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Link Dump

Star Trek Potholders – Free knitting pattern.

The Blinkybug Kit – Simple kit for making electronic insects; suitable for kids.

Hipster Hitler – A webcomic whose name describes exactly what it’s about. I…um…yeah.

Indiana Jones Room – Cute themed kid’s room, done fairly inexpensively.

The Indifference Engine – Steampunk British comedy hip-hop by Professor Elemental. It’s…niche.

The Padawan’s Guide – Everything you wanted to know about making Star Wars costumes.

This is the title of a typical incendiary blog post – It’s funny because it’s true. Be sure to read the comments as well.

ETOMB – Prototype for a bluetooth-wired headstone. We all know it’s going to happen eventually.

TARDIS Socks – Free knitting pattern.

The Ultimate Photobomb – Yes, it’s ‘shopped, but it’s still funny.

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