thursday

  1. What was “The Observer’s” full name on Quantum Leap?
    A) Al Lewis
    B) Al Pierce
    C) Al Calavicci
    D) Al McWilkie
    E) Al Scaramaglio
  2. What Robert Heinlein novel was sometimes called “The Hippies’ Bible?”
  3. Who wrote the original screenplay for Planet of the Apes?
    A) Pierre Boulle
    B) Roman Polanski
    C) George Pal
    D) Rod Serling
    E) John Brunner
  4. Named for the god’s acolytes, Fear and Terror, the moons of Mars are called what?
  5. James Blish’s “Black Easter” is the tale of an arms dealer who wants to unleash all the demons of hell on Earth for one day, to see what happens. It was serialized in If Magazine under what title?
    A) Dr. Mirabilis
    B) A Case of Conscience
    C) Faust Aleph-Null
    D) The Day After Judgment
    E) After Such Knowledge
  6. In the space-vampire flick Lifeforce, the shuttlecraft Churchill discovers an alien spacecraft inside the head of what comet?
  7. What E.C. Tubb character is the hero of The Winds of Gath, among others?
    A) Jason Dinalt
    B) Davy Pangborn
    C) Tabitha Jute
    D) Earl Dumarest
    E) Riddley Walker
  8. The 1958 Japanese classic The Hidden Fortress was acknowledged as a primary source of inspiration by the producer of what genre-changing science fiction classic?
  9. Who wrote the auto-erotic novel Crash?
  10. What Federation outpost did V’Ger zap at the beginning of Star Trek: The Motion Picture?
    A) Epsilon 9
    B) Memory Alpha
    C) Qualor II
    D) Regula I
    E) Argus Array

(Answers below the fold)

  1. C) Al Calavicci
  2. Stranger in a Strange Land
  3. D) Rod Serling
  4. Deimos and Phobos
  5. C) Faust Aleph-Null
  6. Halley
  7. D) Earl Dumarest. Tubb takes his hero Dumarest through a very long series of novels, beginning in 1967.
  8. Star Wars
  9. J.G. Ballard. It was adapted into a much-maligned film by Canadian director David Cronenberg.
  10. A) The doomed outpost was Epsilon 9.
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